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The appraiser came this morning – two days earlier than originally scheduled. He did all of the usual things – measuring & taking pictures and lots of notes. We talked for a bit when he was finished and I got the impression that he would have a ‘favorable’ number to put on this house. Hope so.( he said that the house was well done and very tastfully decorated )  He will email his report tomorrow afternoon. 

Luckily it has cooled off a bunch since last week. It was in the low 80s yesterday, and today will be more of the same. 
Yesterday I painted the fence along the side of the carport. When Richard came home he worked in the back yard for a few hours, while I did a thourough cleaning of the floor in the main part of the house. This afternoon I will scatter some grass seed back there along with some topsoil, and hope that the grass takes off in the next week or two. There is still some final cleaning to do, but all of the big jobs are now done. whew. 
I’ll call the real estate agent this afternoon and we’ll decide when to list it. 

Today is another dentist appointment. ugh.

Also, Happy Birthday Gretchen!

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At a few seconds of airtime. Saw in today’s paper that on V.Mars tonight ( which has had a airing break of 6 weeks or so ) that the episode with my arabian banner is on.  I think that it’s the last thing that I made for the art department – make that two of them ( one of them gets burned, the other is a double ). 

Yesterday was the second half of my deep cleaning at the dentist, which went *better* than last week. I took music to listen to / distract me ( along with two vallium ) which made it lots easier. She said that it was the hardest of what I have to go through, so next week I’m not so freaked out about.  The best thing about it all was that Richard & I have just changed over to this office, and both need about the same work – four crowns and deep cleanings. However, my estimate was $400 more than his, and when I questioned it yesterday they found that they had made a mistake in my charges – $100 for each of the crowns – so my revised estimate now matches his. 

It is much cooler out this morning, and raining a little – this will make great weather for continuing on with putting down the stone over the back patio. I will mortar in some of what I have laid out, then fit more into place until I’m too tired. I am not used to the lifting / squatting / chipping over and over and over again that it takes to do this project. On Friday when I started, after about four hours I was done in, legs shaking and back sore from it all. Today should be better. 

Tomorrow is jury duty, so I feel like I need to get done as much as possible in case I actually get put on a case for a few days.

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This morning I went to the dentist. Absolutely my worst thing ever to have to do. So, I took some prescribed Valium – one last night and one an hour before the appointment as the dentist had instructed me to do. This is only for the first half of a deep cleaning. I did pretty good, I think, only crying twice, during the shots in the beginning. When I was done, I was totally exhausted, and my heart was racing. The whole time I kept telling myself to relax, but to no avail. Next week is the second half. ugh.   I can thank a childhood dentist for this absurd fear; he slapped me across the face on more than one occasion, and told me he would give me a spanking if I fussed again. And if I told there would be trouble! I can remember after the slap, sitting there petrified with tears running down my face while I swear he was extra brutal. Seems like I was around seven when this all happened. What makes people such assholes? I cannot imagine that happening today.
Anyway, after this morning I feel wiped out. 

On to better stuff. Thought I’d share a few pics from the trip. I’ll lead off with one of my Big Tree pics ( this one from the park):
    view from the lighthouse across the river:
said lighthouse:    the Richards’ in the fort:
the clamming aftermath:    we stopped for lunch at the Corral – “Home of the Tsunami Burger” where they have a really funny album of those who have ordered one of these group size burgers –  the album is my favorite thing about the place:    
A couple of pics of my crab shell compositions – they are molting I think ,and shells are littering the beach-  so I collected a bag full and had some fun:
      So, there’s proof that we had a couple of beautiful days. This really made the trip nice for the last two days there. 
One last note to anyone who plans to visit the beach house, there is now an alarm system in place. If you want to go for the weekend, call me and I’ll give you the rundown on disarming it while you’re there. Simple.

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during the trip this time around we will have phone, cable and internet at the house. Yesterday I was able to schedule everything to get hooked up the first two days that we are there. So, in addition to a bank account and P.O. box, most everything is set to have that part of the move seamless.
I’ve lost my packing momentum.  Partly because the trailer is nearly full up. So anything else that gets packed will just get stored in one of the bedrooms until we come back, then it will go into the trailer and wait for the next trip. The only thing now left in the guest room is the bed, and a few items hanging in the closet. I took the floor to ceiling shelves that held a zillion boxes of fabric down yesterday. I will need to go through the house doing a little hole filling and touch up painting when we return. 

This morning as we headed out for a walk I was greeted by a huge chicken atop the fence three doors down.  There is a large extended Equadorian family who bought the house three years ago living there, and I’ve seen a couple chickens in a small pen in the yard a while back. But this really took me by suprise, as we nearly met eye to eye.  It froze there, and Sunny never noticed it. They have a small yappy dog who usually goes apeshit at us, and I’ve always thought that the dog might go after the chickens, given the oppurtunity, but with the size of this chicken maybe the tables are turned, as the dog was no where in sight. 

This afternoon both Richard and I each are having a first appointment at a new dentist. We’ve both had trouble finding a dentist that we’re comfortable with, who takes our lousy insurance. Needless to say, we are both overdue for exams / cleanings and such.  My biggest fear in the world is dentists in general, and having someone poke and prod around in my mouth is terrifying to me. And the thought of having an injection in my mouth nearly sends me over the edge. Even x-rays usually are painful ( I know its because I get so tense ), with those things that always seem way to big for my mouth.  I know it won’t be as bad as I imagine, but there is a part of me that would rather be put into that ‘twilight sleep’ that you hear advertised on the radio. But the other part says that that’s even scarier.  I did have a dentist years ago in El Cajon who would give me vallium to take before I went in, and used nitrous on me while I was there – which made it all bearable. Those days are gone, with the insurance thing. 
Here’s hoping this afternoon goes well.

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