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new old stuff

Last week when we went to Seattle, we stopped in Tacoma and picked up a table that matches the coffee table I got a couple months ago. My friend came over and helped with arranging the furniture ( I really needed a new set of eyes to look at the room ). Now, I have the picture that was somewhere in my head –  and a closeup of the new table: .

This was in the paper here –  and I have to agree with Sarah that I never thought I’d live where this was (almost) normal. This girl was crowned, then went hunting, got her buck and touched up her hair and makeup and went to the dance! All in an afternoon.

I nearly have the quilt top done for Richard. Here’s a shot of the layout of the blocks:
  and closeups
I sewed the blocks together yesterday, now it’s a lot of pressing and attaching the borders. I love it.

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more news

Think you have problems where you live? Here’s what makes it into the paper here -(  I can only imagine that a city cop would love to get some of these calls)  p.s. note the next item in that pic. Stolen afgahn?
Second – watch out for the menopausal woman: .
And, who calls the cops for this???:   .

Sunny is in heaven with being able to run free; she is usually out the door by 6:30 ( as opposed to noon before the fence ) checking all over for where the critters were during the night. She is pooped by the end of the day – I think she logs several miles just running around. Now, she has progressed to trying to climb one of the pine trees in a feeble attempt to get closer to the chipmunks. She walks around on her back legs to get a little taller, but that doesn’t work either. It’s fun to watch though. As much as it seemed like the fence took forever to finish, it only was a two month project. Now we can get a little farther along on any other planting that we want to do without the deer being a threat. My neighbor is losing a lot of plants to the flock? of baby deer ( 5 ) that have been born in our neighborhood in the past month. They are now all eating things that have been untouched or until now were on the ‘safe list’.
Trying to figure out how to deal with the big square fenced issue is a challenge; next year we’ll be putting in a vegetable garden in part of that area down there. 
We found a little rowboat to put down in that part of the yard to plant flowers in. I want something sort of fun there, that I can change the plantings in seasonally.  I’m also hoping it will help with some of the slug issues. Here’s the ‘before’ picture:   (We put it up on an old picnic table so that I could paint it ) We bought a bunch of dirt, and I’ll move some more plants around. We got a bunch of odds and ends paints from the county hazardous recycling (free!) so I think I’ll attempt to make it happy looking. One  cute’ thing in the yard will be okay. Today we also began setting more of the fireplace rock onto the slope on the other side of the stairs to help terrace it. Now that Sunny is not tethered and running through there, we can plant a few things. I’m hoping that next year the poppies will be even better ( without her dragging the cable across them and ripping so many of them out ).  I’ll put in a few more pics once we get things shaped up some.  Unlike anywhere inland ( even a few blocks!! ) all week it has been sooo foggy here – you can literally watch it blow in. It obscures the water even when you’re at the beach. Today it burned off for a couple hours and the temp rose at least 10 degrees in just minutes. I got really sunburned with just a little exposure. Tomorrow there will be sunscreen.  

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In our area, we have a weekly newspaper for the community. Sort of like a weekly neighborhood paper that comes out in large metropolitan areas, but more news-y. Community fishing, high school sports, weather events, accidents, and plenty of opinion from selected editors and lots of citizen letters. Inside the front page is two columns, which are the must-reads: the Police Blotter, and the Dispatch Reports. Unfortunately there is a rising amount of reports of domestic violence lately, but there are always one or two items that are good for some lighter comic relief:
You have to remember that there are a lot of retirees in the area 

I really want to start ranting about other hot media topics, but fear once I get going I may never shut up.
But I have to comment on the thing that’s making me most crazy with only a couple of words: octuplets mom. shame on everyone involved. ’nuff said.

We’ve been working on the mantle, trimming, fitting, sanding. Here are the supports, and the mantle in the shop:
     I stained it yesterday, and we put it into place and gave those pieces the final trimming. Here’s a peek at the thing so far:     I used a nearly black stain ( which was left here ) and wiped it off quickly, which left the black in all of the worm and bug marks in the wood. I like it. Tomorrow we’ll go to Astoria for the materials for the rest of the project. We have to frame the area above it so that it can get drywalled, finished, and painted; then will come wood trim ( that we can cut from the leftover pieces ) on up to the ceiling. Finally we’ll add a piece of trim just below the mantle to cover up the tile/block gap there.
I can start to think of what will go on that big new wall space.

Other than that, life is pretty quiet here lately. I saw a couple of firsts —  yesterday there were four young deer playing in the trees across the street for about five minutes. Looked like a game of tag.  And this morning, there was a pheasant picking up scattered birdseed below the feeder. 

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right nextdoor

in today’s paper there was this article:    http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/mexico/tijuana/20070123-9999-1m23sling.html  . There has been increased violence down in TJ for several months, and a few weeks ago, the Federales came in and took away the guns of the local police.  It was only to be for a short time, while bullistics tests were done ( as a measure to see if any police are involved in some of the crime ) but theres no telling when or if they will get them back.  This latest thing is amazing, though. 
Our Sunbeam group usually makes a ‘lobster run” in February  ( we haven’t gone for a few years ) to a little beach town just west of there,   – but, they won’t be making that trip this year.

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