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back to Cali

Remember that funky 80s? song?

We left Seattle Sunday morning – both of us with a cold. Though the cold seems to be behind us already. The trip was uneventful; stayed in our usual spot in Red Bluff Sunday night, and arrived here early yesterday evening. Northern California was still pretty smoky, and on the radio there was a 10-15 minute fire report. Each of the active fires and how many acres burned, the % of containment, etc. Staggering. 
We’re staying in Alpine with Richard’s sister – about 40 miles inland in the foothills where it’s pretty quiet. One amazing thing here is that Gary ( her husband )has cultivated quite a large group of hummingbirds. Four feeders whic have two to ten birds at each one at any given time. Its like watching a little ballet coming and going constantly – so long as there is nectar in the feeders. They come and go from a large oak tree which is twenty feet away – there must be hundreds in there. The occasional oriole drops in for a drink as well and just before sunset they all go into a sort of a feeding frenzy. I will try to shoot some video; its pretty cool to watch. 
Its funny to be able to sit outside at 7am and be warm. 

I brought some knitting with, and I plan to just do a little visiting with friends and relax. Richard will spend his days out at the yard doing car stuff.

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slowing down

 I can sorta catch my breath from the last couple of weeks. It’s been pretty crazy here with all of the extra people and dogs.  The Richards and their dog left to go back to San Diego on Tuesday, so now we’re down to just Lauri and Aidan. We’ve spent some time sightseeing and wandering on the beach ( at nearly five, Aidan is more into meandering than walking or hiking ). Yesterday we went to Lewis and Clark National Park across the river. The weather was perfect – maybe it got to 70 degrees.  While the inland areas like Seattle and Portland have been hot, here its been only in the upper sixties for the past several days. I took this cute shot of Aidan at the park yesterday:
   At the park there was also a lot of trees that were snapped off, from last December’s  big storm – some of them huge:  I am fascinated with them. Each and every time I see a such a large tree just broken off I am awed by just how much force it took to do that kind of damage. 
Here is a strange bug that I’ve never seen before that was on the beach: . While eating lunch in Astoria, we saw what looked to be a whole wrecking yard pass by on a barge headed up river:  How many cars could that be?

I haven’t sewn my fancy dress – I’m pretty bummed, but there’s just been too much going on do do it. I will need to do some pattern grading, as the ( 1957 ) Size 14/ bust 32 just won’t fit as is, but after studying it I’ve determined that it shouldn’t be too difficult to alter. I really want to take my time and get it right; I will probably go the extra step of making a muslin first. 
Trying to squeeze some sewing in, I’m hoping to get the couple wedding gifts done before we leave. I guess I could always mail them later, but…………..

It will be weird making this trip without Sunny. Kinda nice, but weird. It will certainly make it easier staying with friends and family without the dog. No doubt we’ll travel faster this time going south, without a trailer in tow.

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I’m leaving for Seattle this afternoon. From what I can determine, the roads are clear between here and there.  Then I’ll fly out on Thursday around noon. 
I am so excited to see Richard. I woke up way earlier than usual this morning, knowing that if I could get things done here, I would be able to leave today. Not that that makes Thursday come any sooner, but.

I have managed to fill the short time in San Diego with lots of visits to family and friends, and an appointment with my hairdresser to boot! Richard should be done with all of his stuff, so we can hang out for the couple days, and then leave heading north on Sunday morning.  We’ll also be stopping in Manteca to see Ethan and Sarah on the way back.

This is the year of no mailing presents. At least that’s my plan, so yesterday and today were spent finishing some things up to take with. 
Now, a quick rundown of my checklist before leaving, then I’m outta here!

It will be so weird being without Sunny for a week……………………..I really hope that she doesn’t make my Mom too crazy . 
Just because, I made her a new jacket-y thing for the trip.

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on my own

It will be the first time I’ve been alone in this new place. 
Richard rolled out of here just after daylight this morning. It will be two long weeks before I see him.  The weather looks a bit rainy for his drive south, but by the time he gets to Medford it looks to be clear and dry the rest of the way. His plan is to finish the Falcon, hopefully sell a couple of other things, and load up a trailer full of car and parts to bring back.
I’m driving to Seattle on the 12th, and Mom will dog-sit Sunny. Then I’ll fly down to SD on the 13th and we will drive back together, leaving there about the 16th. I am so glad that this will be the last trip for a while.

Of course I have a huge to-do list.  And an even bigger want-to-do list.  
I have the bedroom mainly painted, and now need to do a lot of detail work on one wall. I’ll post pictures of the finished project.  Then I will make an attempt to get the guest room done. Things are still pretty topsy-turvy with all of the ongoing moving stuff about. Yesterday I finally recieved the blinds that I ordered nearly a month ago – seems they were mis-delivered ( the new house going in across the street has the same number but with the ‘Street’ designation rather than “Place” which is for our house). I think that now the Fed-Ex, UPS now know that this long empty house is occupied and have our name.     
Richard turned the heat on in the new garage, and also installed the new lighting in my studio on Monday. Now I can organize things and get to work in that room. One of the items on my to-do list is the pile of alterations for my client down south. My goal is to have that done by the middle of next week and get it shipped off by Friday. 

We spent the long holiday weekend in Seattle, having a wonderful Thanksgiving at Gretchen’s house. We also made it out to Deb’s for a ‘quieter’ dinner one evening. A great few days, but I have to confess that I still have that ” we have to leave and go back soon” feeling.  

Lots to do…………………….and Christmas is coming!

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