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Home. again.

Making the trip to California was a wonderful reminder of why we moved. Driving through San Diego, we were both taken at just how brown everything looked. And where we stayed, in Alpine, almost no one has a lawn. Lots of reddish brown dirt, rock gardens, and not many people have much in the way of landscaping , as water is getting scarcer and a lot more expensive. Of course I saw our old house, as I visited with my neighbor one afternoon. They planted lots of stuff along the fence, which has died, and things looked generally neglected. The property values have plummeted, and I can’t express just how grateful we are to have sold when we did. There are houses all around that neighborhood with asking prices $150-$225K less than what we sold for. Wow. 
I got to visit with some friends, and just relax for a few days. A friend took me to the airport on Monday afternoon, and because I don’t fly very often, I was struck by the ‘people dynamics’ there: lots of people trying to make no eye contact; everyone working on whatever electronic thing they had to keep them busy; most people who were talking with someone were complaining about something. When did going on vacation (or anywhere ) become such a chore?I did see one really happy gentleman – he brought a huge boquet of roses and lillies onto the plane – I wondered who he was going to meet – he was quiet and smiling the whole time. From the plane I could see a couple of the fires still burning in northern California. I sure hope the picture there changes for the better before ‘fire season’ gets underway.

Darn, it feels good to be finally home. Not that I was gone so long, but its so nice. And, its especially good that the weather is swell.  I dorve home from Seattle on Wednesday, with the last two hours of the trip in a serious downpour. It cleared up yesterday morning and is beautiful out. 
I think Sunny misses my Mom ( where she stayed for a week ), but she was sooo happy to have a good run on the beach. I took this a while ago, but it gives a sense of a good day here. 
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I’m hoping that I can figure out – or maybe someone can clue me in as to how to put a video in here. 

Yesterday I went to pick blueberries at a farm ( where they also have cranberries ) but came away only with enough to put in pancakes. Because we’ve had such a cool summer, the crop is a month behind schedule. We’ll go next week, and should have better luck. I did go across the river and went to  the new Home Depot in Warrenton. We now have a humminbird feeder as well as a thistle feeder for the finches. Hopefully no squirrels will try to spoil the party.  
Today I will venture into tourist land to go to    http://www.kitefestival.com/index-wsikf.html    
There is a lot of catching up to do around here. We need to get serious about a fence, as the deer have obviously put our house on their feeding rounds. They like tomatoes, and are doing a great job of keeping them about a foot tall.

Richard comes home from Bonneville in a few days – not exactly sure when. The quiet is nice, but we miss him.


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I’ve decided that this new year will begin with my birthday this past Saturday. 

Mom returned with me, and on Saturday Ryan and Justin drove out.  We had a wonderful dinner of fresh crab & artichokes – which has got to be one of my favorite meals. For dessert Ryan made a pavlova – a light as air meringue topped with whipped cream and blueberries ( that he picked here over the summer and were in my freezer )  yum. 
On Saturday Richard hung the new light in the stairwell replacing this:    lovely seventies number, with this:     . It casts a pretty, orang-ish glow. If anyone is interested in the old fixture, speak up quick, as it is headed to the thrift store. There will be a houseful of similar ‘period’ lights there by the time we’re finished.  
The other big thing that happened while the guys were here is that Justin worked ( for way too long ) to solve my router issue, and now I am back to wireless – Yay! – no more pile of cables and cords in the corner of the living room.
When everyone left on Sunday, we took a long walk into town, (I had ice cream, while he had soup )and soaked up the rare sunny afternoon. 
It rained and blew hard for most of yesterday and all night long. We walked this afternoon, and discovered a couple more trees down on the dead end behind us. Looks like there will be no shortage of firewood this year. 
The new bathroom vanity was delivered on Friday, so today saw the beginning of the demolition of the upstairs bathroom.  I am making a vow to myself to stay patient about this project, knowing it will take three times longer to finish than I plan for it to. While Richard worked on that, I spent a second day working on stuff for the CA client. There is at least a full week’s worth of work there, and I am ready to have it gone.

I spoke with my old neighbor in Santee this afternoon, and was amazed at how dior the real estate market is there. I am sooo grateful that we were fortunate enough to get the house sold. I took a look, and oh my god, how things have gone really south. I feel for anyone who is trying to sell. Tough times.

Looks like we are in for a few clear and chilly days here – a nice break from the past few rainy weeks.

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No, not ours. Every couple of months or so I check the site of the realtor that we bought our house with. http://www.lighthouseproperty.com/default.htm
Yesterday when I looked, I saw that the ( part ) log house next door to us, the red one, is for sale, at $199K.  It is on a height restricted site though ( but what that means is subject to interpretation ).  And, another house – the one that I originally flew up to look at – is now on the market at $825K !!! Granted, they did a really nice makeover from the looks of the pictures, but when I looked at it just two years ago it was at $230. whoa. Maybe that is the next flipper’s market.

Richard is leaving for Bonneville on Saturday and will be gone until sometime next week. boo. I’ll miss him, but I really have no desire to go there for any kind of extended stay. I’d like to see it once, but more in a fleeting sense. Not at the hottest time of the year, thanks.
Which leaves me to get everything ready for the open house on Sunday afternoon.   With any luck, it won’t be too hot, and Sunny and I can go to the park for a few hours.  With a whole lot more luck, the ‘right person’ will come to the open house.  fingers crossed. 

I am doing some sewing for myself. Me! Seems like it’s been forever since I’ve sewn much of anything, let alone for me. It will no doubt finish lifting me out of the funk I’ve been fighting.  Though, it’s kind of annoying that I need to buy a few things, that I have lots of but in Washington. Buttons, zippers, that kind of stuff. 
I have bought a few vintage patterns on ebay in the past week or so, and am waiting for them to arrive.

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Sunny has gone into her “where is Richard’ mode – acting kind of lost and looking around for him. šŸ˜¦   
For both of us, it’s going to be a long six days until he’s back. 

Today, the real estate agent comes, and as of tonight we will officially have our house on the market.  About two months later than I wished, but oh well.  By this afternoon I will know when the first open house is – I would like it to be in a week so that I can do some final cleaning.
Yesterday I made a cushion for the bay window seat, and embroidered a pillow to finish off dressing the bed. Now I need to do a pile of ironing of all the bed clothes. bleh.  
There is also a list of things I need to get before the agent arrives this afternoon to take photos – a few plants & flowers for some color inside and out, a new doormat, etc. 
I’ve said it before, but I’m tired.  Hopefully all of this effort will pay off in a quick sale. 

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The appraiser came this morning – two days earlier than originally scheduled. He did all of the usual things – measuring & taking pictures and lots of notes. We talked for a bit when he was finished and I got the impression that he would have a ‘favorable’ number to put on this house. Hope so.( he said that the house was well done and very tastfully decorated )  He will email his report tomorrow afternoon. 

Luckily it has cooled off a bunch since last week. It was in the low 80s yesterday, and today will be more of the same. 
Yesterday I painted the fence along the side of the carport. When Richard came home he worked in the back yard for a few hours, while I did a thourough cleaning of the floor in the main part of the house. This afternoon I will scatter some grass seed back there along with some topsoil, and hope that the grass takes off in the next week or two. There is still some final cleaning to do, but all of the big jobs are now done. whew. 
I’ll call the real estate agent this afternoon and we’ll decide when to list it. 

Today is another dentist appointment. ugh.

Also, Happy Birthday Gretchen!

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