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once more.

Why do I ever go to the movies?
Last night we decided to beat the heat for a couple of hours and go see a movie. Rare for us. I don’t know if it is where I live, but the audience always ends up killing my enthusiasm for it. We saw “The Bourne Ultimatum” and I was really surprised to see small children there. Now I know I didn’t restrict what my kids watched much, but it was not at ear piercing decibles on our TV.  This made the 10 month old a couple seats away from us very unhappy throughout the movie. Dad at one point went for a walk with him for a couple of minutes, and mom kept trying to feed him something, and sis- who was about 8 – played with him, and I kept wrestling with creating a bigger distraction by asking them to leave. Yeah I know they bought their tickets, but what is it with people who think they never need a sitter?   If you have kids in tow, take them to see The Simpsons movie or Ratatoullie or something other than an insanely loud, violent movie.  There were several other folks with small kids there, as well. I feel so old sometimes. Now I know I should have opted for the Simpsons.  And the movie – not bad for an action flick.

Our open house on Sunday was a bust. One couple came through, though there were several drive-bys ( I think that they don’t stop when they see that there’s no garage ). It was sooo hot, I can understand why no one was in the mood to do much looking. Richard gave me a really positive perspective on the whole market condition here: He said that for every dollar that we’ve lost ( or prospectively lost ) here, we have more than likely gained it on the Washington property. He’s right – and that’s how I need to frame it.  

I am slowly working my way through a pile of clothes for my La Jolla client. I can’t tell you how much I hate these alterations.
Richard has been walking with me in the morning, before going out to the yard to work on car stuff. He then comes home and cleans up before going to the office in the afternoon for a few hours. This is his new semi-retirement schedule.   

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it never ends.

After Richard came home the other day, as we were outside he exclaimed ” what’s that???” and lo and behold, where the little shed used to sit behind the carport was now covered in tree. it had been windy for a couple days, and hideously hot, so I have grown accustomed to parking in the carport. When I left to go get my haircut, everything was normal, and when I returned I parked in the driveway. I didn’t notice the huge part of one of the big pine trees had given up and had fallen and was dangling just above the ground.  This big tree has three trunks, if you will, and one of them had a large branch ( about 10″ ) that was kind of cantilevered out and heavy with growth. Too heavy, it seems.   We were going to deal with it ourselves, but as Richard was going to Home Depot for a new blade for his ( tiny )electric chainsaw, he decided to stop at the corner house.  It is home to a large Equadorian ( 8 kids ) family that has a landscaping business.  The man came up and had a look at it and said sure, for $400 he could take it down and haul it all out of here. Deal.  So they came at 2:00 this afternoon, ( and with several of the kids helping ) in an hour and a half it was all gone. In the 100 degree heat no less. Trailer loaded, and cleaned up. Swell.
Our open house will go on as planned tomorrow. 

And, for the record, I am happy with the new haircut, as is my hubby. Here is a couple of self photos –
   the first one from when the stylist blew it out straight-ish.
and another from today – sans hairdryer – as it has moved to washington already:.
Forgive the deer in the headlights look – I overcompensate trying not to close my eyes, which many of you know is my photo trademark.

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solo ramblings………

the days seem to drag by without Richard here. Seems like I’ve been busy: I finished a dress for myself, made a few gifts for my friend’s bridal shower, saw the denyist, had an open house, had an additional showing of the house, met with my $$ client in La Jolla. 
Today I am getting my hair cut – a bunch shorter, and am a little nervous as this is a new stylist that I’m going to. This evening I will go to the Sunbeam meeting – an excuse to go eat fish and chips, really.  
Richard called this morning and was on the road headed back, but I doubt if he’ll get here before it gets dark.  I think he’ll be surprised ( in a good way ) when he sees my hair.  Sunny has given up on him, and has been sad all week. She will be elated when he arrives.

Sunday’s open house had one couple ( out of four that came through) who was here for an hour and forty-five minutes. They returned with their agent on Tuesday for another 45 minutes. ( I was at the neighbor’s so I could kind of watch out the window ).  My agent called that afternoon with a list of questions, and told me to expect an offer.  Well, the offer came yesterday – at $402K !  That would be a big, NO!  ( One of their questions was would we be willing to carry $60K in a second to which we said no. I guess the offer was without that $60 thousand )  Like our agent said: we don’t even need to respond.  I can wait a while longer.  We have decided to drop the price some, but no where near that much. 

Monday I had my last in a long string of dental appointements. None too soon it seems. The dentist I had been seeing for the last several months has ‘moved on’. I guess she didn’t like the changes in the running of the office since it was bought last month. Luckily, all that needed to be done was to put on the last crown ( this was to have happened three weeks ago, but in the installation the porcelain cracked  ). The Dr. who saw me was okay, but I’m just glad to be done with it all. 

My meeting with the La Jolla client went really well. I took a couple things of hers that I had finished, and she gushed over how wonderful I was. I have to admit, even though I understand that she’s a ‘flatterer’,  it still made me feel good. She really tries to make it seem genuine – heck maybe it is. Maybe she’s one of those super-sweet types who just happens to have more money than everyone.  Anyway, we tried on several more clothes, which if I said the slightest thing like it might not be ‘alterable’ she quickly cast that garment out of the mix. Then begged me to come back the end of next week for several hours ( “We’ll order takeout! “). 

I went on Sunday evening to a bridal shower for my friend Julie, which was hosted at the most gorgeous 1910 restored large craftsman house. After drinks and some food, we went swimming in their salt water pool. The only negative was that they are right in the flight path – directly east of the airport about 2 miles, so the near constant overhead noise was disturbing – as well as looking at the belly of every plane –  as I’m not used to it.  
Here in Santee, in the last month or two, we have had an increasing number of Marine helicopters flying overhead, as well as increased traffic from Gilespie field, the small airport three miles so the south of us. Sometimes upwards of 20 in an evening.  I can’t wait to move to where the overhead traffic consists of one Coast Guard trip along the coastline, and the rest of the time it will be blissfully quiet. 

It’s been hot and humid here – in the upper 90s and only cooling to about 70 overnight. Yuck. That can’t end any too soon.

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No, not ours. Every couple of months or so I check the site of the realtor that we bought our house with. http://www.lighthouseproperty.com/default.htm
Yesterday when I looked, I saw that the ( part ) log house next door to us, the red one, is for sale, at $199K.  It is on a height restricted site though ( but what that means is subject to interpretation ).  And, another house – the one that I originally flew up to look at – is now on the market at $825K !!! Granted, they did a really nice makeover from the looks of the pictures, but when I looked at it just two years ago it was at $230. whoa. Maybe that is the next flipper’s market.

Richard is leaving for Bonneville on Saturday and will be gone until sometime next week. boo. I’ll miss him, but I really have no desire to go there for any kind of extended stay. I’d like to see it once, but more in a fleeting sense. Not at the hottest time of the year, thanks.
Which leaves me to get everything ready for the open house on Sunday afternoon.   With any luck, it won’t be too hot, and Sunny and I can go to the park for a few hours.  With a whole lot more luck, the ‘right person’ will come to the open house.  fingers crossed. 

I am doing some sewing for myself. Me! Seems like it’s been forever since I’ve sewn much of anything, let alone for me. It will no doubt finish lifting me out of the funk I’ve been fighting.  Though, it’s kind of annoying that I need to buy a few things, that I have lots of but in Washington. Buttons, zippers, that kind of stuff. 
I have bought a few vintage patterns on ebay in the past week or so, and am waiting for them to arrive.

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and not much of it.  
Over the weekend there was an open house both on Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours each day. We had four parties come on Sat. and five on Sun – one of them being a repeat of the day before.  The love the house, but I think they need to sell theirs, or something. Hmm. Anyway, that’s it until weekend after this, unless the realtor decides to have a weeknight open house.  
It’s already getting old, having to keep everything ‘just so’. No making messes in the kitchen that can’t be quickly cleaned up. No lingering smell of food.  And I keep going to get something or another that is no longer here, it is in Washington. 
Two weeks ago I had a good sized, painful lump in my right breast; saw the doctor, and by the time I got in for a mammogram and an ultrasound last week, it had all but dissapeared. Everything came out normal, thank god – but I think it is really stress related. Add to that stress the thought of it being the big C and as much as I tried to ‘let it go’, I was just a mess. I think I’m better now, but just tired of it all. 

Yesterday was Justin’s birthday – hard to believe that he’s 33. Yipes. That makes me………..even older, aghhhh!

My favorite blog, http://www.dressaday.com/dressaday.html  has put in one of the patterns that I sent to her ( though she credited the wrong one with being my grandmother’s ) and it generated a lot of discussion regarding the wearing of dresses to do ‘chores’ in. I am a skirt and dress wearer – especially in the heat they are so much cooler.  There are frequent posts dealing with vintage patterns there, and its amusing to see that an awful lot of them are ones in my collection ( including the one today ).  If you have some time, there are some great short stories that she’s written there, off to the right , titled “The Secret Lives of Dresses’.  

Sarah and her sister are at the beach house, and it looks like they are having wonderful weather.  It has cooled off here by a good 10 degrees, and I am relishing in it.

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local news

If you live anywhere near San Diego, the entire media is all atwitter with Comic-Con. It has turned into the largest convention that the city holds each year. This year, the big story is that it’s become BIG, selling out in advance for both Friday and Saturday, with tickets being scalped on Craigslist. Expected attendance is to top 125,000 . It’s an interesting thing that what used to be just a comic-book and action figure gathering has actually turned in to a media convention, with the media pimping and covering itself in a variety of ways. Yesterday in the paper there was a multi-page article about the makeup and inner workings of a superhero, and all of their strengths and neuroses. ?????  Today it was at least six pages dealing with the crowds, the booths, and events within the halls themselves, showing the requisite folks dressed in Star Wars garb (and mostly everyone not in costume looking extremely tired, or bored).

The other big news here is that the city of El Cajon has now banned smoking in all public places except in your backyard, and in your car. Except if someone complains that your smoke is bothering them, then wherever you are, that will be illegal too. It has passed the city council, and gets a second vote in a month. Stupid.  Not that I smoke, and I like that you never have to be in a restaraunt where there’s smoking, but good god, that’s too much. 

There have been a couple of folks who’ve looked at the house this week, and tomorrow and Sunday there will be an open house for three house each afternoon. Seems like the realtor is doing his best to “work it”.  Fine by me – I want this thing gone – so I can be too.

It’s been hot and humid this week; in the mid 90s and oh so sticky……..

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