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Right now we are in Seattle, after another bonsi trip up I-5. It seems to me that about ten years ago we swore off driving I-5 in favor of the coast route. Oh, well. It would seem like once we make the move we won’t be so pressed for time going back and forth, so the coast will again become familiar. If I never drive 5 again that would suit me.
Justin and I had a good visit along the drive. Two long driving days put us at the house around 10:30 Thursday night. The weather was perfect – not too hot, no rain ( though one of us got quite a sunburn the first day ) . 

We spent yesterday at Quest Field in the rain attending the college graduation of Richards’ nephew. It was cool and wet, and we all couldn’t wait for it to be over ( we met up with his parents who flew up from SD ) then all went to dinner. At the last moment we cancelled the reservations at a too-spendy restaurant, in favor of the place next door. Half the price, and the food was pretty good to boot. 
Today we’ll go to Ryan’s for a bbq, then tomorrow its back to the beach for the week. Friday we’ll come back to Seattle for the weekend before heading south.

At the beach we’ll unload the trailer, and do some clean up around the house. Make plans for what projects to tackle in what order after we get moved in, and just relax for a few days. I see some days spent with Sunny running on the beach. perfect.

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fer sale

  The realtor that was to come by and have a look at the house somehow had put the wrong date in his book, so that won’t happen until Monday. ( this is not making any points for him ) . We need to go ahead and talk to a couple of local agents so that we have more input on the things that need to get done before we list it around the end of April. 
Over the weekend Richard will bring the trailer here and we can begin to load it with stuff to take to the house in a couple weeks. Good thing I am about recovered from the last couple weeks of achiness ( a tiny bit sore on the ribs, and a lightening bruise ) because the work is really about to begin.
Over on eBay, the auction for the LaDawri is getting a lot of interest   ( 4508 had looked at it and 125 people are actively ‘watching’  it as of this morning ), but only eight actual bids so far,( which has put us over the halfway mark). Richard has gotten a few phone calls, and there are two different people coming to have a look tomorrow. He also got a call from one of the guys who came a few weeks ago to tell him that he thought it was one of the best ads on ebay that he’d seen, and was impressed with all of the questions and answers that I’ve posted.  There was also a call from a historian in Florida that Richard’s been talking with for the last month and he offered to put in a ‘bid’ for just under the reserve to help drive up the bidding. (That seems just wrong, so we declined. ) Hopefully there will be a frenzy of activity on Sunday afternoon when it ends – timing is everything, and we will go over our $5K reserve. 

We went to dinner the other night at one of our favorite restaraunts for our anniversary – 14 married years! A little hole in the wall in Carlsbad called Jays. We ate there the first night that we moved into this house, and on our wedding night, and lots and lots over the years. We figured that this would likely be the last anniversary dinner there. It was great.

Work is winding down, with only one episode of V.Mars left. I’ve a few things to deliver today, and the weekend will be free.  I don’t think there will be too much between now and the end of shooting which is two weeks from today. Can’t wait.

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The week was a little quieter than I had expected. Mostly what I did for the show was a lot of personal stuff for Kristen. not really for the show, but it pays the same, so it no matter to me.   
I got a box loaded with pictures of the cast in costume, along with two dolls, oops- action figures; put out by the same folks who are doing these new ones. Sideshow Collectibles. What I got were “the cigarette smoking man” from X-files, and “Willow” from Buffy. The clothes for him are pretty intracate, and her, not so much. (though if I were that actress, I would sue for having my supposed likeness made into such an ugly doll – she looks more like a 40 year old than a teenager! ) So far, the exec who is heading up this project hasn’t called me to talk any more about it, as he promised to on Thursday. I did send him a list of questions that I have yesterday a.m. which he hasn’t replied to. Who knows if it will go any farther, as I’m sensing a flaky-ness. If, after not responding for several days he comes up with a deadline of a week or two, he will be SOL.  We’ll see. Until I hear any more, I’ll just sit on it.
My other work news is that I think the last novella has been cancelled ( no official word, but its 99% ).  The good part about that is that when V.Mars is over in about six weeks it will mean that I’m done!  I can then concentrate on packing and readying the house for the sale.  I can get the stone work in the back done, before the heat arrives.  This keeps us on track to put the house on the market around Easter, mid April.  And watching the market here, prices in this area are at least holding steady.  It’s looking good, I think. 
We went to see “The Last King of Scotland” last night.  My best actor vote is for Forrest Whitaker. It was a really powerful film, and well done. Another telling example of how power breeds evil in one way or another, in my opinion.
Today Richard is at the yard, it is clear and warmer than its been in weeks; and I took a four mile walk with Sunny. Without the fear that the phone would ring about work. 

lastly, the most recent entry in  http://www.threadbared.com/  has me smiling.

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