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At a few seconds of airtime. Saw in today’s paper that on V.Mars tonight ( which has had a airing break of 6 weeks or so ) that the episode with my arabian banner is on.  I think that it’s the last thing that I made for the art department – make that two of them ( one of them gets burned, the other is a double ). 

Yesterday was the second half of my deep cleaning at the dentist, which went *better* than last week. I took music to listen to / distract me ( along with two vallium ) which made it lots easier. She said that it was the hardest of what I have to go through, so next week I’m not so freaked out about.  The best thing about it all was that Richard & I have just changed over to this office, and both need about the same work – four crowns and deep cleanings. However, my estimate was $400 more than his, and when I questioned it yesterday they found that they had made a mistake in my charges – $100 for each of the crowns – so my revised estimate now matches his. 

It is much cooler out this morning, and raining a little – this will make great weather for continuing on with putting down the stone over the back patio. I will mortar in some of what I have laid out, then fit more into place until I’m too tired. I am not used to the lifting / squatting / chipping over and over and over again that it takes to do this project. On Friday when I started, after about four hours I was done in, legs shaking and back sore from it all. Today should be better. 

Tomorrow is jury duty, so I feel like I need to get done as much as possible in case I actually get put on a case for a few days.

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