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I’m leaving for Seattle this afternoon. From what I can determine, the roads are clear between here and there.  Then I’ll fly out on Thursday around noon. 
I am so excited to see Richard. I woke up way earlier than usual this morning, knowing that if I could get things done here, I would be able to leave today. Not that that makes Thursday come any sooner, but.

I have managed to fill the short time in San Diego with lots of visits to family and friends, and an appointment with my hairdresser to boot! Richard should be done with all of his stuff, so we can hang out for the couple days, and then leave heading north on Sunday morning.  We’ll also be stopping in Manteca to see Ethan and Sarah on the way back.

This is the year of no mailing presents. At least that’s my plan, so yesterday and today were spent finishing some things up to take with. 
Now, a quick rundown of my checklist before leaving, then I’m outta here!

It will be so weird being without Sunny for a week……………………..I really hope that she doesn’t make my Mom too crazy . 
Just because, I made her a new jacket-y thing for the trip.

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 We are at our New Home!  
Well, for a few days, anyway.
This trip it feels different, in that I know that it will be permanent really soon.  Like, I have a date. Its looking like the final trip will be around the 8th of October. And as more personal things are taken away from the Santee house, it is feeling less and less like ours now. Hmm. One of the goals is to keep the plants and yard somewhat green in the 105+ degree heat that has settled in the last several days. It would be really disheartening as a buyer to get the keys to a house that you saw in its’ green glory now all brown just a couple of weeks later. I am really lucky to have a couple people come by to do the watering.  No news from the realtor – which really is good news at this point. 

We had a great trip up this time; taking three days to get here instead of the usual two. We stopped by to see Ethan and Sarah in their new house – what a treat to be able to sit and visit for a while. They have found a nice house, and all it needs is for them to put their own marks on it – it’s still in the ‘blank canvas’ state. They are lucky in that the previous owners left everything in whites or light neutrals – easy to go over with whatever colors you like. ( the complete opposite of what we are leaving our buyers ) It was fun to watch the cats warily check out Sunny. 
We left there and had a relaxed drive to Roseburg, where we spent the night.

Today we drove the last leg, stopping at a little place on Hwy 26 ( which goes from Portland to the coast ) called Oney’s – had a good burger and great fries ( always a wonderful thing when they’re fresh cut ). Got here around 2:00. We had to do a little bank/ business/tax/ stuff but got it all worked out – I love technology sometimes!
It looks like Gretchen and Tom, ( and possibly Ryan and Mom ) will join us for the weekend. Yay! I also need to mention that over the weekend is  http://www.funbeach.com/events/cars/RodRun/index.html which is one of the reasons that we decided to come up this week. 
It was great to fire up the Tiger and run into town this afternoon. And the weather looks to be good for the next few days, so I see some topless time ahead!   whoo-hoo!
We need to bail out of here on Monday though, and get back to Santee to move out, as the house should no longer be ours on the 14th.

We got to go to Aidan’s birthday on Saturday, and he is getting so big – but still adorable. I’ve tried to upload pics, but somethings’ witchy there- boo.
I did meet with my wealthy client on Friday, and as of now its looking like she might just be flying me back to San Diego periodically to fit her. There was even talk of her putting me on the payroll. Might turn out to be an okay gig after all. hmmm. We’ll see how it works out, but it should be interesting at the least. 
I’ll try to put up some new pictures in the next day or two. 

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Only this time we have accepted an offer. A couple of counter-offers back and forth. But we are officially in escrow. 
And now we are on the twenty-one day countdown.  Yikes!! Three weeks! 
In the end, we settled at 440K.  With the market tanking ( and that’s an understatement for what’s going on here ) in southern California it seems like it’s time to be done with it.  My sad point is that I agreed to leave my washer & dryer. 
But not the antique stove ( they really wanted it ). 

Some changes need to be made in our travel plans. We haven’t ironed all of that out yet.  And there’s the possibility that we will rent Evelyn’s  ( Richard’s sister ) house for a couple of weeks – they have bought and moved into another house, and haven’t listed the old one yet.  We need to be here for an event on the 29th and another the next week on Oct. 6th..  
We’re thinking about bringing (another) vehicle and some more non-essential things up to the beach house, and being back here on about the 11th, moving the last of the things into the trailer, then we would be here for that last couple weeks. This would give Richard time to do the rest of the necessary work on the Falcon.  We don’t want to totally clean out everything here just in case it falls out of escrow for some reason.  The last of the moving out should be a breeze as there’s not much left.  The coming trip I may well end up driving my car up as well.   

I’m happy to be done with the open houses, strangers looking around at our stuff, and the constant fussing. It will be a sad departure from kids, grandkids, and friends. And an exciting new world to look forward to. 

I can breath now.

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late start.

instead of leaving last night, we are nearly ready to go – hopefully before noon today.  The delay was because there was a serious ‘lifter rattle’ in Richard’s truck yesterday morning, so we took it in to the dealer ( where I just had it serviced last week) and they wanted to keep it overnight to make sure all is well.  He and Justin just went to pick it up, then we’ll be off within about an hour of them getting back. poo.   So the whole trip we’ll be kind of holding our breath that everything else goes swell, and the noise doesn’t return.   This means no slower trip up the coast. Bummer.   Luckily for us, the weather in the central valley has cooled off by 10-15 degrees, so we shouldn’t fry in the Tiger.  Sunscreen, lots of sunscreen.  And hopefully, no rain – even though it has a soft top, it’s still a 40 year old english car – read: not watertight. 

See you.

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