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The other night we happened on to Time Warp on Discovery channel. Its a pretty cool show about lots of things filmed in ultra slow motion. The photography is something like 20,000 frames per second.  There are a lot of great videos on the show site. On the episode we watched there was a fascinating invention – a table saw that won’t cut a finger off! And they test it, first with a hot dog, then with the inventor’s finger.  I’m in awe when someone can invent such an amazing thing, like an airbag, light bulb, a window even. This saw – though pricey –  is damn cool. 
Of course I can’t help but think of Ethan, who uses serious power tools every day.  I have a fear of power tools ( having been bitten years ago ) so maybe this was just really impressive to me.

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a first

In this current world of downsizing and layoffs, I sometimes think I must be cuckoo to even be considering purchasing a business. The idea that there would be a few less people on the unemployment rolls is a good thing though. 
Today I got a message from one of the banks, wanting a Resume`. A real resume.
Now for most people, they have one. They take it out when necessary, tune it up and polish it a little, and make it ready for the next use. Until a couple hours ago I had never had a resume. Seems so odd in today’s world. Its not like I haven’t worked. Like forever ( okay, with the exception of this past year ). But, I had never written it down and sort of added it up.
I feel like it looks pretty good. I would give me a loan based on my qualifications.

Tomorrow morning I take Richard in for an MRI on his knee. I wish they would just hurry up and do the surgery if they’re gonna, so he can start to get better. Its been five long weeks, and I feel so bad for him.

There is a commercial that always makes me smile. Its that emu at the end. But, it doesn’t make me want to part with a buck. Oh well. Maybe I ought to give it a shot…………….

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its a scary thought to think that a 34″ tv is now considered small.  Yesterday we made the trip into Astoria to shop for tvs, only to find that the three outlets there consist of Sears, Fred Meyer, and Costco. So, after hemming and hawing ( lcd vs. plasma ) for what seemed like all too long, the question remained: how big?( No one in our house wanted to say ” yes, go bigger“.)  We left with a 50” ! panasonic plasma. We also got a ups, as they were half price. (no way I’m taking a chance on the new tv being hit during the next storm )The two best parts were that the tv was a costco ‘coupon’ special, saving $300, and the fact that we bought it in the beautiful no tax state of Oregon saved us another chunk of change. The two negatives are that: 1) even though we have cable service by one of the big companies, there’s no HD programming in this area as yet; and 2) the tv is big enough to intrude into the window space where we parked it. I am looking for a low console of some sort to put it on, prefarably about 9″ off the floor. Most of what we watch is movies, so the HD part is not too big of a deal.
Today a couple came and bought the old computer desk – I had a note on the bulliten board at the grocery for it and the little sofa. So that makes a bit more room downstairs to juggle some things out of the sewing room into. I have work that needs to get done for the La Jolla client, but right now there’s not much room for me to work amidst the sea of boxes down there.

There are two small pumkins that are lit on the deck railing in case there are any trick-or-treaters out on this cool and clear Halloween night. I think there will be a bowl of candy hanging around. I can live with that.

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I can’t for the life of me get the little screen with the video to show up.  So I have to do it that way. At some point I’ll get educated.

I have been watching “Mad Men” on AMC. Pretty interesting peek into another era.They absolutely got it right.  If you’ve not seen it ( episode 3 this week), you can go to the On Demand channel of cable, and there is a “Freezone” where you can choose what you want to watch, when you want to. And, it’s FREE! 

and because this is all about media, I’m using a new avatar ( I’ll see the movie this weekend, maybe ) you can make your own here:

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