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small stuff

 I’m part of a small guild, with about 55 members. Our show this past weekend ( exhibition, really ) has about 110-120 quilts featured each year, of every style and skill level. It is held at the museum in Ilwaco, and we don’t charge admission ( which helps the museum boost their visitor count ). We had over 750 people sign the guest book, and for the second consecutive year the 3000 raffle quilt tickets sold out – the proceeds of which all go to local charities. This year and last there were also a couple of glass cases with small sewn items of every variety, and there was a call for pieces to feature. I decided at the last minute to make a couple things:      plus
   plus      equals     I know I had a song version of "the Owl and the Pussycat" but I cannot remember the name of the woman who sang it, nor can I find it and it’s driving me batty. A google search was equally futile, so until I remember it will be going round in my head.
Now, I’m not sure what to do with them; possibly put them in the etsy shop. Which needs a total re-vamping ( soon, very soon ).  

I got the news on Sunday evening that I took second place in the Large category  for ‘Dressing the Part’   AND
second place in the Small category for ‘Room With a View’   This was a bit of a surprise in that this is by and large a pretty traditional guild. The voting is not judged ( thank goodness! ) but is a people’s choice ballot with spaces for small, medium, and large. I received so many compliments while there it was a little unnerving, and lots of requests for a pattern for the little dresses quilt.
Looks like I need to edit my to-do list, again.  

Now that it’s all over, it’s time to get back to some client work.  But this weekend of inspiration has me wanting to start a new quilt. 

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 So, our local quilt show.
Mom and I went on Saturday afternoon, and things were humming along. It is held in the museum in Ilwaco, which is a really nice space. Well lit, clean, warm and dry. We had a little more than 100 quilts – a nice showing for our small guild of 60 members. I only took a few pictures though, as it was somewhat crowded on Saturday when we went. I counted on taking more when I went on Sunday to work the raffle table – not so – it was even busier! I did my part to help hawk tickets to our raffle quilt – which we sold out of for only the second time ever, btw. All 3000 at $1 apiece!    But, i didn’t win. All of the money raised goes to local charities.
One of my favorites was this large quilt from the forties, all embroidered by hand ( many hands, I think ):

Then there were several variations on the ‘red-and-white block exchange’ quilts. I love how with something so simple, everyone interprets it in an entirely different way. My version:  A large one mixed with black and white prints:  
and lastly a slice and dice of those same nine patch blocks, mixed with another print: .

Near the end of the show, the Richards showed up and helped with the take down. It was cute to see Richard so excited to see his quilt hanging in the show, and he got several compliments on it. Nice. 
I also saw a woman carrying this:  which I immediately fell in love with. This is a variation on the candy wrapper bag – done out of juice drink packets. Of course I came home and had to find a tutorial   , but the top and handles are not smooth and flat like this one. I could buy one from here , but I want the orange version, not the multicolor that they have.  Of course I could have any color I want if I’m willing to eat and collect lots of chips – those Kettles brand chips  have great colors in their range of packages. Then learn how to do the weaving. This company has a lot of interesting bags as well – have a look at those made with drink can pop-tops nearer to the bottom of the page. I could do that!! Seriously though, how many trash-y things do I want to be collecting????
I have a large bunch of bottles for the candles that are overtaking a portion of the garage, waiting to be cut down, polished and finished. 

We’ll be in Portland on Saturday, I might just stop into the shop that the orange bag above came from. Just to see what might be on the shelf. 

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lots of busy

 I had a lot of fun hanging quilts in Seattle at the QA show last week. I took just a few pics; by the time we were finished hanging I was sort of pooped. Our little crew consisted of Mom, me, and my nephew and his girlfriend ( and  a tag-along woman that I don’t remember what her name was ) and I’m guessing we hung over sixty quilts, and then went on to ‘finesse’  and move a dozen more. I get that this is important, and I don’t dismiss that, but. Some of the women there fuss and yammer on so much that I wonder how they get anything done at all. It’s not the museum of modern art. Really. These are quilts. Made by people. Beautiful, yes. And I know every one of them represents hours of hard work. Hanging them just so doesn’t really need to be a big life decision. Are all quilt shows this way – behind the scenes?? ’nuff said.  Moving on to the pictures.

This first one is my favorite ‘happy quilt’ and a detail shot of one of the blocks:
    the green sashing in between the rows is really not such a harsh contrast in real life. 

I really love the use of those conversational prints as the light colors in this quilt. I’ve always loved the novelty factor of so many of them, but didn’t understand how they could be used all together. I would make my version with something other than red and blue for the anchor colors, though. 

And this use of the silk square inserts into the rows of batik fabric were so pretty. Now, I have ideas of what to do with the huge palette of silks that I have. They will be the centers of squares ( framed in a coordinating or a contrasting batik cotton, of course! ). I love how they reflect the light. 


This was a stunning quilt – all those long, skinny triangles! And batiks. I would make it using something other than black between the blocks- making it more blend rather than pop. A moss green, maybe?

It was a good day, and then I drove home on Thursday. 

We had a nice surprise when Mom showed up on Friday afternoon. She drove down to see our little quilt show here. Turned out the surprise was on her, as I had the weekend mostly planned out. She was game to go with me to a local designer’s studio – the woman who used to own the shop that we tried to buy. It is a lovely workspace, and she had all of her fabrics and patterns that she designs, as well as several kitted items for sale.  
Then on Saturday, we all went on a four mile walk down in Long Beach. It was an Autism Awareness Walk that a high school girl here organized as her senior project. Money was raised for the local early childhood development program here, and about 90 people showed up.    The walk began at the main beach approach in Long Beach, then went north along the Discovery Trail to ‘Clark’s Tree’   about two miles. It is a huge bronze replica of the tree that William Clark made his mark on in 1805. (Replica because someone burned down the original tree).

Then that afternoon Mom and I went to my guild’s quilt show in Ilwaco. All those details, tomorrow. 

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We are coming into quilt show season. My local guild’s show ‘Quilting at the Beach’ is next weekend, and the big show for my mom’s guild is the same. Our guild will be showing just over one hundred quilts; not a bad showing for our membership of maybe 60 women. The Quilter’s Anonymous show, on the other hand is huge, with somewhere around 500 entries. In order to be able to see both, I plan on driving into Seattle on Tuesday, and spend Wednesday at the Monroe Fairgrounds volunteering with the setup and hanging of the quilts like I did last year. Then I’ll drive back home Thursday and be able to attend and work at our show here over the weekend. 
Meanwhile, I have a little work to do to get my quilts ready to enter in our show. Just the hanging sleeves need to get sewn on, and a label made for one of them as well. I’ll leave them with one of the other members so that they are there for the hanging on Thursday while I’m driving home.  
With just one more person in our house now, I feel like I am sooo busy doing everything else but sewing. While at Expo in Seattle a couple of weeks back, I picked up this adorable fabric   which will be made into a blouse shortly. The print is small, and I get happy just looking at it.  I have a huge pile growing of things that I both need and want to sew; I’m thinking that I need to return to a ‘sew everyday’ personal challenge. 
But the weather has been darn nice off and on for the past few weeks, and we’ve been working outside. This cuts into the sewing time as well, but we have to take advantage of each non-rainy day outside. We had big plans on putting in a veggie garden this year, but now I’m having second thoughts as to how much time I really want to devote to gardening. I’m really happy with the bulbs that are coming up, and the plants that Mom and Gretchen are passing along my way. But do I want to be a gardener? hmmm. I want a nice yard, sure, and the flowers and plants that look and smell pretty. And of course it’s good to be outside, working in the sun. But the work of a real garden – I need to really honestly assess if I’m up for that. The prep, building, planting, maintaining. Maybe – I’ve not ruled it out, either.  

I might feel differently once I get some sewing done. 

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whirlwind miles

the view out the windows has quit moving. In the past week I’ve seen around 1300 miles out of vehicle windows:
Longview and back on Wednesday to pick up Mom
Bus trip to Sisters, OR and back on Saturday
Drive to Snohomish Sunday
Home on Monday.

I wouldn’t have missed any of it. 
It was great to spend a few days just with Mom. The Richards returned from their camping trip to the Olympic Peninsula on Friday, then the two younger ones left for home on Saturday morning. Mom and I left early that same morning to catch the bus in Astoria with my quilt guild for the long bus trip to Sisters for the big Outdoor Quilt Show. It was hot, wonderful, inspiring, and really big. Sisters is a small mountain tourist-y town, and the quilt show is in it’s 34th year. For just one day, there are 1200 quilts hung all over the buildings – along the eaves, hung from the porches, sides and backs of the buildings. You have to walk all through the twenty or so blocks to see everything. Luckily there were plenty of shady spots to stop and sit and breezes to help cool off from the 94 degree heat. A peek of what was there that I found interesting / appealing:
first is a One Block Wonder ( like the red one that I just finished )    And two shots of another one using the same technique of using only one fabric – this one in black and white toile    
This one is a simple modern quilt that I loved
 ditto this one :  and this was stunning in it’s own way – made up of hundreds ( thousands??) of two inch squares in a gradation of both whites and colors forming the maze:  There were also new takes on traditional quilt patterns like this ‘bow tie’ quilt with bright colors on black and white  and this modern quilt with traditional roots  . Lastly was this impressive display of wood carving / painting on the lid of this blanket chest which looked realistic enough to reach out and touch  
We got home at midnight after the long trip back ( yay for my PSP and LocoRoco2! ) pooped. Sunday we got up early and drove to Deb’s house in Snohomish to say farewell to her exchange student. Hard to say who got the better end of the exchange – Deb or Camille. Hopefully she will return sometime. Deb and Vance gave a really lovely party and I’m glad that we got to go to say goodbye.
We drove home Monday and I feel like just staying still for awhile.
We moved a couple plants around, and now will begin to terrace using the fireplace stone on the other side of the steps. Weed the triangle, again, and cover the ground with bark. Oh and remove the old door out of the kitchen and replace the siding there and paint it.
Looks like the new list is already growing.

Tomorrow is my sweetie’s birthday. Should be a nice day.

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