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dilemmas of spring

 So, I planted a boatload of bulbs both in my little boat and throughout the garden ( a loose term ) and so far they’re doing pretty well. It would be soooo much better if the wind took a break. 
Just as the beautiful tulips were beginning to open, we were hammered with a storm. The next day, there were several of them snapped off. So, this is what I got:       They opened up so pretty, but, fooey. I’m amazed that the daffodils are standing. Now, we need to batten down the hatches as there is a super windstorm headed our way tonight. 

I spent yesterday finishing up my squirrley blouse (picture later), and cutting out another one out of some pretty lawn that I got at Fabric Depot last week. The best / worst thing about having a huge pattern stash is that I feel compelled to look through most all of them when I want to make something. And invariably something completely different catches my eye. I want to make a blouse, and vaguely know what style I have in mind; when I start looking for the pattern I’m sure I have, the trouble starts. This blouse or that one? Oh! Look at that dress – did Mom make that one?  But this one, is calling me:  But it’s cool here and I need to think about what works with a cardigan; so maybe I want a jumper like this: that I could wear a t-shirt with. Then there are the jackets, and the ‘fancy dresses’ that I have no where to wear them to. Doesn’t stop me from wanting though.

And, I need pants, and it’s nearly impossible to find something that I like. I did manage to find a cheap pair of jeans at Old Navy, and altered them from boot cut to straight leg, and they’re super long so I can roll them up. But, I want non-jeans. Pants. Not capris ( well maybe a pair or two ), but pants. It’s been a long time since I made slacks, which is different than a pair of more casual fly front pants. Then the pattern search begins again.  So, it seems that at any given time I have a bin on the cutting table with a dozen or so patterns that are on my ‘thinker list’, that I endlessly ponder.
And the list changes and grows daily.
Ah, spring.

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all the flowers

Its that time of year here. Flowers everywhere.
I have a neighbor who has a little flower stand that she sells boquets at in her driveway. But for a multitude of reasons not this year. So, instead, I look two doors down the street from my house to this:  Hundreds of dahlias, glads, lillies and essentially just a riot of color.
Me, not so much. I have a lot of sunflowers ( courtesey of the birds ) in random places  and nasturtums and the lillies along with some sweet peas which have finally begun to bloom. I know it takes time, so I thought I’d fake in a few. The boat is finished being painted, and we took it off the stand. Now to fill it with dirt, and figure out the ton of bulbs that I’ll put in it for next year. Meanwhile, the flowers that I painted on it will keep some color in the yard until the real thing happens.  and  
I painted a couple hundred little white flowers to brighten it up:  I’m calling it done with the paint. ( I have no idea if the paint will weather or not ) Now, all of that paint will go back to the household recycler where I got it last month.
I’m nearly done with the big suitcase/bag thing. I’m calling it a learning experience ( I’ll make it again, but with some revisions). 

The  weather has been wonderful, so it’s outside time for a few days. Get the rest of some plants in the ground, dirt in the boat, touch up the paint on the house, remove the kitchen door and put siding over the space.
Pour over catalogs for bulbs.
For more flowers.

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some days

things are just good. Some days I don’t fret about life, and just go about doing things I need to do. I took a leap and washed the windows of the past two weeks mist and the huge accumulation of pollen. ( usually this results in rain inside of 24 hours  – so we’ll see ). I spent the rest of the day cutting fabric into fat quarters, a tedious job for sure.
Richard worked outside, as the weather was pleasantly warm – somewhere in the upper sixties. Somewhere in there he felt inspired to make this:  sort of sculpture from some of the few rocks that are here.

When he had called it quits for the day we grabbed something to drink and took a walk to the beach. It still amazes me that there’s no one there a lot of the time. Sunny got to run, a lot. There were few birds on shore, but then – the pelicans started to go by. The first group numbered around 75 or so. They are  beautiful to watch soaring just above the water. Then I spotted another group coming our way – this one was three times larger.  They were more spread out, and some would sort of circle in an area. Sunny attemted to chase the few low flying ones and got only wet. šŸ™‚  I left this message: though the only ones who’ll see it are looking at it now.

Flowers are blooming everywhere – the poppies are coming back strong  and the peony that mom gave me ( from my grandma’s ) is blooming  – it will go in the ground for next year.  The tomatoes, herb pot,  and hanging baskets are doing well ( fertilizing really works! )        The rhodendrons are blooming all over – including the once-sorry one outside of my sewing room window (thanks again to fertilizer) in a pretty ultra-pale pink. I will need to move a few things that I planted last year – I’m still deciding where they might do better.

Some days are really good.

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 So, yesterday I took advantage of the perfect weather we’re having and did things like hang laundry on the line, wash the car, and do some weeding. While we were gone for a week or so, the flowerbed that we put in along the front of the garage burst into bloom. The rain that happened at the beginning of the week kind of hammered some of it, but with the past few days of sun, this is what its looking like:
and the ones that I transplanted to the stairs are beginning to bloom as well:  We saw this odd looking jellyfish on the beach  when Sunny and made the five mile ( round trip ) walk into town for ice cream in the afternoon. I suppose like lots of other things, jellyfish have some sort of seasonality, or maybe a migration pattern? I’ve seen a few of the little clear ones before here, but this big ( 9″ ) amber one was new to me. 
I never ventured into Long Beach to see the kites, maybe today…….

I want to do some sewing, but that’s best left to a day when its rainy out.

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