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Think you have problems where you live? Here’s what makes it into the paper here -(  I can only imagine that a city cop would love to get some of these calls)  p.s. note the next item in that pic. Stolen afgahn?
Second – watch out for the menopausal woman: .
And, who calls the cops for this???:   .

Sunny is in heaven with being able to run free; she is usually out the door by 6:30 ( as opposed to noon before the fence ) checking all over for where the critters were during the night. She is pooped by the end of the day – I think she logs several miles just running around. Now, she has progressed to trying to climb one of the pine trees in a feeble attempt to get closer to the chipmunks. She walks around on her back legs to get a little taller, but that doesn’t work either. It’s fun to watch though. As much as it seemed like the fence took forever to finish, it only was a two month project. Now we can get a little farther along on any other planting that we want to do without the deer being a threat. My neighbor is losing a lot of plants to the flock? of baby deer ( 5 ) that have been born in our neighborhood in the past month. They are now all eating things that have been untouched or until now were on the ‘safe list’.
Trying to figure out how to deal with the big square fenced issue is a challenge; next year we’ll be putting in a vegetable garden in part of that area down there. 
We found a little rowboat to put down in that part of the yard to plant flowers in. I want something sort of fun there, that I can change the plantings in seasonally.  I’m also hoping it will help with some of the slug issues. Here’s the ‘before’ picture:   (We put it up on an old picnic table so that I could paint it ) We bought a bunch of dirt, and I’ll move some more plants around. We got a bunch of odds and ends paints from the county hazardous recycling (free!) so I think I’ll attempt to make it happy looking. One  cute’ thing in the yard will be okay. Today we also began setting more of the fireplace rock onto the slope on the other side of the stairs to help terrace it. Now that Sunny is not tethered and running through there, we can plant a few things. I’m hoping that next year the poppies will be even better ( without her dragging the cable across them and ripping so many of them out ).  I’ll put in a few more pics once we get things shaped up some.  Unlike anywhere inland ( even a few blocks!! ) all week it has been sooo foggy here – you can literally watch it blow in. It obscures the water even when you’re at the beach. Today it burned off for a couple hours and the temp rose at least 10 degrees in just minutes. I got really sunburned with just a little exposure. Tomorrow there will be sunscreen.  

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Seattle came and went quickly. Saturday was the dash in, helping Ryan some, and his bbq. Sunday was dinner at Gretchen’s after working on the quilt, which I was able to completely finish. Thank goodness for mom’s quilting machine. A couple of shots before the binding went on:
    and a detail of the stitching that shows on the back – this quilt has a ton of stitching on it:
and . Worst part is that it is too small for our bed, so maybe it will be an alternate for the guest room.

The Richards arrived here on Sunday, so I felt compelled to get back home by Monday. The weather has been great, so today we went to the beach where we got the mantle log to look for some driftwood that they could make into a bench or two for the yard. We explored the huge washup piles of wood, and the two younger Richards got to work on a fort, while my hubby and I went on a short hike. Along the path    were tons of ripe salmonberries – and a few ripe wild huckleberries. When we got back to the beach, the two younger Richards had completed their house:    did I mention that their dog, Souxie, is the cutest?
While I was in Seattle, Richard finished the fence, and Sunny is happily free of the zip line and any tethers. She is one happy dog, and is relentlessly persuing the chipmunks and squirrels. So far there’s no desire to get beyond the boundry – here’s hoping it stays that way.  This is the first time she’s actually been able to explore a lot of the property. Oh, and I nearly forgot to put in a couple of pics of the coffee table. I think it is from 1962 or thereabouts.    it opens up via a swivel, into a long or angled bi-level affair – like so:  
It got a good cleaning today, and now I just need to re-grout a couple of the tiles in. I might just keep my eyes open for the matching end table. Or not.

With the weather so nice, I’m hoping to finally get the trim and deck railing painted.

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done! (almost)

So, the fence project is finally nearing the end. The weather was perfect today ( finally ) and we did everything but complete the last two gates. This will be wonderful once we’re done – to be able to let Sunny out from anywhere and not have to hook her up on the zip line will be heaven. Of course some of the neighbors think we’re nuts ( they could be right ). Yesterday we had a goofy guy ask us why we were fencing " is all of that for the dog???" I sort of want to start a rumour that we’re getting a couple of horses just to drive a couple of them crazy. Anyway – he suggested that we could use ‘liquid fence’ aka deer repellent aka wolf pee in a bottle to help keep the unwanted beauties ( deer) from grazing our plants and flowers. No, thanks.
I’m leaving in the morning to go to Seattle for the weekend, Richard will stay home and build the gates. And wait for the arrival of the Richards, as they’re supposed to be here on Sunday or Monday. I’ll finish up the quilt at Mom’s, see the boys, and bring home my new ( old ) coffee table that I had Mom pick up for me that I found on craigslist. I’m excited. Here is the asked-for shot of the new ( old ) sofa: She’s in pretty good shape (given that she’s about as old as I am). But, she smells worse, and I’ll need to do some spring re-tying. (the light spots in the pic are just sunlight )If anyone has suggestions for the smell other than fabreeze ( I’ve used two applications so far )- please share.  I swear it didn’t smell at all in the shop – I even sniffed it all over, but out of that environment, well….. It is getting better with leaving the doors open during the day.

We’ve had a few really low tides this week – in the minus 2 region. I took these pics the other day:     Pretty cool to see how the contour of the beach looks without any water on it.  It was really, really out there. But still no people.

The evening before the low tide there was a huge racket coming from a bunch of crows – they were in the tree down the street. It was a little spooky seeing them all hanging out in the tree hollering.  And when we walked by in the morning on the way to the beach there was one dead one – do they indeed murder? Is that why they call it a murder of crows? ewww. Glad they weren’t in my tree. Though, maybe my neighbor went a little nuts over the racket – who knows.

So a week from now it will be the big fourth of July here – with a zillion fireworks on the beach. Richard has been working on the old jeep in the hopes of going for a fireworks lit beach drive next Saturday night. Here’s hoping he gets it finished.  

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I made a trip to Portland to return the old dining set to Kirsten. We had a great visit, as always, but, as always, it was too short. While there I went to Powells Books – a rare treat. You could easily get lost for a day in there.
After leaving Powells – I drove by a interesting sort of food court downtown. On a vacant city block, there were over a dozen food vendor trailers set up – sort of like at the fair, but with normal food. Soup, bbq, crepes, salad, sandwiches, coffee, etc. complete with Port-a-potties & picnic tables. It looked to be the spot to go for lunch or early dinner in the middle of the busy downtown area. I saw this same concept again on Friday driving through the Hawthorne district, but with fewer vendors. Its as though Portland is getting into it’s version of the street food thing. 
The plan had been to hit up several vintage furniture shops along Hawthorne. I didn’t make it past the first one. Lounge Lizard was bigger than I expected, and a great shop. The folks there couldn’t have been nicer.  I ended up with a sofa in the truck to bring home. So, the other shops will wait until next trip. Portland has several, and the prices seem to be way more reasonable than in Seattle.  From there it was the obligatory stop at Fabric Depot ( sale!).  A few more stops on the way home – part of which was in some crazy driving rain! 

Ryan came out for a couple of days. We went to the (not so ) Garlic Festival. Generally lots of crap, with one or maybe two booths reflecting the garlic theme. Who thought this was a thing for here? In Gilroy, sure. Ocean Park? Someone tell me why they don’t have a crab, or a cranberry festival here. Where you could get a real flavor of the area. It seems like I should write a letter to the peninsula toursim board and to the paper. 
Speaking of the paper, there were two things in the Sheriff’s Dispatch Reports this week which caught my eye:

June 14
At 10:03am, a woman reported that her toaster oven was missing and she thinks it was taken at the same time her $10,000 was taken.
is that where she was keeping the money???
June 17
Fraud and theft of a house was reported at 10:50 am.
tell me how you steal a house.

We are trying to get the fence finished – however the weather isn’t cooperating. We have all but one post in, and if it quits raining we may get more wire up. Here’s a couple shots of the project so far:
     The goal is to be finished up soon, as there is company coming ( the Richards ) and they’re bringing their dog. It’s an issue with two dogs here, so if we can finish…………     Looks like they will arrive on Saturday.  Richard only has two gates left to build, and  there is still some figuring of a couple of details.

Time to get to work, I suppose. The sky is lightening up.

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project peek

We’re taking a couple days off of working on the fence project. We’re caught up on setting the posts that we had holes dug for. Thursday was spent mixing concrete all day ( me ) and carefully leveling each (Richard’s part ). I think we set 18 posts. bleh. As requested, here are a couple shots to give a feel for what’s happening.

this is the ‘field’ in front of the shop – most of those posts are 8 feet apart.

the south end of the field; we’ll be going past that power pole that you see.
this is on the east side of the house- outside my sewing room and going down towards the shop. You can see my holz hausen there in the corner where the fence will jog around it to go to the corner of the shop. There will be a gate down by the shop, one at the base of the steps to the house that go up to the kitchen side of the deck, and another to the street in the area along the street in the field side (west ).

This is the weekend of the "world’s longest garage sale" here on the peninsula. I went yesterday morning with a friend, and then in the afternoon with Richard. We scored a few things, and I was stunned at the huge amount of people out there hunting.  There are some folks down the street that have a summer home ( who only seem to come a couple times a year ) who brought a trailer full of stuff ( junk, really ) sell – I can’t imagine. There was a nonstop parade of cars there all day, with most people leaving with something in their hands.
So, we’re going to join in the fray today – I’ve decided to take some of the furniture out and see if we can get rid of it, along with a bunch of other stuff that we were ‘saving’ for for the guest house that we will likely never build. The weather is overcast, but should clear up – and hopefully the shoppers will be out in droves.
Wish us luck.

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The past week has been busy with the fence project. Ugh. Not a lot to say other than it’s slow going. And I’m achey from the digging,  carrying lumber, and serious weed pulling / brush clearing. I’m not used to hard physical labor anymore, I guess, and a lot older than when it was the norm for me. This is a big project, and as much as I want it done yesterday, it will be awhile before it’s complete.
A few of the plants are finally blooming, and it looks like there will be a wealth of poppies returning this year. I think I’ll be relocating several of the plants that we put in last year to a (hopefully ) better location in the yard once the fence is done. As I drive around the area, there are sooo many tulips in bloom, replacing the daffodils from the last couple of months. I vow to plant a ton of both of those bulbs in the fall for next spring – they seem to last forever, even with the rain and wind that we get here.

While in Seattle last week, I worked on mom’s quilting machine, in an attempt to get the current quilt finished. I didn’t. The first several inches, or two rows of stitching looked awful to me, and I just didn’t like it. I moved on, going in a different direction with the stitching – I began using a pantograph, which just isn’t my thing, I think. From there I decided it was time to do freehand stitching. Much better, and easier going. The worst part is that I didn’t finish doing all of the quilting. I had to bring it home, so that the first quilting I did using the pantograph pattern could be   ‘dewes’,  reverse-sewed, or un-picked; a lot of the stitches are super tiny, which makes the picking out of those stitches horrible.  The quilt itself looks good with the borders on, and my freehand quilting is not too bad, for a beginner. The light colored border is actually a pale creamy yellow, which is in the print a tiny bit, and sets off the other colors well. That same fabric is on the back of the quilt. Once the quilt is totally finished, there will be better pics, but for now:

   To make myself feel better for the non-finishing of the quilt, I began working on a bag/purse project, which is also giving me fits. I need to figure out how to make a hole. Sounds easy, but. This hole has to be faced, and it’s out of leather. This hole will serve as the purse handle. Trying to get it all tidy and pretty is the challenge, and with leather you only get one chance at getting it right. I know the solution will be simple, once I ‘get it’, but I keep sort of getting stuck with a couple of the details. I never thougt that I would be at a point where sewing would be difficult; for me it’s being out of practice. I think back on not too long ago that I spent 10-16 hours a day sewing – then, everything seemed pretty simple. I think it’s like playing a piano; without practice your skills get a bit rusty, and you forget some of the finer points which make it beautiful.
I want to be downstairs sewing a lot right now; I have an ever changing and growing list of projects that I want to make. But with the weather finally getting nicer, and the fence project taking priority, and the gardening that needs to be done –  I think I’ll only manage to keep revising and adding to that list for a while.

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Here’s the all-too-familiar scenario: friends come for dinner, and we have a great time, eating, drinking wine and talking. It gets dark, they get ready to go; more chatter at the door. The door opens, with a lingering ( two seconds! ) good-bye before they walk home a few doors away.

She’s gone. zoom. Into the dark.
Little Shit.
This happens whenever someone comes over.

Of course they feel terrible. It’s cold, windy, but luckily for me it’s not raining. "Doesn’t she come when you call her?"
 nope. Not that one. Little Shit.
Richard sets out one direction, I go the other way. Our friends go home at our urging – not much they can do. I jog about a half mile, covering a few blocks – calling and whistling but no sign of her. You find her by listening.
I meet up with Richard in an area just east of us on a sort of road – it’s a path really – that is the continuation of our dead end that runs behind the house. A overgrown wooded area that I’ve heard big dogs in and that I don’t wander in even in daylight. We hear her barking off down that direction. She’s been running for 30-40 minutes now; we catch sight of her in the beam of the flashlight. A little tired at this point, she comes when we call her. She is green/brown with poop.

God knows how many things or what the hell she found to cover herself in. She slunks along at the end of the leash. She knows what lies ahead.               The ten o’clock bath.
This is why we’re putting up a fence.

I was pretty warm at this point, so I went outside for a few. I took this video – of noise. You can hear the native sounds – the ‘frog chorus’ as my sister appropriately calls it, along with the ocean.

I am over the running, finding, and bathing of the pup. ( she is still a stinker, though, just ’cause ) This noise makes me happy.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Seattle for a few days. I’m excited to go. I finished my quilt top, and got the back ready as well. I may try to quilt it at Mom’s house over the weekend.

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