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It must be the beginning of summer. There is lots of busy happening, and not much posting, by me or anyone else lately.
A week ago the big yard sale here on the peninsula was somewhat of a bust – it was rainy off and on. We went to a few while Ryan was here; I did the best at an estate sale across the street.  Here’s a couple of the *treasures*:   Singer model 99K complete with buttonholer attachment and hard case.  I found this twin bedspread hand crocheted and in near pristine condition  – it will make a beautiful tablecloth:  along with a few other linens ( of course ).
There were lots of bad ceramics at the estate sale across the street, but I had to have these two pots  which are both funny and frightening:   Do owls have snake eyes like the white one?They are big – each will hold a 10" pot.

I know that June is usually the wedding month, but seems more like birthday season has landed. I made these linen bins for Ryan 
  They were a simple pattern that I drew up, and I embroidered just the big one.

After the crappy weather that we’ve been having, I jokingly told my neighbor that I’d make her an ark. On a whim, I made this little ‘ark’ for her new little kitten – Cheetoe  who immediately took possession of it. And, it quit raining for a day or two.

I painted the kitchen. Orange. pics later.

School let out today, and tomorrow we’re leaving for Vancouver and Victoria. Richard6 has never been to Canada (or on a ferry!), and is anxious to have his new passport stamped.  We’ll be there a couple days and be in Seattle for the weekend. I’m so excited to be done with monitoring all the school stuff.
Here’s hoping for good weather while we’re there.

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 As I was finishing posting yesterday, a little twinge started in my right eye. I felt compelled to end my journal entry quickly, and take a hefty dose of Advil. The Migraine was coming. I went to lay down, cover my head and wait for it to be over. I wish there was a timetable that I could go off of, such as: for the first half hour you will lose focus, the next two hours will be insane with pain, etc. so that I could sort of countdown to the end.  But no such thing. You lay. Try to sleep it off. Wait. Then the ‘hangover’ for the rest of the day. Last time I had one was in June, and I think sometime about a year before that. I guess it’s true that they decrease as you get older.  Thing is, I’ve been sleeping terribly for the past couple months. So, for the past week in an attempt to get that situation right, there’s been no alcohol, no chocolate before bed ( hardly more than a piece all week ) and I’ve been eating well.  I wish I could understand what the trigger is. hmmm.

Its a little nicer outside today, and it didn’t rain at all overnight. In a bit Richard said he will go for a long walk with us. I spotted a downed tree a mile or so away from here that has a bunch of branches budding with pussywillows. My plan is to take a bag, and prune a few branches off of it. There is a wonderful ‘basket’ on the cover of the current Martha Stewart magazine that is made up of pussywillows and grasses. I am needing the vision of spring here in the house right about now.

We’re doing a little planning, and it looks like we might go to Seattle around the first week in April and spend a little time there. And, I think that we are going to make a trip south to San Diego around the end of April, first part of May. We’ll drive the truck and spend a week or so there, while Richard readies the flatbed trailer to come back with the Falcon on it.  Seems there’s no point in spending the gas on two vehicles at this point. We’ll travel south along the coast, and maybe even camp some along the way. 

We watched a great animated movie the other night “Howl’s Moving Castle” . The animation in it is really cool – the background is like a lot of detailed watercolors and beautiful.

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Home. again.

 It was a long / short week. The trip down to San Diego was nice, albeit breif, but I did get to see some friends. 
As things played out, there were a few problems with the Falcon  (one of them resulted in killing my phone, so I’ve been without for several days, and the replacement should arrive today) . I am so happy that I had decided beforehand to just ride back with Richard. The couple days that I was there, Richard ended up dealing with his ‘stuff’  – readying his yard space to leave for a few months until the next trip. That will be early spring, I think, and hopefully the last load.  The best part is that the yard rent will be either really small or nonexistent now ( his yard buddy will take over his vacated area ). 
We left there Sunday morning – perfect timing weather-wise. I guess we got through the mountains of northern California and southern Oregon just ahead of the big snowstorm they are having now. 
On the way, we stopped and had a good overnight visit with Ethan and Sarah. Their kitties are pretty friendly when my annoying dog isn’t around.  We got home around 2:00 pm on Tuesday. Unloaded the truck, and then yesterday we left here around 7:00 and drove into Longview to catch the Amtrak at 9:30.  Mom picked us up downtown and we went to her house to pick up my car and Sunny. She was a wiggling, squeaking, ball of nuttiness. I think that once again she thought she might never see Richard again.  We left right away, and headed back to Longview to pick up the truck, then drive home. Whew – one more 13 hour day of being on the road.  It rained buckets from Longview to here in spots, and my hands actually were a little tired from gripping the steering wheel so hard, watching for animals and downed trees on the road ( we came upon an elk standing in the middle of the road in the morning darkness, so I was pretty wary ). 

There is a big list of things to do before we drive into Seattle on Monday morning. We’ll only be there a couple days, then come back. 
And stay for a while. 

Yipes, its almost Christmas!!
I guess I had better get busy.

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Listed! ( at last )

Okay, so we officially have a house on the market. Now of course, we wait for the buyers to beat a path to our door instead of the 156 other single family houses in Santee that are currently listed.  Could we have picked a worse time?   Here is a link to the listing:

Of course I would have liked to ask more for it, but with so many out there, the prices have dropped in the past couple months. Our first open house will be next weekend.  The best news of the day was when I asked the realtor what things I needed to do to be ready for it; he said only that I should clean the mirrored closet doors, oh, and put the coffeemaker away.  That’s it!   He also said that things looked perfect for showing. So, I guess I did it!  Here’s a few pictures ( I’m putting a bunch in the smugmug gallery album titled ‘House for Sale’ )  
    anyway, have a look ( and find me a buyer, maybe

Today, I think I will do a little yardwork, and rest. Sunny was sick through the night – not sure why, but we are both tired. I think we’ll kind of take it easy today. 

And an update to Richard’s trip: after nearly re-wiring the trailer in LA on the way up ( someone informed him that there were no lights ) due to a blown fuse and a subsequent short, they got to Red Bluff around 10 on Wednesday night. Then yesterday, as they were getting into the mountains, a tire on the trailer began smoking and shredded. It took a while to get the full ( heavy) trailer jacked up and the spare on. He ended up buying three new tires in Yreka.  Seems that the bias ply ones that he was sold three months ago were all beginning to seperate. Now there are four radials on it. They got to the house around 10 last night. The return trip should be way more uneventful.

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kid stuff

We went to dinner at a Mexican resturaunt the other night, and while we were sipping margaritas and waiting for our food, I saw a family  – a young mother and father near 30-ish with a woman ( this would be grandma ?) who appeared to be my age eating dinner a few tables away from us. next to them in a stroller sat a 2 year old, and in the top half of the stroller was an infant in a baby carrier. Odd thing was, on the table top facing the toddler was a personal DVD player with a disney cartoon playing. The child was zoned out watching it ( which was obviously the point ) and throughout the entire meal none of the adults ever even looked at him ( or the baby )!    A few tables away there was a big extended Latino family that was celebrating someone’s birthday and there were several children with the group of 12 or so, who were quite obviously  the highlight of the table, mixing with everyone – especially the dad and grandpa – while behaving themselves. Talk about ‘family values’ –  my heart went out for the little boy in the stroller, who I thought must spend most of his time in a similar situation – there was no attempt to include him with the family – no food, nothing but the dvd.      I read in the paper today that two children have died in the past two days from being left in hot cars. One of them by his grandmother while she ‘visited’ a boyfriend and fell asleep; and the other by his 18 year old uncle ” he wanted to play in his mom’s car” while I visited my friend.  How can people be so f*#&^! up????

It is still hot here. No surprise.  And pretty humid as well. Bleh. 
I found a small hand-held steam cleaner really cheap on Craigslist the other day to use on the tile. I spent the other day steam cleaning all of the tile in the kitchen – floor and counter tops, as well as the tile in both of the bathrooms. If it wasn’t hot and humid enough already I sure added to it. But it was worth it, because it worked great.   Today I did a ‘refinish’ of our bedroom floor. Richard has the carport cleaned out and the fence next to it rebuilt. I will paint it during the week. He needs to pressure wash the under side of the carport cover, as well as the floor. Problem is, there is a little bird nest on a beam in the middle of the ceiling – with three baby birdies in it ( little finches ). It will be a week or two before they are out of there ( I think ). What to do? 
I have an appraiser scheduled for Thursday morning.  Richard and a friend of his are leaving on Wednesday to make the next trip. The trailer is full.  I’m happy that I don’t have to go, but bummed because I don’t get to go. Not like I have nothing to do here. Richard’s birthday will be while he is on the return trip, which makes me a little sad.

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once again…..

things change. 
I waited until today to call Sal (my boss on the upcoming show ) and found out that though he is still doing the show, it is now going to be shot in LA.  Crap. Well, kind of. He said that he still wants me to do some of the work – the custom built pieces (yay!) – but this puts the likelyhood doing all of the alterations at zero. Which has usually been the bread and butter of my work.  I’m hoping that it will work out well for my part ( one of the crew members lives here and can deliver things back and forth – and we’ll be using Fed-ex  so there won’t be a lot of freeway to LA time) There was some elaboration of the story: it is set in present day but there will be flashbacks to other points in time – anything from the 1970s to the 1600s – which will make for some interesting costumes.  The shooting schedule has also been pushed a week to start the third week in July. I expect to start on some of the projects next week or so. 
With the delay and change in the show, this will make it easier to get some of the other sewing done for a couple people that I’ve had to put off while getting the house ready to put on the market.  Also it will be easier to extract myself from the project when the house sells.

Leaving Seattle Sunday early put us back in Santee early Monday evening. One more trip completed without incident. God how I am sick of I-5. But, it is really not practical, both time and money wise to go up the coast. That is something that we can do after we move and time is not chasing us down the freeway. 
On the trip home in the middle of nowhere in the central valley we stopped for coffee Monday morning. Leaving the northwest means there are no more little coffee huts dotting the landscape. I walked into a Starbucks, (which is a rare occurance) and am always baffled by their goofy names for things – so I ordered a couple of ‘Medium’ mochas ( getting a look of ‘ don’t you know our  special names for the sizes” ). Standing there waiting to give my order, I noticed in the case “Top Pot” donuts – which are something of a sensation in the Seattle area. Not only could I not fathom how they are distributing donuts a thousand miles away, but I was stunned to see that a single ‘old fashioned’ sold for $1.85 !!  Who on earth pays nearly two dollars for a donut? Especially when there is no way in hell it could be any fresher than about 24 hours?  This, along with a conversation that I had with Justin last week about the fact that Starbucks is not so much in the business of selling coffee as they are in selling MILK left my head spinning. I did do a little research on the milk thing and found a couple of interesting pages –



as I left with there with only my two drinks, I actually heard from behind the counter to the customers waiting for their drinks, a call out ” One Venti Hot Water!”  – why can’t at least that be just a large, or huge. whatever.

 To my delight, the fence is finally going up between our house and the house to the east of us. Really! ( we took bets on the way home as to whether or not it would have been started – it had not – until yesterday).

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This morning I went to the dentist. Absolutely my worst thing ever to have to do. So, I took some prescribed Valium – one last night and one an hour before the appointment as the dentist had instructed me to do. This is only for the first half of a deep cleaning. I did pretty good, I think, only crying twice, during the shots in the beginning. When I was done, I was totally exhausted, and my heart was racing. The whole time I kept telling myself to relax, but to no avail. Next week is the second half. ugh.   I can thank a childhood dentist for this absurd fear; he slapped me across the face on more than one occasion, and told me he would give me a spanking if I fussed again. And if I told there would be trouble! I can remember after the slap, sitting there petrified with tears running down my face while I swear he was extra brutal. Seems like I was around seven when this all happened. What makes people such assholes? I cannot imagine that happening today.
Anyway, after this morning I feel wiped out. 

On to better stuff. Thought I’d share a few pics from the trip. I’ll lead off with one of my Big Tree pics ( this one from the park):
    view from the lighthouse across the river:
said lighthouse:    the Richards’ in the fort:
the clamming aftermath:    we stopped for lunch at the Corral – “Home of the Tsunami Burger” where they have a really funny album of those who have ordered one of these group size burgers –  the album is my favorite thing about the place:    
A couple of pics of my crab shell compositions – they are molting I think ,and shells are littering the beach-  so I collected a bag full and had some fun:
      So, there’s proof that we had a couple of beautiful days. This really made the trip nice for the last two days there. 
One last note to anyone who plans to visit the beach house, there is now an alarm system in place. If you want to go for the weekend, call me and I’ll give you the rundown on disarming it while you’re there. Simple.

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I am soo disturbed that the soldiers will now have to spend an additional three months in the middle east, as part of their tour of duty.  The biggest issue for the Army is retention; the troops there quickly learn that as soon as they can get out of the Army and go to work for one of the private firms there they can quadruple their pay.   There is no such thing as career military much anymore.   In a related note, last night we watched ” Iraq for Sale: the War Profiteers”, a documentary about Haliburton, KBR, and Blackwater.  My mouth mostly hung open in shock at the obscene amounts of money that these contractors are getting, and the price that the workers and the military and US are paying.  I was surprised when at the end of the film, Richard said ( for the first time ) that we need to get the troops out now, and we should cut all funding to the contractors.  Locally, Blackwater is pushing to construct a huge training facility in the backcountry about 60 miles east of here, and needless to say, the locals who live there are extremely upset about it. 

On the note of ‘this is related to nothing”:   Which is ruder:    to wait in line so close to someone that you’re nearly touching them, or to ask the person behind you to step back a bit?   Yesterday at the post office there was a woman who felt the need to push the line forward to the point of constantly brushing up against my backside ( emitting a couple of really loud burps as well ).  I wrestled with turning around and asking her to 1) ‘Back off!”  2) giving her a annoyed look   3) telling her I had a contagious disease so she ought to keep her distance.    Instead, each time the line ahead of me moved, I took just a quarter step forward to irritate her, ultimately leaving a big space in front of me.  Its not like you’re going to get out of there any faster if you get all pushy.

Today I will do some pre-leaving chores, like mowing the yard, and pruning the madly growing wisteria.  I’ll also do some cookie baking for the trip, as we will have our 12 year old grandson along with us this time.

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trip recap

So yesterday was spent catching up on life here. I feel so lucky that there wasn’t ‘work’ waiting for me ( well, there is, but it’s stuff that can get done next week).
We went for a walk, and Sunny acted all goofy – happy to be back on one of her usual routes.  All of the laundry done from the trip; got the front yard mowed, edged, and some weeds pulled, and watered everything. Went to the post office, ( it always feels like I’m being punished when they go and retrive the large box of mail, even though they are nice about it ) grocery store and another couple errands. Came home and washed the car and then the dog ( anyone who knows her knows her fondness for the hose-jumping ) – she was especially patient while I washed the car so she got to play in the hose for a while after I bathed her. 

The trip had a different feel this time. The fact that we were actually beginning to move, with another trip to haul more there in just over two weeks was kind of weird. I wasn’t sad when we left, like I usually am, knowing we’ll be back soon. Towing the trailer meant that we travelled at between 60 and 65 mph the whole way. The gas milage sucked, with the trip there getting about 8.5 and towing the empty trailer back here was a mere 10.5 as compared with the usual 16-18 miles per gallon that we usually get with the truck. And Richard became increasingly unhappy with the transmission  –  it doesn’t seem like there is much control over what gear you’re in.  
We arrived on Sunday afternoon, with Gretchen and Tom there already. Justin came out that evening and we had a wonderful dinner ( she cooked ) . They stayed until Tuesday morning, and Justin left early on Wednesday morning. It was great to have time to visit. We spent Wednesday morning dealing with contractors, then we opened an account at a local bank and a P.O. box in Ocean Park. The whole ‘setting up residency’ thing.  We left that afternoon for Seattle, and stayed at Mom’s house.  Thursday we mostly hung out at mom’s, sleeping in. We went to Gretchen’s for dinner that night and were joined there by Ryan. 
Friday we did the financial planner stuff in the morning, then went back that afternoon to finish up some paperwork.  We spent that evening looking at boxes of old slides that Mom dug out of  the closet. These were taken by my grandfather from the fifties through the mid eighties. Family – mostly my aunts, uncles, and mom and dad, but there were a lot of my sisters and I in there too. Lots of pictures of his work – beautiful ( and sometimes really oddly funky – hey, it was in the sixties and seventies ) copper fireplace and range hoods, and some other assorted iron work. It was amazing to look at all of the things he built – I remember looking at pictures in his shop when I was a kid – but of course I didn’t have a clue as to the work that was involved. It got me to thinking about what has become of so many of them – people remodel after twenty or thirty years, and of course some of those things are pretty dated – did they keep them? I would love to know, and be able to see some of them first hand.  Most of the slides ( they are an odd large size ) were taken with the camera that Ethan currently has – the Yashica-mat? – I think.
Saturday we met up with Ryan and went to Crave, where Justin cooked us breakfast ( I had a yummy apple dutch baby ). Then on to see Ryan’s new house -so cute – before going back to his condo to see all that he had done there before he moves this weekend.  Later that afternoon we went to Snohomish to Deb’s house for dinner and had a nice evening catching up with them. 
We left to go back to the beach on Sunday morning, stopping in Illwaco for some fresh crab that we had for dinner that night. I made Richard go for a long beach walk ( as he had not been there yet this trip, and it was a pretty low tide) and the weather was beautiful . To hell with the weather reports in Seattle that said things were flooding all the way there. It was a gorgeous drive the whole way from Des Moines on, to the house. In the high fifties once we were there, even, with clear skies and little wind.
Monday morning we left out of there at around 8:00, with a quick stop at the little Bakery in Nachotta – Bailey’s-  to pick up the best scones that I’ve ever had – and an espresso next door, then it was on the road south.

I had forgotten how lovely the spring is in the northwest. There were daffodills in bloom- huge meadows scattered with them in some places, cherry trees ( I think ) in bloom in white, some pink, and some an incredible orchid color. There were some early blooming rhodedenderons, some camelias blooming and green, newly leafing out trees everywhere.  I’m excited that this will be my home soon.
I did come back here to the wisteria blooming, along with some returning freesia and tulips; and the work that we put into the front yard is paying off – it is greener and lusher than it’s ever been.  Who doesn’t like spring? 

Now I can get busy packing again. We leave on the 14th.  Not sure if a car will go in the trailer this time – maybe just stuff out of the house and the shed & carport area.  I also am going to start on the slate work on the back patio and the walkway under the bedroom windows, to match it with the stuff I did in the front.  A lot to do before this goes on the market in just over a month.

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there & back

We made it to the house and back without incident. We got back last night and have figured out that the halfway point is Red Bluff, CA. It is about eleven and a half hours ( with a trailer in tow) from Santee to there and the same from there to the house in Ocean Park. 

The two worst points about the trip were that once again it was rush, rush, rush; leaving no time for a stop in Portland. We did go to Seattle to take care of some money business and were able to see everyone while there. The other bummer was that the ‘tethering’ broadband connection thing that I got so that I could use the laptop through my cellphone didn’t work because at the beach it is in the ‘Extended Network’, so while in Seattle, I cancelled it.  Boo.

I’ll make a longer post in the next couple of days, because there is a lot to catch up with today.

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