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so far….

Let’s just get this out of the way:

Rain, rain go AWAY! You come back another day.

like in a couple of weeks, please. We just need a break here.  I did get a brisk walk in on Tuesday. Gretchen & Tom came on Monday for a few days, and the rain ( but not the wind ) let up for an hour or so, so Gretchen and I went for it. Sunny too. We were nearly going stir crazy. 

I made some progress on the quilt. I took this yesterday before I started sewing all the blocks together.    This is a technique from the book "One Block Wonders". Funny how all things quilty have some sort of catchy or pun-riddled name. The thing with this is that all the little pieces are cut from a single fabric, stacked in (six) repeats and cut into triangles. Each block is actually six identical triangles, forming a hexagon / kaleidoscope. Today I sewed half-blocks into strips, and pressed more seams. Next is sewing the strips together which will form the body of the front of the quilt. I plan on putting on a narrow black border, then a wide red outer border.
This is up on my makeshift design wall, which consists of a flannel sheet ( complete with dogs ) clipped to the sliding closet doors. One more room where there is little wall space, so I need to figure out a better solution to the design wall surface since I plan on doing more quilting. 

Richard has made a lot of progress on the Falcon ( I think it’s nearly finished), and he took these pics last week:   

Tomorrow, Ryan is coming out for the weekend. They say we might get some good weather. ‘Bout darn time. 
 Maybe we’ll take the falcon out for a ride.

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I, the Rainmaker

 Would you like some rain? It’s so easy. Here’s how you do it in just two steps: 

1. Wash all the windows (outside).
2. Wait. This usually takes less than 24 hours. 

Works for me everytime. 


I did go to see the kites yesterday afternoon. Kettle corn – I’m a sucker for it.  I was not there at the right time to see the sky full of kites, but I did take a couple pics  and this trail of little things going off into the sky makes me smile  . There was this 80-some year old guy flying three two-handled stunt kites at once which was pretty cool to watch. He got them going all in tandem. You can see it here:


And lastly, this was worth sharing:
 And, no, I do not do oysters. No suprise, I’m sure.

Richard left Bonneville this morning, and should be home sometime tomorrow. Yay!
With this turn in the weather, I will stay in and sew today.

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You knew it would happen. I am officially sick of the rain.  Its been nonstop ( okay a couple of short cloudy bits in there ) for what seems like weeks. It kind of starts out bright like the sun will poke through ( teasing – you know ), but then quickly clouds over with a thick matt of grey. And rain, lots and lots of rain. Pounding on the roof so hard the past few days I think it will just cave in. 
Hence, no walking for Sunny and I. I am not up for a serious walk in rubber boots.
Hence, kind of a crappy mood. Sorry ’bout that. Really.

In reality I know that it will end, but for today I’ve had enough.

We’ve been trying to work outside, in the brief periods when it isn’t pouring but the going is slow. Yesterday a guy came to give us an estimate on doing some tractor work.There’s grading to be done both on the north side of the house, as well as around the shop and down the slope to it. He could come tomorrow, but we have amassed a huge ‘burn pile’ that needs to be dealt with. And we can’t very well burn all of that crap in the rain. 

Yesterday I went to Illwaco to a local quilt show. It was okay, but out of just over 100 quilts ( of every size ) there were a handful of folks whos names were attached to many of them. I think there were a couple of women who had ten or so in the show.  I am thinking about joining the local guild here as a way to meet people; but I don’t consider myself a ‘quilter’. Yes, I’ve made a couple quilts, but my Moms’ the quilter, not me. I did start on a piece yesterday; it was going to be a wall hanging, but since I don’t have anywhere that I would hang it, I’ve decided that I would make a small quilt to have in my sewing room.  I like it better that a thing is somehow useful, and it does stay lots cooler downstairs. I’m doing small projects until Richard finishes may new cutting table. 
Then the real sewing begins.


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