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the direct approach

 It’s time for me to work. Not just the usual day to day work, but the sort of work that earns money.
I did finish all of my CA client’s clothes and ship them off last week ( hooray!).  Then I made a several yoga mat bags ( someone else in my class asked me to make one for them ).
Is there something wrong with me that I feel like celebrating by doing some personal sewing?

I’ve been struggling to make sales on etsy, with not too much success. It seems like there is a ton of stuff you need to do to keep your items in view – refreshing the listings on a weekly or even daily basis(!) which is not only annoying, but the cost of that could add up in short order. I started with Artfire, but that’s been a bigger bust. I like the idea of having a site similar to etsy but with flat fees, but every time I’ve looked around there I’ve been unimpressed. I’ve given it more than a year, but still it just isn’t going in a good direction as a site in general, so it’s time to cut the cord. 
I’m considering taking out a small ad in the paper for custom sewing/alterations, but ………..
I get comments on things that I make regularly, so the other day I thought I’d finally make some business cards to hand out. I tried my hand with some of those that you self-print since I had them here from a long time ago. If I decide that they’re exactly what I want I’ll have some printed; for now making 60 or so is just fine.
You have to remember that I’m not the graphic designer that my sister is.   I sew.   And working in Word is not in my comfort zone. Here’s what I came up with:    

I’m going with a simple and to the point message here. I may revise it a bit ( removing the underline on the title word), but for now I’m happy with it. Any feedback is welcomed. I think I’ll drop a few off at both of the quilt shops here, as I know there are always people who come in asking for someone to sew. I’ve given a few out already, so we’ll see if this gets me anywhere.  I figure that I can continue to make new things for the etsy shop and try to understand how that whole thing works.  

When I was thinking about a direct approach, I remembered something from a long time ago. I was a teenager, waiting to be seen by my doctor. The receptionist and the doctor were having a discussion about his listing in the phone book, and he thought it would seem unethical to have his name listed in boldface type in the white pages – and a yellow pages ad was out of the question! 

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Long Week

I thought the election would never end. Thank god that the mailings, commercials and all that crap is over. I think there should be a limit placed on how early campaiging can begin. A big hooray that Palin will go home. Just maybe she’ll now practice some ‘traditional family values’ and raise her kids. I just don’t get absentee parenting by choice. It’s not that I’m sexist, I just think there should be consistensy in parenting. And there was no way she could be a ‘mom’ as the VP. She has a baby for christs sake! I know that Obama won’t exactly be available for his kids, which is sad, but I don’t honestly think that will be a huge change for them.

We’ve been having stormy weather all week, and the other night we had our first power outage of the season. That same night Sunny broke her collar and took off on a run. Dark, rainy,windy. She got into something, which caused her to have violent sneezing attacks that lasted all night long. A trip to the vet next day found nothing wrong, thank goodness, and she’s all better. Whew! Its so horrible watching a child or an aanimal in distress.
It looks like Richard’s knee was an attack of pseudogout. Its better, kind of, but yesterday he went in and got a shot to alleviate some other pain in there. Surgery will likely be in the future, due to a torn miniscus inside I think. bleh

The fearmongering just won’t end. Is it really here to stay? Cripes, there was a hideous ad that we saw for a child locator, which works when you just can’t watch your kid for that second when the perp swoops down to get ’em. ( it works from a few hundred feet away to within one inch! – is that in case the kid is on the other side of the tree hiding from you????)They want us to believe that the Big Brother thing is just plain normal – you need to be able to spy on your kids, the nanny, cars running red lights, citizens on public streets, parking lots, etc. Those red light cameras are a revenue generator, nothing more. I’ve never seen one placed in an intersection that has a high rate of accidents. This crap makes me nuts.  I kind of like my privacy, and anonymity thank you.

We are now starting the waiting game. We’ve delivered things to a couple banks, and only time will tell if this will pan out. Just maybe now I can begin catch up on all things neglected while we’ve been focusing on this stuff. There is still information to gather, but only a little compared to what we’ve collected over the past couple months.  I think the biggest thing that may stand in the way would be this economy. Everything is so bleak out there. 

Right now I’m not liking the fact that to find a new pair of jeans, or shoes, or ?? I need to go to the Big City. Some things you gotta try on. The nearest shopping options are Fred Meyer and JC Penney. Swell. Living in the country has limitations sometimes.  

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counting down

With Richard’s knee in bad shape, the TV has been on a lot lately. We typically watch some  news and check the weather channel, but it is flipped around to the news channels for way too long in the past couple weeks. I keep telling Richard I’m having visions of Civic Duty.
This morning we’ve been watching a speech by Michelle Obama. She seems genuine, not like she’s trying to sell someone a $3 bill. Even, happy, not demanding or annoying.  I just plain like her.

The other campaign stuff is getting sooo tiresome.
Warning – Palin defense ahead: 
The current flap over the fact that the McCain campaign spent $150K on Palin’s wardrobe infuriates me. Not that they spent it – heck, she needs to be dressed well, very well to be in the spotlight that she’s currently in. And her husband needs a really good suit.  Believe it or don’t, that is not a lot of money to spend on well fitting clothes that essentially make anyone look like a million bucks. I read somewhere a long time ago that you dress for the job that you want to have. The infuriating part is that they say that the clothes will be donated to charity after the campaign. What????? Good idea, take a $2000 jacket and give it to Goodwill.  Does this mean that they are planning on losing the election? Or that if elected, she will go back to wearing JCPenny catalog suits? Seems to me that campaign money goes to lots of expenses that most of us don’t even consider.
Now, heres some funny Palin stuff that arrived in my inbox, courtesy of my sister. I know I’m not alone when I say that I cannot wait for this election season to be Done.

We’ve been having great weather here ( better than in most of the crappy summer we had ), and I wish I was painting on the trim. Instead, we have been working on the Business Plan. We’ve struck a deal on purchasing the little fabric shop, so there is a tremendous amount of work to do to get the loan package ready to submit. Not being real scholarly, this is a major effort for me.  

The other night we watched The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Wow, it was an amazing and beautiful story. An American movie done in French with subtitles. Nearly totally shot from the main character’s point of view.

Well, it’s back to the Plan.

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