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The appraiser came this morning – two days earlier than originally scheduled. He did all of the usual things – measuring & taking pictures and lots of notes. We talked for a bit when he was finished and I got the impression that he would have a ‘favorable’ number to put on this house. Hope so.( he said that the house was well done and very tastfully decorated )  He will email his report tomorrow afternoon. 

Luckily it has cooled off a bunch since last week. It was in the low 80s yesterday, and today will be more of the same. 
Yesterday I painted the fence along the side of the carport. When Richard came home he worked in the back yard for a few hours, while I did a thourough cleaning of the floor in the main part of the house. This afternoon I will scatter some grass seed back there along with some topsoil, and hope that the grass takes off in the next week or two. There is still some final cleaning to do, but all of the big jobs are now done. whew. 
I’ll call the real estate agent this afternoon and we’ll decide when to list it. 

Today is another dentist appointment. ugh.

Also, Happy Birthday Gretchen!

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