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Edited -scroll down for a picture of the special tape.

Last week I made a quick trip into Seattle ( Puyallup, really) to go to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo. Billed as the largest in the country, though somehow I don’t really think that’s the case, it’s pretty big. However if you’re not in the market for a big ticket embroidery machine, then you can easily move fairly quickly through the booths. 
That is, if you don’t look for fabric, either. 
Which means that of course I need to look through any and all booths that have fabric. Not just quilting cottons, but wools, silks, linens, and beautiful cotton shirtings and lawn. And I always peruse any notions. I leave out any of the trendy customizing items, like the rhinestones, paintsticks, and the embroidery. 
There is a vendor that has trims – vintage, imported, beautiful buttons, in every color and style. All organized by color and displayed on pretty shelves and tables. I dream of bringing the entire booth home with me.  But this year I left it all there. I also left behind some amazing wools – both cashmere and vicuna – the softest wool ever and the most expensive (which sells for upwards of $2000 per yard, though the salesperson told me I could have it for a steal of about $95). Well, no.
I did buy some fabric – two pieces of lightweight cotton lawn
 and    Also a cute piece of  semi-sheer dobby type shirting: .
I bought one piece of Kokka linen 

All of these are destined to become blouses. Now to decide on patterns; here are some of the candidates. I think it’s really funny that in three of these patterns, the one I’m liking is the version in yellow.     
      Yes, I know that two of them are dresses; I’m just thinking ahead a little.  

The other big score was a tape measure that I’ve been looking for for at least thirty years: it has one inch markings at each end. This is such a simple thing that I’ve been stumped as to why no one made one until now. That alone was worth the trip.  

ETA: here is a pic of the old tape ( white one ) and the new one –    because I’m a garment sewer, I wear a tape around my neck all day. I invariably grab the wrong end – the one with the blank / 60" and have to fumble to quickly grab the correct end -with the one inch. Now, either end that I put my hands on is the right one!

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expo time

I’m in Seattle for a few days, mainly to go to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo.  I’ going with my sisters and mom, and my only regret is that I don’t have a boatload of money do plunk down on a quilting machine. But, I can look, test, and dream. 
What I don’t want to happen is to run into my old boss, which was the case two years ago when I went last. The chances are slim, but who’d have thought it would happen then – 1200 miles from where she lives, so I fear that anything is possible.
I have a list of things that I’m looking for, and of course there will be lots of fabric to drool over.

On Tuesday evening when I got here, I went with Gretchen to see Joni Mitchell’s the Fiddle and the Drum at the Paramount.  It was ballet, set to her music, and the dancing was incredible, though I could have done without the distracting imagery projected behind the dancers.  We had front row seats ( she ordered early ) and it was a full house. There are some things I miss living in a tiny town.

I’m missing the Richards. It’s funny how quickly I’ve become used to having a teenager around, and I wonder how he’s doing with grandpa. I’ll know tomorrow, when I get home. That should be just in time to clamming with our neighbors for the first time. Please, let it not rain.

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 To quote Roseana-Roseanna-Danna. Anyone who is old enough to remember those skits on SNL thirty or so years ago knows what I’m talking about. 

Last week I drove into Seattle to attend the SewExpo. Mom, Deb and I got there around ten or so in the morning, and wouldn’t it figure that in the very first booth that I stopped to look around at I bump into my old boss-from-hell from the fabric store. I wanted to do nothing more than run away screaming; however I mustered the smallest amount of polite and stayed put. It helped that Mom was standing next to me, as both a calming agent and a diversion. Seems she had flown up with friends to attend.  Its hard to understand what an impact she had on me – for a couple years after that job ended I had bad dreams that revolved around her in some fashion. I would even go so far as to say she was somewhat emotionally abusive. So, I talked for only a minute ( literally) and moved on; worst of it was I spent the rest of my time there worried about whether or not I would run into her again in the next booth. bleh. So it put a little bit of a damper on the day there. It seems so petty and insignificant, though try as I might, some things are really hard to let go of. 
I did score some great black wool coating ( I have an IOU to make Justin a coat ) from Pendelton, as well as a groovy olive green and ivory rayon/nylon jersey knit ( sumer wrap dress? ) and a cool piece of giant strawberries cotton ( vintage-y dress ). Also a pattern for  a quilt that will end up in the guest room and a little of the fabric for it.  Oh, and a couple balls of self-rufflling yarn for a scarf.  We had a great time, all in all.
Later that night I met up with Ryan and we went to a couple places on Capitol Hill, and mostly sat and talked a bunch. Then Sunday, he and I went furniture shopping back up on the hill and then over in Ballard. That night I hung out with mom and we watched (a semi-sappy but fun ) Because of Winn-Dixie. Yup, a kid’s movie that makes me very happy. Of course it helps that Dave Matthews is in it. 

Monday morning I stopped by Justins’ work, where he made me a wonderful Apple Dutch Baby.  It was the perfect way to end my Seattle weekend. I finally got home that afternoon. 

Now, for the Something: 
Tuesday I went to start laundry, and the washer began to leak – badly. Something with the pump had died. So…… Wednesday we drove into Portland after a new (to us) laundry set. The dryer that we had was super burn-your-fingers-on-the-clothes HOT – not a good thing.  Anyway, it took a couple of stops before we found the right pair and didn’t get back home until six-ish. Yesterday Richard spent most of the day hauling out and installing the new washer & dryer.  But , all seems to be working smoothly now, and hopefully it will impact our electric bill in a positive way. 

Gretchen and Tom arrived Wednesday night, on their way home from points south, and will be with us for a couple days. Its nice having visitors. 
I am so grateful to have moved here. Its a little lonely sometimes, and I know I need to get out there and make a few friends. But I love the fact that seeing my family isn’t such a huge once-a-year ordeal. 

Hopefully all of the big deal things are done for a bit, and I can take a break from house projects. I need to get busy sewing for a couple weeks. Or months. At least. I have an unending list of things I want to make; both for others and myself. And, I have to get moving  on the dog clothes thing, and getting them into shops before the tourist season arrives.

Tomorrow will be a trip across the river into Astoria, I think. 
Or, maybe I’ll get started sewing. 

I just hope its not something.

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