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my sewing goal

Since September is National Sewing Month, I’ve decided that it will be my personal challenge to sew all 30 days of September. Not all day of each day of course, but at least for a bit.   (To think that a few years ago I sewed everyday  6 to 14 hours for nearly five months with not a single day off. I was working on three shows, two tv movies, and school all at the same time.  I sure live in a different world now.)

 I feel motivated, having just finished getting the latest quilt top & back ready to go to be quilted. I’m ready to start the next one. I’ve decided to make a quilt for the other grandson, and both will recieve them for Christmas this year. Little Richard had expressed that he would like a quilt, so, there you go. I’ve combed through my stash, and found something that I think will work, but not sure that I have enough of it. Ideally I can find something to supplement it with, and make another One Block Wonder ( like the red quilt that I made in July) as that was what I was working on when he mentioned it.
Until then, I’m working on this group of fabrics:   The one on the top of the pile is the body of a summer jacket. The others will combine for trim.  I started it over the weekend, and should finish it tomorrow. So far it’s coming out well, I think.

Richard has removed the kitchen door and boarded up the wall. He’ll put the siding on tomorrow, and now my part is doing the mud & tape & texture of the drywall on the inside. Ultimately there will be a cabinet and counter there, but for now the big rolling rack will stay there. I want to get the outside painted before there is a big difference in the paint color due to fading.

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the plan

Now that the long-running house projects are nearly caught up, I can quit fretting about getting them done and move on. It feels good.   ( We do need a somewhat warm, clear day to finish the range hood/vent for cutting the roof hole, but the rest is done )  Richard can resume his work on finishing up the Falcon.

And I am looking forward to working downstairs for a while.

my plan:  
to help with my creative overload issue, I’m going to try out a new method of getting some of sewing & handmade items going. For one week, and one week at a time only, I will work on just one thing ( or several of the same type of thing ) on my ever growing list of things I want to make. (actually this is an adaptation of a method my sister has used for completing needlework )    Each week the goal will be to see how much I can finish in the allotted time frame. This should work for me because I am deadline driven – I like the pressure of having to finish something by a certain time. I think it forces me to work smarter, and pushes the creative side of my brain at the same time.  Of course, I can’t stop my brain from flitting all about during the week, but the actual doing will be on just one thing. Then the next week I’ll move on to another thing. I’ve not decided what I’ll be starting work first, but come Monday I’ll be in the sewing room working on something.      
I miss the working pressure of the studio – does that make me crazy?- which demanded that everything get done pronto. Before I went to work there, I was the queen of procrastination. I feel like I’m falling back into that old mode, and don’t want to go there.

That said, of course this will all go out the window for a day, if we make a dash into either the Portland or Seattle area to pick up the dining set. I’m stalking Craigslist, and keep just missing out. And it seems although it’s a busy world on craigslist, a lot of the people who post there are flakes. Either they post the same item twice a day ( which helps to account for over 100 dining sets a day in each of those areas ), they only give a little information, no – or worse, a lousy cell phone pic,  or don’t respond to any attempts at contact for days. And, I really don’t get it when they don’t take an ad down once the item is gone. The weekend is coming, and I might get lucky yet. You see, on the weekends, those postings spike to a couple hundred per day. Perseverance will pay off, I hope. 

Its been windy & rainy all week here; we woke to a blanket of white hail, but it melted quickly in the bright ( but cold ) sunlight. We walked on the beach for a bit, and Sunny got some good seagull chasing in. I got really spoiled for a couple of weeks thinking that spring was all but here. Reality says that it is still winter. 
Which makes it a good time to be sewing.

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then and now

   This morning I dusted the mantle.

Its finally finished. I realized that since the first time I walked into this house, when I looked over at that wall – which insisted that you look at it – I was looking at something really ugly. No more.
  This is from a couple years ago:  
and this I took yesterday:    and a closeup :

It took two tries to get the color right 😦 but its good now. The colored area is inset from the rest of the wall by about two inches. We used the leftover wood from cutting the mantle and the upright supports to make the trim that goes on up to the ceiling, and also put a new ‘beam’ across the top. The beam is actually a 2×8, but once I stained and finished it, it matches the others in the room perfectly. And just because, here’s a shot of the whole thing in action last night ( complete with the man who made it possible )  I set a small picture on the mantle for now, but I need to figure out what to hang on the new wall space.  There is still the carpet / flooring issue to deal with, but that will come later. Little by little.

We also got the rest of the track lighting up over the kitchen counter, replacing this  with these:  the former kitchen chandelier was a match for the lovely dining one  which I replaced with .

I suppose that in thirty years or so, someone will walk through this house and think " oh, my " just as I did. Styles and tastes change over time, but I think I’ll be happy with these choices as long as we live here.

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I’ve had a lot of computer problems for the past week. First the laptop, then the desktop that I had resorted to using the past couple days. Nearly reducing me to tears several times. Lots of error messages, freezing, and moving slower than a slug.
But, I think I finally solved the whole mess. On both of them. Whooo-hooo! 

The whole thing put a serious crimp in lots of things that I’ve been trying to do. Nothing like restarting a gazillion times. Installing and uninstalling stuff. arghhhhh!
And did I mention frustrating?????

So, the fireplace project is getting farther along. Monday the tile will get grouted. We had a "make it work" moment – somehow it worked out that we were one tile short. The tile that I bought in Seattle; after the local outfit told us two weeks after ordering that it was now backordered for a month. We ended up piecing one of the ends- it will all be fine.
We did begin to paint the outside of the house before the weather turned super wet. And I am thrilled at how quiet the new dishwasher is – I think you could sleep right next to it.

Here’s something kinda funny:


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We had a nice visit to Seattle over the weekend. Funny thing about living at the beach – all of the traffic is headed here for the weekends. On the drive both to and from, we passed a gazillion motorhomes, trailers, and such going the opposite direction. No traffic for us! We stopped along the way to pick and eat blackberries – a completely new experience to Richard!

On the return trip we stopped at two Sears outlet stores, and purchased both a range and a dishwasher. Both for a steal. We need to have propane brought in, and the bonus is that I’ll be able to cook some even with the power outages that we’re prone to during winter storm months.
We also have chosen the tile for the fireplace surround and are ordering it today; the mason finally got back to us with a bid.

I went blueberry picking yesterday afternoon, as the weather was nice – a sharp contrast to last Friday’s picking only about a pound in the rain/drizzle. After an hour and a half, I came away with around four pounds. The crop is really late, so it looks like there will be plenty to pick for a couple of weeks, unless the weather turns really cold.  Richard said this morning that it feels so decadent to be eating fresh blueberry pancakes every morning. Enjoy it while it lasts.  

We still have over two weeks of summer left. I’m counting on it.

This weekend is the Rod Run to the End of the World. We will go and wander around and see, essentially, this

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 Yesterday Richard and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary.  And as of this summer we will have been together for eighteen years. Wow.  And, I still love / like / love him. Its nice.
My plan was to take a day trip to Mount Saint Helens, but a couple things foiled that. On Wednesday Richard got a 24 hour bug. Then yesterday, the weather defied all of the predictions ( there was a forecast for only partly cloudy ) and it was foggy and rainy until late afternoon. Not a good day to take a sightseeing trip. So, the first clear day next week, we’ll take the drive.  We did go out to one of the couple decent restaurants in the area and had a quiet dinner.

Today I am driving to Seattle, as tomorrow I’m going to SewExpo with my mom and sister. It should be a long day of walking, looking and a lot of fun.  There are classes and workshops throughout the weekend there, but I was too late to register for any of the ones that looked interesting. Next year.  
I spent a day or so earlier in the week doing some sewing – I made some vests for my sister who just got a job as a wine steward. It was satisfying to start and finish a project so quickly.  And odd to think that it was the first real sewing that I’ve done in quite a while. A far cry from all of the alterations that seemed to have become the norm.  It did emphisise the fact that I miss my big cutting table that I left behind. Hopefully, Richard will get the new one made soon, as I’ll need a big space to do the curtains, as well as several other projects on the list. 

The to-do list for this house just keeps growing. Its a puzzle in itself to try to figure out the order of what needs to happen in which order. All of that is for another day ( or year ).

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We now have two rooms done. Ha! 
We finished the bathroom over the weekend, and I am sooo happy with the results. Gone are the funky, head-banging cabinets directly over the sinks, goofy low light swag globes, two sinks and flocked wallpaper, along with the iron stained toilet.  In their place is pretty flooring, painted walls, only one sink, etc. Here are two pics of the result:   . The last things that need to happen is to remove the old shower doors ( replacing with a curtain ) and eventually re-tile around the tub ( the tile will be later ).  And I need to make a window curtain.  
That pretty much consumed the weekend. Friends were over yesterday to watch the Datona 500. I did my best to stay engaged, but seems like when I watch any sport on tv I continually zone out, what with all the commercials every two minutes, I have no idea how one stays focused and follows those sort of things. 

Spring must be on the way, as last night was the third night that I’ve been hearing the frogs start their song. In another few weeks, it will be what Gretchen calls the “frog chorus”, insanely loud when you step outside at night. Today is beautiful outside, and should be into the mid 50s. We plan to walk for a few miles up towards the north end of the penninsula.  This weather has me itching to get outside and begin some cleanup towards a landscaping end. But, we had vowed to take a really long walk the first clear day, so off we go.

I plan on sewing for the remainder of the week.

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