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I’m all ready to go to Astoria on Monday to do the quilting on the tattoo quilt. The borders are on and the back is together. Here is the progress: which all came out of this: .

Today I went across the river to find some sashing fabric for the dresses quilt, but I’m not sure about what I chose. I guess I just need to contemplate it for a bit. When I got home, I started on a couple of baby quilts this afternoon – hopefully these will be to sell. I’m doing these in a string quilt style, which I’ve never done before – it’s kind of fun and interesting to put together. Then I’ll start on making a few dresses ( the kind that you wear, using vintage patterns as a jumping off point ) with the intent of selling them on etsy .
(Which is not at all like regretsy – my new constant source of amusement; which is sort of like craftfail, but really more….. amazing )

It’s been really rainy and windy all week, with a tiny bit of blue sky thrown in off and on. Last night the wind blew sooo hard I thought sure there would be damage outside this morning. The chipmunks and squirrels have mostly gone ( do they hibernate? it hardly seems cold enough ) and the birds are switching up some. The big toxic algae bloom that hit the coast and sickened and killed hundreds of birds two weeks ago is gone, but the other day at the beach I saw a large dead pelican washed up. I assume it was from the storm, but, who knows. This week in our paper there was also mention of a large dead sea lion that washed ashore on our beach, as well as an unidentified man. creepy – they don’t know how, where, or who. Dental records will tell. Not my idea of a good job.

So I think this is me settling into winter. No big house projects for awhile. A fire every night. Lots of sewing, walking when it’s not raining, weekly yoga. It sounds pretty okay to me.

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We’ve had unexpectedly nice weather – there was the forecast of thunder and lightning storms, but they evaporated. So, a little more time to get some things done outside. With the onset of shorter days, I decided it was time to  trim a few trees to let in more winter light.  We now have a big burn pile and are just waiting for the burn ban to be lifted.
My neighbor friend and I have been walking a lot, and Sunny gets to romp on the beach with one of her Newfoundlands – Beuford. He weighs over 200 pounds and is so docile and submissive – so Sunny naturally takes the dominant spot, demanding that he relinquish the stick, which he does. She begs for him to chase her, but there’s no way he can keep up. Tomorrow I’ll try to take a video of them playing.

For my September sewing everyday challenge, I think I did pretty well: jacket, bag, king sized quilt, twin quilt, and a baby quilt. I made the baby quilt from blocks that I got in a guild block exchange – red and white nine patch. The organizer is a redwork lover ( I like it but don’t want to hand embroider ) and each person had to make 24 red and white nine patch blocks. This month at the guild meeting we are to bring our completed project. Here is what I did – a more modern take:   a  closeup  
I hung it on the line in the sun to take pictures and went inside for the camera and this back view is what I saw – sort of pretty with the color showing through to the back little heart print:
  which is why I named it "sweetheart". I’m happy with the applique, and the overall look of the quilt. I did the quilting on my regular sewing machine – there is a first time for everything – it looks like a twelve year old did it. Its all about practice, just like anything else, I have to keep telling myself.
Now I’ve started on another baby quilt using scraps from the big king size quilt that I just finished.

The weather being so nice and clear has made for some really pretty sunsets. And this morning the full moon was shining in the window bright enough to wake me up. I tried to get a shot and captured some spider webs ( there are millions right now! ) along with:  Its funny to look out to the east to a red and gold sunrise, and to the west to see the moon setting.  Here’s to a few more before the weather turns again.

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We have come to the decision that August and September are the perfect months here. The weather has been so nice, and if we get a rainy day, it’s just one. One. Then its nice again. The beaches are back to being mostly empty. The sun has moved back southward and we can see the sunsets ( in the middle of summer the sun sets to the north behind the house across the street ) which are amazing.
The hardest part of all of this is that I want to be outside, but there’s that darned sewing commitment. So a little of each, maybe.
I don’t want this to end, this Indian Summer.

I have got a lot of sewing in though. No sewing today ( but I did buy a piece of Japanese print cotton – yay! )  but I did schedule time on the longarm machine for Tuesday over in Astoria. She’s changed her policy to rent by the day ( $60 )- which I think will work out good. I put narrow red borders on Aidan’s quilt and it looks great:
  and the back:   The back is a combination of fabrics that were in my stash – retro lunchboxes on black, vintage planes and cars, and a bandana print. I put it together in a pattern called disapearing nine patch.

I also got the top done for the Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy quilt that will be a keeper. It is so bright and cheery:   it’s also too big for Richard to hold up – king size. Next week I will start working on the quilt for little Richard. Can’t wait.  Oh, but I have another messenger bag to finish first that I cut out yesterday. This one will be a solid brown and more wearable with most of my clothes.
Tomorrow I’m going blueberry picking for maybe the last time this year. I plan on making a lot of syrup to go with all of the berries in the freezer that will become pancakes throughout the next year. The farm is having a ‘peak season sale’ of just $1/pound, so I can’t not go! I’ll be sure to use Off! as the mosquitoes were pretty thick when I went with Justin and Megan a couple weeks ago.They usually don’t like me, but just in case….. I’m hoping that the rain will stay away for another day.

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weekend, part 2

The house is quiet again.
It was a busy couple of days, and we all had a lot of fun. My sister, Debbie, has a wonderful girl living with her for the school year- she is a senior at Snohomish high school – ( though she graduated last year in her home country of France). She is quite talkative- speaking fluent English and very sweet. This was the perfect opportunity for Camille to see the Pacific ocean – we had incredible weather all weekend. We went for a walk on the beach just after they arrived on Saturday, and Camille put her hands in the ocean, and found several sand dollars ( she had never seen them before! ). Yesterday we went to the Astoria Column, then on to Cape Disapointment where we walked out to both lighthouses there. Here’s a couple of shots:

It was really nice to hang out together, eat, and talk a lot.
After they left today, Richard and I worked outside chopping wood, then we soaked up the sun sitting on the deck eating lunch. This great weather should stick around for a few more days.

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I can only imagine the shock of this happening. That poor baby! This weather has brought so many unusual things, but I think that about tops the list. 

 With some of the horriffic flooding and the like – I’ve been moved to tears watching all the devastation. For me it’s akin to seeing all of the fires that have ravaged California over the past year.
People who bought their dream home, on some property with a little creek running through it. An acre or two, a couple of outbuildings and a workshop, and things have been ‘normal’ for ten or twenty years. Now its all gone, swept away in a rush of water and mud.  Seems like that story has been repeated over and over on the news these past few days.

I have been doing little more than sitting and knitting the past couple days. I started a simple sweater with some pretty yarn that was a Christmas gift from my sister. Its the perfect thing to do in this weather. That, and watch movies.
The other night we watched one of the "that’s Entertainment" movies, and there was the most amazing ‘dance’ number – if you can call it that. I’ve watched the clip a dozen times, and can only see no more than four shots in the whole scene. I am in awe.

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 First, I have to get this out: 

What the *(^#$@& is the deal with the weather??? Yeah, yeah, the planet is warmingandtheoceansareheatingupanditsabigmess and all that jazz, but, come on already. It’s into June, and we are in the middle of a storm with gale force winds and it’s maybe 50 degrees out.  Even if all the bleak climate predictions are correct, it doesn’t just happen in one year.  Whatever the weather, hot OR cold, everyone chalks it up to global warming. 

At least I still have power. So far.
We did have a power loss the other night ( 3:30 a.m I woke to all of the battery back-ups going off ) I shut things down, then called it in. A crew came out around 5 a.m. and actually went onto the roof and replaced something that had gone awry in the storm we were having that night. But then, a couple hours later there was an accident not too far from here that knocked out the power to the whole north end of the peninsula until that evening. So, for now I’m grateful that the lights are still on.

We had a good trip to Seattle, all in all. I finally left behind the SoCal cell # and now have a Washington number. We also closed the SoCal bank accounts that were still out there. While in town we helped Ryan on his living room walls, and celebrated his (32nd!) birthday.  On the way back we made a stop at Home Depot,and bought a real, grown-up BBQ to replace the well used little one that was dying. The old one was used two to four times a week for the past six years. I think we’ll break it in tonight by trying out a rotisserie chicken. 
Today we had another guy come and take a sample of our water to figure out a system to fix the low ph issue and the rust that is staining everything. I’m hoping hoping hoping that his bid for the solution is half of what the plumbing company’s is.  Tomorrow someone is coming to have a look at the sliding doors downstairs that we want to replace. We went the other day and talked to the paint company regarding renting equipment and such. We’ve decided to paint the outside red. A pretty bright tomato red ( kind of similar to the color of the Tiger ). Of course we can’t think too hard about starting that project until the weather gets better. When might that be? 

The local NPR affiliate here has begun to run the weekly Le Show which is an hour long satirical commentary. I’ve heard it a few times before, and its a good break from all of the bleak that is the news these days. You can listen to the podcasts for free through the link, Or see when it’s on in your area.    
Other NPR related stuff is this .  This American Life is one of my favorite shows, and the animation for this story is perfect. Funny stuff. 

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catching up

 Wow. It’s nearly the end of the week already.  I sometimes wonder about the “beginning” or “end” of the week – is there a difference when you don’t go to work? hmm.  
We had a wonderful weekend with the boys and Mom here for a couple days. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day. I am so grateful that I have children that I really enjoy being around. Saturday it rained all day, but Sunday it was pretty nice out. We all ended up going to the beach for a while; it was cool and breezy.  Plenty windy enough to get kites in the air. So, everyone took a shot at both of the two-handled kites that we have here.  One of them is a huge, three meter air-foil type and is so easy to fly, once you get it figured out. Sunny got her fill of running, barking, and chasing the kites in the air. And pouncing on the big one when it landed. It took a little time, but once Mom got it, she did great with it. The wind was perfectly out of the west, which made it just right. We even saw someone speed by on a land yacht  – and now we want one of those too. I think Richard could build one. After the swing.

I began to work on the drapes for the living room. Got them all cut out. But, my wonderful (steam generator/boiler ) iron died. It had a good long life – I think I’ve had it for six or seven years;  it was often on for 10-14 hours a day for a few years when I was working so much.  I dug up the backup – a  gravity feed iron (similar to this) that I got from my old boss, and hopefully it will work until the new one arrives.  But, I won’t be sewing for a day or three —-

its beautiful weather ! and should be in the mid 70’s for the next several days. I am so ready to be in a t-shirt. That, coupled with the lengthening days should see us outside catching up on needed chores. And going to the beach, of course.

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 As I was finishing posting yesterday, a little twinge started in my right eye. I felt compelled to end my journal entry quickly, and take a hefty dose of Advil. The Migraine was coming. I went to lay down, cover my head and wait for it to be over. I wish there was a timetable that I could go off of, such as: for the first half hour you will lose focus, the next two hours will be insane with pain, etc. so that I could sort of countdown to the end.  But no such thing. You lay. Try to sleep it off. Wait. Then the ‘hangover’ for the rest of the day. Last time I had one was in June, and I think sometime about a year before that. I guess it’s true that they decrease as you get older.  Thing is, I’ve been sleeping terribly for the past couple months. So, for the past week in an attempt to get that situation right, there’s been no alcohol, no chocolate before bed ( hardly more than a piece all week ) and I’ve been eating well.  I wish I could understand what the trigger is. hmmm.

Its a little nicer outside today, and it didn’t rain at all overnight. In a bit Richard said he will go for a long walk with us. I spotted a downed tree a mile or so away from here that has a bunch of branches budding with pussywillows. My plan is to take a bag, and prune a few branches off of it. There is a wonderful ‘basket’ on the cover of the current Martha Stewart magazine that is made up of pussywillows and grasses. I am needing the vision of spring here in the house right about now.

We’re doing a little planning, and it looks like we might go to Seattle around the first week in April and spend a little time there. And, I think that we are going to make a trip south to San Diego around the end of April, first part of May. We’ll drive the truck and spend a week or so there, while Richard readies the flatbed trailer to come back with the Falcon on it.  Seems there’s no point in spending the gas on two vehicles at this point. We’ll travel south along the coast, and maybe even camp some along the way. 

We watched a great animated movie the other night “Howl’s Moving Castle” . The animation in it is really cool – the background is like a lot of detailed watercolors and beautiful.

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I wonder what I’ve done that has caused the spate of bad….karma??? I was truly hoping it would all be over by the end of the year. But no. 
To date, in the last couple months:
Storm that killed
the TV
the modem
the router
New modem doesn’t want to sync with router
(even though it is listed as being a compatible model and same brand)
Dropped and broke my camera.
(foound replacement on ebay)
Cell phone died.
Second replacement was good – hooray!
(replacement was crap.complaining does work sometimes )
Dog caught her leg on lamp cord – kaplooey!
(I glued it back together sadly, and a replacement is on the way )

My fear is, now when will the umpteenth shoe drop – or maybe now that my birthday is approaching things will take a turn for the better. Thing is, all my life I was just not someone who had things die or broke them.  I was so content and smug in my knowing that “I took care of stuff”. I guess this has been my comeuppence.
We got a lot of boxes unpacked over the past week. I have completely rearranged nearly everything in the kitchen. I think it was designed with weekend living in mind, and there is just not enough room for everything. Bought some ‘commercial type’ chrome / wire shelving, and that helped out a bunch. Later, after the kitchen is remodeled, that can be used elsewhere. Richard put up more senlving in the garage downstairs, so lots of stuff to store went there. And I put up one set of shelves in my sewing room. Hence, there is about half of the boxes in the den that were there a week or so ago. Richard has drawn up plans for my new cutting table / box storage system, and should have that done in the not-too-distant future. In a week, we will gut the upstairs bathroom – stripping out the cabinets, toilet, lighting, and flocked wallpaper. The new flooring is at the dealer’s and I want to paint before it goes in. The cabinet will be delivered this coming Friday. Then Richard needs to make a template for the top before ordering the granite ( there is some plumbing stuff to move around ). I still need to choose the lighting, and the accessory fixtures. Maybe while I’m here in Seattle. We’ll see.

I’m in Seattle for a couple of days. Mom, my sisters and I have tickets to see Jersey Boys tomorrow night.  I came in this afternoon and stopped so see Justin at work and had lunch.  Mom will come back to the house with me on Thursday, and spend a few days. Richard will have those few days to work on organizing his garage while I’m gone. Sunny is going to have to get used to the garage – she just doesn’t like it out there, even though it’s not really cold. I think she’s a baby and hates the loud noises that happen there, with Richard working.

It’s been – suprise!- rainy, windy, and has hailed for a few days in a row at the beach. This morning there was still last night’s hail in a thick carpet until about 10-11 o’clock. But it was sunny and clear when I left about an hour later.  

Think happy mojo thoughts for me, would ya?

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weather switcharoo

Yesterday it was beautiful and sunshiny here, the nicest day we’ve had all week. I took this picture when we went for a short walk on the beach:
Today however, is a different story. It was nice when we woke up, but quickly clouded over with a thick grey mat across the sky. Then, we got this:   Yup, snow! This is supposed to give way to a real storm, coast style. Which means a lot of rain – 2 to 3 inches and high winds by tomorrow of the 60-80 mph gusts variety. Good thing I took care of  errands yesterday, and I have a stockpile of firewood and a working furnace( at least while the power is on ). I need to spend some time today going over my ‘Storm Checklist’ – getting some water stockpiled, candles and flashlights at the ready, etc.
Richard said that yesterday in San Diego there was over an inch of rain. yipes! He also told me today that he sold the Mustang – yay! I put ads on craigslist yesterday morning for both it, and the ’61 unibody pickup. Hopefully the truck will sell as well, leaving less to deal with down there.

I’ve been busy since Richard left. Sunny though has become super clingy – I thought she would come out of her skin when I came home after being gone for a few hours. I made the trip into downtown Astoria ( it is only 64 miles roundtrip ) to order the vanity for the bathroom. I’ve purchased both the new sink and faucet ( ebay ) and they are on their way. We won’t actually do the bathroom until after the holidays,  but the wheels are in motion.
I got all of the new blinds installed on the living room and sewing room windows. I love them – it feels like there is soo much more window now. (I measured and there is actually 25% more window exposed with these new blinds vs. the verticles that were there before!)
I spent  a couple hours sorting through boxes downstairs looking for my knitting needles, and finally found them. So now I am nearly done with a hat that I bought the yarn for last weekend while in Seattle. I think hats will become part of my everyday clothing. And boots.  And gloves. 
I’ve been working my way through ‘Deadwood’ – seasons 2 & 3. Richard didn’t really like it, and we cancelled HBO before the series ended, so this is a good time to finish it up.
I did some rearranging in my studio to carve out some workspace. That is where I will be spending most of the coming week – getting things done for the San Diego client.  I think maybe I should make Sunny a couple of new sweaters today, giving what’s coming.

One more picture – an amusing sticker that we saw on the rear of a car last week:the sentiment is really funny to me.

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