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three little words

Of course everyone knows those three little words, guaranteed to make someone’s heart happy.

 In the movie Roxanne ( a favorite still ) there is the line "Worms.  Worms mean something" . Of course, it’s supposed to be "words".But it makes me smile every time I think of it. 

The other day at our house there were these three words
"I am home".
This from a kid who seemed really lost just four months ago. It happened during a conversation about his dad, who last summer had asked why on earth we moved up here. My husband responded that he didn’t know it at the time, but this grandson is the reason we chose to call this place home. I am home. was Richard6’s matter-of-fact response, along with a small comfortable smile. My heart grew two sizes. 
He’s been here four months now. There’s been a lot of progress for sure. He’s growing up. There are social habits that were non-existent that are now becoming commonplace. His grades are way up – three C’s, two B’s, and an A. We’ve gotten through the homework hurdle, and he does it (pretty ) willingly. For the first time ever there are no D’s or F’s, and we have just a couple weeks left of school. He’s found a few friends & a girlfriend; he’s acquired three mowing jobs that pay well ( and is saving money for the first time in his life); and playing games on the computer take a back seat to doing other stuff. And he’s lost 15 pounds – he now weighs less than his grandpa. It’s all good.

Me, I’m baking cookies and cakes and pies and cooking a lot

I’m ready to start sewing. Really ready.
We had an upset in my sewing room last week — the water heater is in the closet and suffice it to say that I had to empty half of the room out. Richard fixed everything quickly, followed by days of drying, and rearranging the storage situation. Before I put it all back we shortened the length of my cutting table by a foot, and now the doorway is not such a squeeze to pass through. I finished putting things back together yesterday. I took down my design wall for a bit; with it up it’s hard to resist the temptation to just do quilty stuff. I’ve got the big list of sewing projects to do, and its time to get at it. 

I also bought paint for part of the kitchen. 

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‘Bye ol’ Blue!

So, I thought I’d put up a pic of the painting to date.The red is really bright ( good!) when the sun hits it, and I love that there is almost no blue left ( its my least favorite color ). I’ve gotten a little more of the trim done, but there’s still a lot left – the railings and all of the big beams. But it’s started to rain and it looks to continue for the next week, so there will be no painting for a bit.  

This week the new wood insert was installed, and we’ve had a fire in it a couple nights. It puts out so much heat with hardly any wood, I am stunned. It seems to be doing exactly the job I hoped it would. I love the tile, and am getting used to just how ‘little’ the insert actually is. We still have to get a mantle and finish the surrounding wall and above, but its useable.  The flooring will have to wait, I’m learning to live with the ’70s carpet.

Richard’s knee is slowly getting better. I know he’s going crazy trying to stay off it.
Wednesday I took the day and went to Tacoma to meet my Mom and sisters. We went to the Museum of Glass, which was a bust – there was more glass works in the surrounding area that you could see for free that was amazing. Mom came back home with me, and will be here until Sunday. Richard and I have finished the business plan, and now will be submitting it all to the banks. Then wait. 

I think its time to sew for a bit.

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weather switcharoo

Yesterday it was beautiful and sunshiny here, the nicest day we’ve had all week. I took this picture when we went for a short walk on the beach:
Today however, is a different story. It was nice when we woke up, but quickly clouded over with a thick grey mat across the sky. Then, we got this:   Yup, snow! This is supposed to give way to a real storm, coast style. Which means a lot of rain – 2 to 3 inches and high winds by tomorrow of the 60-80 mph gusts variety. Good thing I took care of  errands yesterday, and I have a stockpile of firewood and a working furnace( at least while the power is on ). I need to spend some time today going over my ‘Storm Checklist’ – getting some water stockpiled, candles and flashlights at the ready, etc.
Richard said that yesterday in San Diego there was over an inch of rain. yipes! He also told me today that he sold the Mustang – yay! I put ads on craigslist yesterday morning for both it, and the ’61 unibody pickup. Hopefully the truck will sell as well, leaving less to deal with down there.

I’ve been busy since Richard left. Sunny though has become super clingy – I thought she would come out of her skin when I came home after being gone for a few hours. I made the trip into downtown Astoria ( it is only 64 miles roundtrip ) to order the vanity for the bathroom. I’ve purchased both the new sink and faucet ( ebay ) and they are on their way. We won’t actually do the bathroom until after the holidays,  but the wheels are in motion.
I got all of the new blinds installed on the living room and sewing room windows. I love them – it feels like there is soo much more window now. (I measured and there is actually 25% more window exposed with these new blinds vs. the verticles that were there before!)
I spent  a couple hours sorting through boxes downstairs looking for my knitting needles, and finally found them. So now I am nearly done with a hat that I bought the yarn for last weekend while in Seattle. I think hats will become part of my everyday clothing. And boots.  And gloves. 
I’ve been working my way through ‘Deadwood’ – seasons 2 & 3. Richard didn’t really like it, and we cancelled HBO before the series ended, so this is a good time to finish it up.
I did some rearranging in my studio to carve out some workspace. That is where I will be spending most of the coming week – getting things done for the San Diego client.  I think maybe I should make Sunny a couple of new sweaters today, giving what’s coming.

One more picture – an amusing sticker that we saw on the rear of a car last week:the sentiment is really funny to me.

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escaped. again.

 I feel a little weird – four years ago we were in Seattle when the big fire roared through San Diego. This time we are really out – good thing.  
We’ve talked to Lauri and everyone we know is safe at this point. I’ve been keeping track of the local happenings by watching the live broadcast from www.10news.com   .   I understand that the CNN reports need to be general, but I get tired of hearing about Malibu and the greater LA area.

Here in Ocean Park,  we spent yesterday afternoon burning some brush and doing some outdoor cleanup. The weather had cleared up and it was somewhere near 70 degrees out.  Today is also clear and gorgeous here. I feel so lucky. No doubt there will be a lot more stormy days so I am relishing in this weather. 

I’ve made progress in the kitchen with rearranging things to make it a bit more workable. Now I’m itching to start removing the fabric & wallpaper from the bedroom walls and get something done in there.  Painting, for a start. Then the carpet.  
There’s a growing pile of furniture and ‘stuff’ to get rid of downstairs.  

I need to pull mayself away from the news, and get with it.

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Sunny has gone into her “where is Richard’ mode – acting kind of lost and looking around for him. 😦   
For both of us, it’s going to be a long six days until he’s back. 

Today, the real estate agent comes, and as of tonight we will officially have our house on the market.  About two months later than I wished, but oh well.  By this afternoon I will know when the first open house is – I would like it to be in a week so that I can do some final cleaning.
Yesterday I made a cushion for the bay window seat, and embroidered a pillow to finish off dressing the bed. Now I need to do a pile of ironing of all the bed clothes. bleh.  
There is also a list of things I need to get before the agent arrives this afternoon to take photos – a few plants & flowers for some color inside and out, a new doormat, etc. 
I’ve said it before, but I’m tired.  Hopefully all of this effort will pay off in a quick sale. 

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It is now only a few days before we leave on the next trip to the north. I am so excited that Justin will be coming on Monday; to drive back up with us. I think we have decided to take the coast route up. It will add some time though.  Putting us to the house on Friday, most likely. Then we will drop the trailer and the Tiger,  and go on to Seattle. 

Today is Ryan’s birthday – bummer that I couldn’t say HBD in person; maybe next year.  I think he is loving the house thing. 

I have spent the week doing touch up painting everywhere. And finishing the two bedrooms – they are officially Done. And sweetly –  nice. I still need to put a coat of wax on our bedroom floor, then that one will be done as well. Whew! 
I think we have found a realtor.  Someone who knows someone I know.  Not the ‘Santee Guy” that I had thought we should use –  he very obviously doesn’t want to work hard anymore ( his deal is to put a below market price and turn it – fast ) – and I demand that someone work their butt off if I’m paying them in the neighborhood of $30K.  So, we met with this new realtor and I think he will work well for us.  He came well prepared, already doing a lot of work before he got here.  A longtime salesman, but softspoken and a go-getter at the same time.
The only thing he suggested for the inside of the house was that I should declutter a bit in the kitchen. HA!  ( If he only knew what I’d already taken out of this place ) I think he was a bit overwhelmed by my plate wall.  Anyway, no big thing for that to happen – I will gladly do whatever is suggested.  And as for the outside – Richard needs to finish getting our huge three car carport cleaned out – and that can’t happen until after the trip. I will work on the backyard a bit more. And box up more stuff from inside. Then we will have it appraised, then list it, just under appraisal. The new target date is around the first of July. 

I have just uploaded a bunch of pictures to my smugmug site – the new ones are in the gallery titled ” House Work”.
Here is a peek:    and       

Richard is finishing up what needs to be done on the Tiger. Yesterday he waved goodbye to another one of his vehicles out at his yard – a 1957 GMC pickup that was being hauled to Arizona. Little by little I think they are going away – yay!  I think he’ll keep the yard space for a bit after we sell the house.  All that big stuff doesn’t move as easily ( nor do the jillion parts and pieces that are in the carport).

The past week has gone by too quickly.

so there you are.

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This is my latest tack to take.  Just as we think we have the plan firgured out – it is upended. Yesterday the painter decided to show up afterall.  So he is doing the prep and painting of the outside eaves and trim. I expect he’ll be done tomorrow, if he doesn’t flake out.  Now we need to schedule an appraiser to come. So that as soon as we return we can get this thing on the market.
I have indeed lost my momentum, and find myself kind of flaking out my own self, not quite sure what to do next.  I’m thinking I need to declutter a lot more than I have.  uggggh.
I lost a whole day yesterday due to dealing with taking the truck in for service and a couple of problems there ( I had to pick it up today) , and a too-long dentist appointment ( which is getting a tiny bit easier, thankfully). 
We sold a few more odds and ends on ebay last week, and also the remainder of the slate  is being bought by Richard’s sister – a ton and a half, which will go away this weekend, cleaning up that side of the house.  Still the fence is not up.

The Tiger now has a new heater and defroster so it is nearly ready to go next week. Richard can also now mount the roll bar, as he got the spacers milled down. That and a tune-up and a lighter outlet and it will be ready.

Its kind of silly that I’m excited to be going back to work in a few weeks. Maybe its because I need a change of pace from what I’ve been doing for the last few months.  I think the show is called Moonlight.   My friend Julie will help me out as needed, and that will make the transition for her to take over for me when I leave a lot easier.

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