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 Christmas. Sort of, anyway.
We put our lights up last weekend. All those big, old fashioned lights, on the house. We added some new ones – little- ( which I removed from the shiny tree that I got last year ) to the little boat in the yard and a few along the fence.  

I can’t decide whether or not to use the shiny tree, or go with a fresh one, and use all the traditional ornaments. 

Thinking about trees, I stumbled across this great round-up of xmas trees of all sorts. I love the wall decal ones. I need to figure out what that stuff is that they use. If anyone knows, fill me in on the secret, okay? 

I have so much sewing to do for Christmas, and a ( of course ) long list of sewing want-to’s…………………………..

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Seattle bound

 In a little while we’re off to Seattle. We’re going in a day early to go to the Bellevue Botanical gardens Christmas light display. We’ll spend the night at Mom’s, and this way we will be in town tomorrow when Lauri and Aidan leave. It’s been a fun week, and unfortunately I didn’t get any baking done. I forget how busy it is with a six year old around.  I keep forgetting to get pictures, but I have managed a couple. 
  His mom said he wants two front teeth for xmas.
   We’ve had lots of rain, but yesterday and today are pretty nice. Lauri was hoping to see it snow – she’s never witnessed that before. A true SoCal native, it would seem. Just maybe there will be a bit on the way towards Olympia. 

I have the sewing done, all my Christmas stuff finished, but haven’t gotten cards out. You can’t do it all, I suppose.

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the workshop

For the past week, I’ve been planning, cutting out, and sewing my way to Christmas.  It feels good to spend time at my sewing machine. I’ve been known to get most everyone the ‘same’ gift – but a different flavor of it for each recipient. One year it was ‘warm things’ each person got either pajamas that I made or flannel sheets that were embroidered. One year everyone got a couple sets of napkins. That sort of thing. This year it’s (a suprise!  – not telling ) What’s cool is that it has meant that I’m using a lot of the fabric that I’ve amassed in my stash, and have mostly avoided shopping. I’m nearly done, with the exception of a few new chef jackets for Justin, which are a requested present, and not a suprise.
This the cutting / worktable choosing and sorting fabric for the gift project: 

What’s been fun, though, has been the creation of a game for our five year old grandchild. Its a memory match game, where you put all the tiles face down, then try to pick out the two that match. We played it with cards when I was a kid. So, I had Richard cut and sand 100 three inch square ’tiles’ out of masonite, then I glued square fabric pictures on each one, and covered them in several coats of Mod Podge sealer. This will make 50 pairs – they can start out using just 10, and can increase the pool as he grows. The best part was picking out specific images from the gazillion pieces of fabric that I have. They can finish drying today, then they’re ready for the mail.  Here are pics of all the tiles and a shot of the fifty pairs, stacked so that they would fit into the picture:
And here are a couple of close-ups of some of the tiles. On the other side they are just plain brown, ( so’s you can’t tell them apart )
I love some of those images – and how many people have not only fabric with crabs, but with cake and cows to boot? Not to mention sleeping hedgehogs. I still need to make a little bag to keep them in.
I like them so much, I kind of want to make myself a set.

Like the rest of the northwest, it’s been super cold here – yesterday it got up to 32, and today will be about the same. There are some hummingbirds who don’t go south, and yesterday morning I saw they were at the feeder, trying to get the frozen nectar  : (  
I brought it in, thawed it out, and they were buzzing around there all day. We brought it in last night, and I think they were pretty happy to see it come back this morning.  I can’t imagine what they eat during the freezing weather??

Richard’s knee is now improving markedly. Finally he is on the mend. Yay!  

We’re planning to go into Seattle early next week for Christmas at Mom’s, then come home on Friday.I hope it warms up a bit by then.

Hopefully, a couple things that we ordered will arrive in time to ship off south. Then we’ll be set.
I still have busy to get to in my sewing room.

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Richard surprised me by coming home after just a few hours of work today. It was raining, which generally shuts all things construction down here anyway. Adding today to the holiday makes it a five day weekend for him.  So, I’m not sure what we will do with the time off – he said that he would love to make a quick road trip to the Grand Canyon next weekend, as he has four days then. We’ll see.  We should use the time to do some stuff around here.
We got a little more rain overnight and this morning, which allowed Sunny to be able to wear her raincoat, while I got fairly wet. One guy that we see sometimes actually stopped while getting into his car to see her up close, and ask if she was indeed wearing a raincoat. I think he was amused. I like that.
Yesterday I made the stockings for Sherrie, and she picked them up this afternoon. She was overjoyed with them ( and paid me really well ) Funny thing, I had everything to make them: from the red silk velvet, the fur ( which was leftover from a coat that I made for her sister to get married in ) to the lining. The only thing I needed to purchase was some large embroidery fonts, which I downloaded. I love that I have a computer machine that I can do that with. Now I have four large (three and a half inch high ) pretty alphabets; something I know I’ll use. Here is a pic of the finished stockings:
   Makes me want to make new ones for us. Maybe I’ll make a small one for Sunny. I know that having your initial on everything is over, but they are sooo pretty that I am thinking  what else I can put them on.?
All of my errands are finished, with the exception of possibly looking for a popover pan.  So, I think I will make Sunny her coat this afternoon. I have some red fleece, and some flannel to line it with. 
Sunday morning Richard and I will go to the big farmer’s market for a few veggies for Christmas dinner. 

I hope that everyone is able to share Christmas with someone that they love. 
I will.

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