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whirlwind miles

the view out the windows has quit moving. In the past week I’ve seen around 1300 miles out of vehicle windows:
Longview and back on Wednesday to pick up Mom
Bus trip to Sisters, OR and back on Saturday
Drive to Snohomish Sunday
Home on Monday.

I wouldn’t have missed any of it. 
It was great to spend a few days just with Mom. The Richards returned from their camping trip to the Olympic Peninsula on Friday, then the two younger ones left for home on Saturday morning. Mom and I left early that same morning to catch the bus in Astoria with my quilt guild for the long bus trip to Sisters for the big Outdoor Quilt Show. It was hot, wonderful, inspiring, and really big. Sisters is a small mountain tourist-y town, and the quilt show is in it’s 34th year. For just one day, there are 1200 quilts hung all over the buildings – along the eaves, hung from the porches, sides and backs of the buildings. You have to walk all through the twenty or so blocks to see everything. Luckily there were plenty of shady spots to stop and sit and breezes to help cool off from the 94 degree heat. A peek of what was there that I found interesting / appealing:
first is a One Block Wonder ( like the red one that I just finished )    And two shots of another one using the same technique of using only one fabric – this one in black and white toile    
This one is a simple modern quilt that I loved
 ditto this one :  and this was stunning in it’s own way – made up of hundreds ( thousands??) of two inch squares in a gradation of both whites and colors forming the maze:  There were also new takes on traditional quilt patterns like this ‘bow tie’ quilt with bright colors on black and white  and this modern quilt with traditional roots  . Lastly was this impressive display of wood carving / painting on the lid of this blanket chest which looked realistic enough to reach out and touch  
We got home at midnight after the long trip back ( yay for my PSP and LocoRoco2! ) pooped. Sunday we got up early and drove to Deb’s house in Snohomish to say farewell to her exchange student. Hard to say who got the better end of the exchange – Deb or Camille. Hopefully she will return sometime. Deb and Vance gave a really lovely party and I’m glad that we got to go to say goodbye.
We drove home Monday and I feel like just staying still for awhile.
We moved a couple plants around, and now will begin to terrace using the fireplace stone on the other side of the steps. Weed the triangle, again, and cover the ground with bark. Oh and remove the old door out of the kitchen and replace the siding there and paint it.
Looks like the new list is already growing.

Tomorrow is my sweetie’s birthday. Should be a nice day.

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We decided to take advantage of the good weather and go for a ride yesterday. We took the hardtop off of the tiger and headed east, to the not so far away town of Woodland – 75 miles east of here. I like it when a place is named for something that you can get a feel for. Maybe a lot of places are named for something – but I don’t understand the old Indian language. Yeah, I know that Seattle was named for an indian chief – but why did they have to butcher the name if they were ‘honouring’ him? Ditto with a lot of other places. Maybe that happens when you name a place after a person. Me, I live in Ocean Park. Not hard to figure that one out. Cincinatti? I’ve no idea.
We took hwy 4 which runs along the WA side of the Columbia river – and is so beautiful this time of year. A pit stop at a park along the river found this:   which you’d never see in ‘the city’. I’ve seen them at a few places in the area, which I think is cool, in light of the swiftly flowing river. There was so much stuff floating by – logs of all shapes and sizes.  Then it was onward to the intended destination http://www.lilacgardens.com/index.html . We were just past the peak bloom time, but it was spectacular nonetheless. I got this shot:   which about sums it up – except for the smell. It was heavenly – light, spicy and sweet. From there we moved on to http://www.tsugawanursery.com/index.html which was fun to wander around at – if you’ve ever driven along I-5 it’s the can’t miss one south of Longview/Kelso on the east side. The next time I visit there we’ll have the truck. It was too hot to think of putting anything in the trunk of the car for the ride home. They were handing out popsicles to everyone there to cool off – nice.
I’ve gotten so used to the non-heat, that it was sort of too much. I began having flashbacks of Santee – the temp was 20 degrees warmer than here – somewhere in the upper 80’s. Baking in the sun has never been my thing – a ball cap and sunscreen are mandatory when I’m in that car. 
We drove home on the Oregon side of the river along hwy 30. The weather cooled as we headed back west, and I was able to relax and feel the warm air buffeting all around. There is scotch broom abloom everywhere – that intense golden yellow, and earthy distinctive scent are so attractive to me. I would imagine it’s hell if you have allergies. But, I don’t, and in a topless car you can drink it up.    As we were coming home, a couple of bikes were behind us. Sunny was all ears, and she rode like this for a few miles  (she’s hooked in). cute.
Last weekend when I went to the Astoria market with my friend, on the way back we stopped at the Nachotta Rhododendron Garden. Closed for 12 years and the current owner is restoring it bit by bit – a huge undertaking from the overgrown jungle that it had become from years of neglect. A couple of shots:


With a day off from the fence project, it’s time to get back after it.  Happy sunning!

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road trip

On Saturday we made a trip to Dallas to pick up the dining set. It was an all day affair, as the drive down 101 and then over towards Salem took nearly four hours. Luckily for us, there was none of the predicted snow, and it was a beautiful drive. On the way, Richard spotted this truck:   which looked to be perched at least 20 feet up in the tree. Yard art? hmmm.  And on the way back, in a little town called Rockaway Beach, there was this gorgeous skinny house: 
     . The worst thing abouit it was that it sits on the main street. But, what an architectural beauty.

So, we brought the dining set home; the guy had a house full of mid-century furniture, and was replacing the dining set because he’d decided that he wanted all teak furniture, and this set is walnut. It’s not the set that I started out wanting, but after looking nearly nonstop for weeks and weeks, my taste evolved some, and I am so happy with it. The clean lines of the chairs fit perfectly in our house.
We’ve spent the past couple of days going over it with 0000 steel wool, a refinishing oil, and wax. After 47 years, it needed a lot of TLC. I also changed out the seat cushion fabric ( the existing looked like it came from a blue 80’s motorhome and it was really dirty ) with something I had bought a couple years back. The bummer is that though there are three leaves, there are only five chairs. Here’s the finished product: 

I guess now the next stop is placemats. That will be today’s project.

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