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I picked Richard up from the airport on Wednesday afternoon. The world here is all good again. The weather has been beautiful ( but chilly ) all week which made it a wonderful trip into Portland.
Sunny was boarded for the first time; I left her for overnight while I drove into the city; sort of as a trial. Things went well, and since it was so nice out we walked the mile or so to pick her up. When she saw Richard I thought she might wiggle into pieces. We came home along the beach so that she could run off all of her pent up energy. It’s nice to know that we now have an option of a spot close to home to leave her on occasion.

I got the outside lights up on Tuesday afternoon, and started to put up the tree. It came with colored lights attached, and after looking at it for a couple nights I still didn’t like them. So, last night we spent a few hours removing all of them, and I restrung plain clear ones. But I need one more string to finish. grrr. I found something to do with the burned out outdoor lights: A little color in the big pots that are planted with the other kind of bulbs and looking bland.

Richard brought me home my xmas present. I had asked for him to go to a couple of fabric stores in search of any wool melton / coating ( it’s sort of like felt, but all wool and really thick and wonderful ). Not only did he go to three stores( ! ) but he got exactly what I wanted.This beautiful pile of thirteen colors in 1/2 and 1/3 yard cuts: . I am one lucky woman. I’ll add these to a few that I already have; I plan on doing a few larger applique projects. Of course I want to cut into them right away, but I need to finesse my designs first.
In Portland I went to Fabric Depot – big sale – and got a few things. I thought it was pretty interesting that they had lots of beautiful wool suitings, but virtually no coating like what Richard brought me from southern California – where almost no one wears a heavy coat.

There’s lots to do outside, and since the weather is good………..
We need to clean up from the storm, and a lot of woodcutting is in order. I can see my future.
It’s looking pretty good.

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what plans?

I figured that in the couple weeks that Richard would be gone that I would accomplish sooo many things from ‘the list’. Well. 

As it turned out, there were only two days that I could actually work in that direction. I did get some sewing done. I’m square in the middle of a travel bag/small suitcase which is really thick and difficult sewing. I’m so glad that I have a couple of machines to choose from – this is the first time I regret selling the industrial machine.

We came back here on Thursday, followed by a second car-full. It’s a fun and different world when you add in kids for a few days. We lucked out with good weather the whole time they were here; they went to the beach and played in the ocean all three days. I even got out the boogie boards for them. We picked blueberries – 17 pounds in about an hour between all of us.
I’m hoping that the weather  continues to be warm and nice – I hung laundry out yesterday afternoon for the first time this year.  I also got more painting done on the little boat – I think I’m getting close to done. Either that or I’m getting bored with it.  Now I have to figure out what to plant in it, and where exactly to put it; it won’t be moving once there’s dirt in it. Gretchen left me with a few catalogs of bulbs to think about and decide on.

Richard got back last night – Bonneville was a grand time, again. I’m happy he’s back home, even if I didn’t accomplish much off of the list.

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a first

In this current world of downsizing and layoffs, I sometimes think I must be cuckoo to even be considering purchasing a business. The idea that there would be a few less people on the unemployment rolls is a good thing though. 
Today I got a message from one of the banks, wanting a Resume`. A real resume.
Now for most people, they have one. They take it out when necessary, tune it up and polish it a little, and make it ready for the next use. Until a couple hours ago I had never had a resume. Seems so odd in today’s world. Its not like I haven’t worked. Like forever ( okay, with the exception of this past year ). But, I had never written it down and sort of added it up.
I feel like it looks pretty good. I would give me a loan based on my qualifications.

Tomorrow morning I take Richard in for an MRI on his knee. I wish they would just hurry up and do the surgery if they’re gonna, so he can start to get better. Its been five long weeks, and I feel so bad for him.

There is a commercial that always makes me smile. Its that emu at the end. But, it doesn’t make me want to part with a buck. Oh well. Maybe I ought to give it a shot…………….

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