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So, now at the end of April I’m thinking it is really spring. After so many years in nearly season-less southern California, where its a normal thing to own a jacket and rarely wear it ( even in winter ) you forget how wonderful it feels to have the sun touch your bare arms. The past couple of days have been t-shirt weather – well at least for part of the day. While points inland like Seattle and Portland were reveling in the heat over the past week, we were encased in fog, with brief peeks at blue sky now and again. 

We went to Astoria the other day to get the beginnings of the fence that will be going up shortly. A lot of fence – about 350 feet of it. I’m hoping for an end to the escaping dog, and protection of the plants from the deer.
We saw these sea lions lolling about in the sun, barking? and generally playing ‘king of the hill’ for space on the dock. I took this boring video, just ’cause.  It might be a good life to lay about like that, swimming, fishing, and occasionally pushing the other guy into the drink.

With the better weather we’ve been working outside, planting, clearing ( for the fence ), and cutting wood ( he’s the cutter since I mostly don’t do power tools ). I’m the hauler and stacker and have solved the issue of where to put the woodpile – right out in the open by the parking area ( we tried it on the north side of the house only to find that it didn’t work so well – no sun there). I’m trying my hand at a holz hausen ( translated that means ‘wood house’ ). Supposedly this will speed up the drying and seasoning process to just three months, but I just think they look better than a regular woodpile. This is what they’re supposed  to look like:   and here is mine  so far.

I guess this is my country life.  All of this outside work is swell, and it needs to be done, but it feels a lot like a chore to me. Right about now I could use a rainy day or two as my body wants a break, and I’d really rather be sewing and I can’t just lay around like those sea lions.

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 thanks everyone for not mentioning that I was a day early on my previous ‘last day of winter’ post. (Silly me I took the word of the guy at the nursery).

Guess that I am a little too anxious for spring. Mother Nature evened the score, seriously dousing us with rain for the past day and a half.

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A fitting end.

Last night we watched “Hair” , which was on TCM, followed by “Alice’s Restaurant” . Wow. It was ‘Counterculture Night’ ( and the third film was “Five Easy Pieces” which we didn’t watch). Too late for us.  I saw Hair the stage production when I was 16 or so – maybe the first  play I ever saw? I had never seen the movie though ( which according to TCM was a flop because it was made in 1979 – ten years after the stage play began and not retro enough ) . In it were very young Treat Williams (nearly unrecognizable in long hair ) and John Savage. A great war protest done so much differently than they would today ( well, there was a draft then ) Richard had never seen the play, movie, and didn’t know much of the music; I knew all of the music by heart, having played it a zillion times as a teenager; though lots of those songs I haven’t heard for at least thirty years. It was a lot of fun.  I highly recommend it.  Alice’s Restaurant was not quite as good, and it was fun to watch Arlo Guthrie as ‘himself’ – he couldn’t have been 20 when it was made.

It was the perfect end to the last day of winter. “Be Gone, You!’   Today the sun was out and blue sky returned. For how long I don’t know, but all of the other plans were put on hold while we walked on the beach ( I took pictures of a bald eagle on the dunes ) . Sunny was in dog heaven, being free of the leash and taunted by the seagulls and happy  to have the chance to chase them.  We spent the afternoon working outside, doing more trimming and yardwork and moving the firepit area so that we can burn tomorrow if it continues to not rain. 

Here’s to the end of winter for this year. Hello, Spring.
I’m ready.

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