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 Christmas. Sort of, anyway.
We put our lights up last weekend. All those big, old fashioned lights, on the house. We added some new ones – little- ( which I removed from the shiny tree that I got last year ) to the little boat in the yard and a few along the fence.  

I can’t decide whether or not to use the shiny tree, or go with a fresh one, and use all the traditional ornaments. 

Thinking about trees, I stumbled across this great round-up of xmas trees of all sorts. I love the wall decal ones. I need to figure out what that stuff is that they use. If anyone knows, fill me in on the secret, okay? 

I have so much sewing to do for Christmas, and a ( of course ) long list of sewing want-to’s…………………………..

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getting ready

The weather has been COLD here. Really cold for this area. This morning it was 20 outside. Clear and beautiful, but damn cold. Too cold to be outside, so we spent yesterday cleaning through boxes in the den. Shredding old paperwork, sorting, boring stuff. We need to get things in order for our new house member. In another month it looks like little Richard will come to live with us. We need to meet with the high school( we have talked to the principal already ) and iron out a few other things. It will be mighty different around here with a teenager in the house – its been fourteen years. I’m both excited and nervous.

We took down a near falling over tree across the street on Sunday, and cleaned up the mess from the fallen trees over there. Even though its not our property ( he gave us permission to cut down any trees and keep the wood ) it seems only right that if we want the wood we do the cleanup. The owner will come this spring or summer and burn the slash, which we made into a huge pile. Our view is nearly restored to what it was when we bought the house. We have another big pile of wood to split, and a lot more to come.

I finally got the tree decorated; it is sparse with ornaments. I think I’ll end up using this silver tree every other year. I made a couple wreath-things to put above the mantle.

It looks like company this weekend, and in another ten days Lauri and Aidan will be here for a week. In between, there is the rest of Christmas to finish up with.

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the aftermath

Maybe at some point I’ll get used to these ‘storms’ ( we don’t have hurricanes here, you know ). Yesterday my friend and I did a walking tour and I took some pictures: this was at a cute little house that I wrote about last spring.

these trees came down at my neighbor’s house:

and those are the parts of the tall trees that broke off along with several others that just tipped over – 8 or 10 of them in one spot.
Lots of twisted off trees like this –
you think you’d hear all of these breaking, but the sound of the wind is so loud blowing through all the trees, it’s drowned out.There were folks spending the day uncovering this truck ( it was turned around the other way and totally buried and blocking the street to boot.
Can this ever look normal? Right now, around here, the answer is yes.
Behind us, there was a huge tree that nearly cut a mobile home in half, and people live there. So sad.

For now, it’s all quiet.
I am so thankful.

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We’ve had unexpectedly nice weather – there was the forecast of thunder and lightning storms, but they evaporated. So, a little more time to get some things done outside. With the onset of shorter days, I decided it was time to  trim a few trees to let in more winter light.  We now have a big burn pile and are just waiting for the burn ban to be lifted.
My neighbor friend and I have been walking a lot, and Sunny gets to romp on the beach with one of her Newfoundlands – Beuford. He weighs over 200 pounds and is so docile and submissive – so Sunny naturally takes the dominant spot, demanding that he relinquish the stick, which he does. She begs for him to chase her, but there’s no way he can keep up. Tomorrow I’ll try to take a video of them playing.

For my September sewing everyday challenge, I think I did pretty well: jacket, bag, king sized quilt, twin quilt, and a baby quilt. I made the baby quilt from blocks that I got in a guild block exchange – red and white nine patch. The organizer is a redwork lover ( I like it but don’t want to hand embroider ) and each person had to make 24 red and white nine patch blocks. This month at the guild meeting we are to bring our completed project. Here is what I did – a more modern take:   a  closeup  
I hung it on the line in the sun to take pictures and went inside for the camera and this back view is what I saw – sort of pretty with the color showing through to the back little heart print:
  which is why I named it "sweetheart". I’m happy with the applique, and the overall look of the quilt. I did the quilting on my regular sewing machine – there is a first time for everything – it looks like a twelve year old did it. Its all about practice, just like anything else, I have to keep telling myself.
Now I’ve started on another baby quilt using scraps from the big king size quilt that I just finished.

The weather being so nice and clear has made for some really pretty sunsets. And this morning the full moon was shining in the window bright enough to wake me up. I tried to get a shot and captured some spider webs ( there are millions right now! ) along with:  Its funny to look out to the east to a red and gold sunrise, and to the west to see the moon setting.  Here’s to a few more before the weather turns again.

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