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Finally it’s Monday, a little rest is in order. Richard took half a day off on Friday to help me with the patio. We managed to get the first half of the patio slate set in mortar. I worked until one in the afternoon, getting about one fifth of it done by myself, but when he arrived and helped we got a lot done in a few hours.  Saturday he went to work on stuff out at his yard, while I began to grout the stone that we laid on Friday. That too is a big project, but without so much of the heavy lifting.  Yesterday we finished putting down the rest of the stone on the patio and partway down the walk along the back of the house. It was in the upper 80s, which made for a long tiring day for the both of us. My body is telling me that today will be spent doing the tedium of bill paying, grocery shopping and the like. My knees, elbows and wrists need the break. 

We keep thinking that we’ll have the house ready to list in ‘two weeks’. It’s all taking so much longer to clean out and clean up, and finish things. Yesterday the neighbor said (again) that they are putting up the new fence this week – hopefully it will really happen this time around. We offered to pay half, but he said nope ( maybe because they took it down a year ago ). 
We went to Ikea the other night and bought a wardrobe to put in the bedroom that we stole the closet out of. It will stay with the house. And I scored a white iron head and foot board for a twin bed for $5 !  Now I need to paint the dressers for those bedrooms, and do some wall touch up painting in there, as well as the rest of the house. and. and. and. . . . . .

I have no idea how this could possibly get done if I were working.  Probably why a lot of it hasn’t gotten done until now.

We finished up another round of auctions on Saturday – hubcaps and a few car parts, and did pretty well. Out of six auctions, I think its interesting that the two folks who haven’t paid yet are dealers….

Last night we watched “Noted on a Scandal”. Judi Dench as an cunningly evil, obsessed, lonley woman. It was excellent. 

I wish I was in Seattle to go to the library this afternoon……….

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Well, my jury service was a bust. I sat there for the first half of the day, and as it turned out, only about 20 people ended up being called to a trial for later that afternoon. Everything else on the calendar for the day was settled before trial.  Oh well, I kind of needed the day off, as I was pretty sore from doing all the stone work on Tuesday.  
I left there, did some shopping – I need some non-jeans that fit. Most of my clothes are moved or packed already ( I’ve given away lots that were too big as well ) . The jury summons said “business attire” and so I put on a pair of slacks that at the beginning of the day were a bit too loose, but not too bad. By the time I left, I was pulling them up and felt somewhat embarrassed that I was wearing what looked to be someone else’s clothes.  I struck out shopping for pants, but was smittem by a great dress, which came home with me. I know I don’t really need any clothes, but…………
A week ago I put some stuff on eBay, and it all turned out pretty well.A bunch of books and stuff. ( My old motorcycle boots brought $71 – not too much less than what I paid for them 25 years ago.) Bet of all, is everyone paid for everything already – yea!  A few more auctions end on Saturday – hubcaps and some car parts. 

Today is more work on the patio, after a trip to Home Depot.  
 I also filled up the car at Costco – to the tune of $50.79 !!! yikes. Gas here is especially pricey – today it is $3.47 per gallon for premium at Costco, which is usually at least 10 cents less than anywhere else. 

I’m so sad for the kids who got plowed into in Belmont. 

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fer sale

  The realtor that was to come by and have a look at the house somehow had put the wrong date in his book, so that won’t happen until Monday. ( this is not making any points for him ) . We need to go ahead and talk to a couple of local agents so that we have more input on the things that need to get done before we list it around the end of April. 
Over the weekend Richard will bring the trailer here and we can begin to load it with stuff to take to the house in a couple weeks. Good thing I am about recovered from the last couple weeks of achiness ( a tiny bit sore on the ribs, and a lightening bruise ) because the work is really about to begin.
Over on eBay, the auction for the LaDawri is getting a lot of interest   ( 4508 had looked at it and 125 people are actively ‘watching’  it as of this morning ), but only eight actual bids so far,( which has put us over the halfway mark). Richard has gotten a few phone calls, and there are two different people coming to have a look tomorrow. He also got a call from one of the guys who came a few weeks ago to tell him that he thought it was one of the best ads on ebay that he’d seen, and was impressed with all of the questions and answers that I’ve posted.  There was also a call from a historian in Florida that Richard’s been talking with for the last month and he offered to put in a ‘bid’ for just under the reserve to help drive up the bidding. (That seems just wrong, so we declined. ) Hopefully there will be a frenzy of activity on Sunday afternoon when it ends – timing is everything, and we will go over our $5K reserve. 

We went to dinner the other night at one of our favorite restaraunts for our anniversary – 14 married years! A little hole in the wall in Carlsbad called Jays. We ate there the first night that we moved into this house, and on our wedding night, and lots and lots over the years. We figured that this would likely be the last anniversary dinner there. It was great.

Work is winding down, with only one episode of V.Mars left. I’ve a few things to deliver today, and the weekend will be free.  I don’t think there will be too much between now and the end of shooting which is two weeks from today. Can’t wait.

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