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So, I’m having a go at moving over from livejournal. I’d like to be able to link to other blogs and stuff, and that’s not possible on their platform. So, moving on it is. I tried migrating using a couple of different tools into Blogger, but without luck. It seems that livejournal has changed a few things ( internal code and such ) that is beyond what I can understand. However, I may just be able to migrate from here to there. If I want to later.

The annoying thing is that I did a setup of wordpress a couple years ago in a class, and it has no memory of me. Unfortunately, my name of choice is now gone  —hence the ’66’ addition after my longtime blog name. Ah, well,  no doubt it will all be fine in time. It’s not like I have a zillion followers who will wonder where I went.

The importer seems to have worked fine ( and fast!), though maybe there are doubles of comments – I’ll have to go a ways back and see if that’s truly the case.  As I read through old entries (and most likely delete some ) I’ll tag them, as that part of the archives didn’t seem to move along with the other boxes.

Now, there will be a bit of housekeeping on the other (livejournal) end to finish things up there.

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I think this will be the last time posting from the So Cal area. At least for a while.  
Like I thought,  ( but not really ) the past few weeks have flown by. I honestly didn’t expect to have so much to do for the weeks following moving out of the house. But time has a way of filling all moments. How profound, I know

Seems like there has been too much time spent getting my car right. I finally picked it up today – after over a week in the shop. They replaced the back window – something to do with the antenna going south ( which controls the door locks as well as the radio ). I had a loaner the whole time – gratis – so it was mainly the annoyance of having to go back and forth to the dealer’s a few times, but now all is swell.  Good thing, because the dealer won’t be anywhere near as handy after next week. 
There’s been a number of other moving -related things that I remember to deal with here and there. Hopefully we will not have to wait weeks before the mail actually reaches the new address, like a few folks we know. So, I’ve been changing things over as I think of them. 

I saw my client today, ( and no, she doesn’t live near the slide zone – which is above the freeway – she is on the water view side ) and delivered some of what I picked up from her last week. Fit a few more things, and got her FedEx# to ship things back as I finish them; I’m not sure at this point when we’ll be back here. 

Today Richard worked on reorganizing the trailer some, to accomidate the plants that still need to go in.

Tomorrow is Julie’s wedding.  I’m excited that I get to see her and a few other people before we go.  She now has several friends in the Seattle area, so chances are good that she’ll come that way in the not too distant future. That makes me happy, because as most of you know, I don’t make friends too easily, and its so hard to part with the few that I have. I did help a neighbor set up a webcam, to keep in touch. I know what some others will be getting for christmas this year.

We have had a few dinners with some friends in the past week. Tonight we went ot Lauri’s and had dinner with the kids and grandkids. We will miss them. The little ones will grow up so much by the time we see them next – even if it is just until Thanksgiving. 
The retirement party was the worst thing ever ( actually not a retirement party at all ) . 
It will be a bittersweet leaving in so many ways.  

Ryan flew in last night to see his friend’s and their new baby. He and I will drive back together in my car. I’m looking forward to it. The Falcon will have to wait until the next trip. It just isn’t quite ready to go.
We leave at ‘o’dark-thirty’ Monday morning. The plan is to stop in Manteca and see Ethan & Sarah, then possibly head over to the coast for the rest of the drive up.  We’ll finally be home by Wednesday at the latest. 

I can’t wait.

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 Today is the first day since the move that things have felt somewhat back to normal. We’re settling in here at Evy’s house, finding places to put things. ( they moved, but 95% of their things are still here ).  I arranged my sewing stuff and tomorrow can begin to get back into it. I have a wedding dress to finish for Julie, and I’ll meet with my La Jolla client next Tuesday.  

Rather than use the computer at some hot spot or at Lauri’s house, we transferred the internet here for a month. No set-up charges or anything, so $30 is a small price to pay for the convenience of being able to get online whenever I want. 

Today I went to the old neighborhood to walk, then spent some time visiting with the neighbors.  It was really weird walking onto the street, and I couldn’t help but notice that there has been some planting done already, as well as a security system installed.  I think the mourning over the end of living at that house is going to be short lived.  
Of course I am planning what to do first in the beach house, once we are really there for good.
I will work on the kitchen plans over the next few weeks, maybe.

We’ve relaxed more in the last two days than we have in a while, and it feels good.  I could get used to this semi-retirement thing. Richard spent today working out at the yard, and it looks like he might have a buyer for another of the ‘go away’ vehicles. That would be great.

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out, gone, done.

 It’s all over. Yesterday was pure hell.  The new people were literally moving in on our heels. Cleaning each and every room with lysol and gloves as we were out of them. They arrived at 9 am, and the movers a couple hours after that. Their realtor was there as well, kissing butt, providing food of sorts, a huge amount of boxes and packing supplies for us ( in case we hadn’t started ? ) .  We had finished all the bedrooms, bathrooms, and most of the kitchen by the time they all arrived, and only had the sewing room & computer stuff, laundry room, and a bit of the kitchen to do.  They were really nice and gushing over how wonderful the house was and what great creativity and taste I had in doing it  – but really pushy at the same time. As Lauri said: super passive-aggressive.   Their dsl, dish network, phone, water persons were all in and out at the same time.  Making no less than nine or ten people doing stuff at once. 
At one point I had a bit of a meltdown and threw a mini fit. “Let us get out of this last room before anything else comes into it – you’ve got the whole rest of the house to put your stuff into. I’m at my breaking point and I can’t be pushed any more. Back off!”  At which point they all (patronizingly apologized ) and acted like they didn’t realize that they were being intrusive. jerks. 
Near the very end, Lauri and Victor showed up and helped with the last of the stuff. She and I took the refrigerator and freezer stuff to Evelyn’s house ( where we’re staying). I felt no need to say goodbye and wish them well. 
Unfortunately, Richard is there now supervising the handyman who is strapping down the water heater ( code issue ).
One of my neighbors came and helped to pack up the last room, and several others came by during all of the commotion to say goodbye and covey their regrets at our leaving.  That was really nice, and somewhat emotional. 

We lived there sixteen years – and a lot happened in that time.  Nearly as long as I lived at home before going out on my own. Longer than Richard ever lived anywhere else by a long while.  Things are going to be sooo different. I can’t wait.

We have some consolidating to do, as we really had to work to get things into the trailer. That leaves the things that are now at Evy’s house in the lurch.  Maybe more than one last trip. We’ ll work on that over the next couple weeks. 

But for now, there’s some serious relaxing to do. The money’s been wired to the new bank in Washington, the deal is done.  

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Only this time we have accepted an offer. A couple of counter-offers back and forth. But we are officially in escrow. 
And now we are on the twenty-one day countdown.  Yikes!! Three weeks! 
In the end, we settled at 440K.  With the market tanking ( and that’s an understatement for what’s going on here ) in southern California it seems like it’s time to be done with it.  My sad point is that I agreed to leave my washer & dryer. 
But not the antique stove ( they really wanted it ). 

Some changes need to be made in our travel plans. We haven’t ironed all of that out yet.  And there’s the possibility that we will rent Evelyn’s  ( Richard’s sister ) house for a couple of weeks – they have bought and moved into another house, and haven’t listed the old one yet.  We need to be here for an event on the 29th and another the next week on Oct. 6th..  
We’re thinking about bringing (another) vehicle and some more non-essential things up to the beach house, and being back here on about the 11th, moving the last of the things into the trailer, then we would be here for that last couple weeks. This would give Richard time to do the rest of the necessary work on the Falcon.  We don’t want to totally clean out everything here just in case it falls out of escrow for some reason.  The last of the moving out should be a breeze as there’s not much left.  The coming trip I may well end up driving my car up as well.   

I’m happy to be done with the open houses, strangers looking around at our stuff, and the constant fussing. It will be a sad departure from kids, grandkids, and friends. And an exciting new world to look forward to. 

I can breath now.

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Listed! ( at last )

Okay, so we officially have a house on the market. Now of course, we wait for the buyers to beat a path to our door instead of the 156 other single family houses in Santee that are currently listed.  Could we have picked a worse time?   Here is a link to the listing:

Of course I would have liked to ask more for it, but with so many out there, the prices have dropped in the past couple months. Our first open house will be next weekend.  The best news of the day was when I asked the realtor what things I needed to do to be ready for it; he said only that I should clean the mirrored closet doors, oh, and put the coffeemaker away.  That’s it!   He also said that things looked perfect for showing. So, I guess I did it!  Here’s a few pictures ( I’m putting a bunch in the smugmug gallery album titled ‘House for Sale’ )  
    anyway, have a look ( and find me a buyer, maybe

Today, I think I will do a little yardwork, and rest. Sunny was sick through the night – not sure why, but we are both tired. I think we’ll kind of take it easy today. 

And an update to Richard’s trip: after nearly re-wiring the trailer in LA on the way up ( someone informed him that there were no lights ) due to a blown fuse and a subsequent short, they got to Red Bluff around 10 on Wednesday night. Then yesterday, as they were getting into the mountains, a tire on the trailer began smoking and shredded. It took a while to get the full ( heavy) trailer jacked up and the spare on. He ended up buying three new tires in Yreka.  Seems that the bias ply ones that he was sold three months ago were all beginning to seperate. Now there are four radials on it. They got to the house around 10 last night. The return trip should be way more uneventful.

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Saturday was spent working in the carport, loading the flatbed trailer with things to go to the yard, and unloading it out there. ( How can two people have so much crap????? No doubt sixteen years living in the same house  with one person being an obsessive fabric & all things sewing collector, and the other a consumate ‘car guy’ has something to do with it. )
It really began to heat up over the weekend, so the work was slow going. Sunday morning we went back out to the yard and moved things around so that we could load the Corvette onto the flatbed trailer, then we brought it home and loaded it into the enclosed trailer. Thank god for an electric winch ( as it is a really heavy car and not running ) .  This we did in fits and spurts, as it hit 100 degrees on Sunday. Things are now being loaded in around it. 
I am removing more from the inside of the house – trying to make things look more spacious. Yesterday I condensed the shelving in my sewing room down to one unit, so I can take the other one apart and load it up. I need to go through the closets again, and really pare down whats left in there. 
The current thinking is that we will have an appraiser come first of next week.  As soon as we get a number from him, we can actually list the house. 
We both have dentist appointments on the 10th, and it’s looking like Richard for sure will leave around the 12th to make another trip north. He might get a friend of his to go with him, in which case I’ll sit this one out. I’m still not ‘working’ ( don’t know if Sal found another in LA to do the builds for the new show ) . Either way, this would be a fairly quick trip. Two days north, two days at the house, and two days back south. 

Am I there yet?

On a side note, we watched the two – disk series “Elisabeth I” starring Helen Mirren last week and it was wonderful.  And also a little film ( in the spirit of Waking Ned Devine)  we watched called “American Women” was pretty amusing.

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