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Well, my jury service was a bust. I sat there for the first half of the day, and as it turned out, only about 20 people ended up being called to a trial for later that afternoon. Everything else on the calendar for the day was settled before trial.  Oh well, I kind of needed the day off, as I was pretty sore from doing all the stone work on Tuesday.  
I left there, did some shopping – I need some non-jeans that fit. Most of my clothes are moved or packed already ( I’ve given away lots that were too big as well ) . The jury summons said “business attire” and so I put on a pair of slacks that at the beginning of the day were a bit too loose, but not too bad. By the time I left, I was pulling them up and felt somewhat embarrassed that I was wearing what looked to be someone else’s clothes.  I struck out shopping for pants, but was smittem by a great dress, which came home with me. I know I don’t really need any clothes, but…………
A week ago I put some stuff on eBay, and it all turned out pretty well.A bunch of books and stuff. ( My old motorcycle boots brought $71 – not too much less than what I paid for them 25 years ago.) Bet of all, is everyone paid for everything already – yea!  A few more auctions end on Saturday – hubcaps and some car parts. 

Today is more work on the patio, after a trip to Home Depot.  
 I also filled up the car at Costco – to the tune of $50.79 !!! yikes. Gas here is especially pricey – today it is $3.47 per gallon for premium at Costco, which is usually at least 10 cents less than anywhere else. 

I’m so sad for the kids who got plowed into in Belmont. 

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At a few seconds of airtime. Saw in today’s paper that on V.Mars tonight ( which has had a airing break of 6 weeks or so ) that the episode with my arabian banner is on.  I think that it’s the last thing that I made for the art department – make that two of them ( one of them gets burned, the other is a double ). 

Yesterday was the second half of my deep cleaning at the dentist, which went *better* than last week. I took music to listen to / distract me ( along with two vallium ) which made it lots easier. She said that it was the hardest of what I have to go through, so next week I’m not so freaked out about.  The best thing about it all was that Richard & I have just changed over to this office, and both need about the same work – four crowns and deep cleanings. However, my estimate was $400 more than his, and when I questioned it yesterday they found that they had made a mistake in my charges – $100 for each of the crowns – so my revised estimate now matches his. 

It is much cooler out this morning, and raining a little – this will make great weather for continuing on with putting down the stone over the back patio. I will mortar in some of what I have laid out, then fit more into place until I’m too tired. I am not used to the lifting / squatting / chipping over and over and over again that it takes to do this project. On Friday when I started, after about four hours I was done in, legs shaking and back sore from it all. Today should be better. 

Tomorrow is jury duty, so I feel like I need to get done as much as possible in case I actually get put on a case for a few days.

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Last night we watched “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” ( which I think was recommended by   

??). A documentary about a musician/artist  who slowly goes insane, documenting a lot of it through his own films and music.  It was sad, funny, and fascinating. If that sort of thing is up your alley, it’s really worth watching.    
The other night we watched ” Iron Jawed Angels” which was a great movie about the suffregettes and their plight getting women the right to vote – thanks to 

 for that suggestion. In the vein of voting, next week I get to go to jury duty at the El Cajon courthouse.  Here standard jury service is “one day / one trial “.  Unlike most folks, I hope I get put on a jury.

There was a thing in the paper the other day about the upcoming  www.makerfaire.com   put on by the folks at Make Magazine ( a sort of a ‘popular science’ for today )  www.makezine.com  . It will be in San Mateo the weekend of May 19-20. If I were there, I’d be going to see some of the cool stuff that people come up with. Ethan, if you go, let me know what you see.

The sorting / packing / cleaning / yardwork continues. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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