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 as the Richards return from their week in Bonneville this afternoon. Three of those days I spent in Seattle, with the excuse of going to watch Justin in a cook-off at the farmer’s market. It was fun, but sooo hot – in the mid-ninties. Yuck. Heat like that is the reason I left SoCal.  When we ( a friend went with me ) left to come home, it was near 90, and passing through Olympia it was 100. Though when we got to the peninsula it was a overcast and a foggy 61 degrees. I’d be really happy with some sort of happy medium. No doubt I’m not alone. Even one of the local merchant’s reader-boards has in big letters "Think Sun!". 

Of course I planned to do a lot of sewing, but fell short. Seems like the time disappeared, as usual. I did cut out three shirts for Richard6, and somewhere in there got an idea for another baby quilt. A couple of weeks ago, I sold one of the ones I put on etsy, which encouraged me to make a couple more. I tried out a new/different method of sewing lots of squares together, but in the end I don’t think I got any better results, and it was more labor and time intensive. I hope to finish it today. 
It’s looking like putting myself out there again to do sewing for others might start paying off. In truth, I’d rather just make things that I want, but for now I’ll take what comes my way, and fill in my wants when I’m not busy for others.    

Something odd: for the past few days some of the birds – the finches and bluejays – have been coming up to the window and somehow perching on the trim ( there are no window sills )and staring in. I’ve been good about keeping the feeders filled ( Richard usually does that ) . It’s weird and a little disconcerting.

I watched a couple of movies this week : "A Single Man" -a beautiful love story.  I can’t recall a more beautifully filmed movie. Of course with designer Tom Ford as the director and screenwriter it couldn’t not be.
Then last night "500 Days of Summer" which was another love story that I totally fell in love with.  Now, it will be back to the ‘action’ movies that have become part of our lineup. 

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I can only imagine the shock of this happening. That poor baby! This weather has brought so many unusual things, but I think that about tops the list. 

 With some of the horriffic flooding and the like – I’ve been moved to tears watching all the devastation. For me it’s akin to seeing all of the fires that have ravaged California over the past year.
People who bought their dream home, on some property with a little creek running through it. An acre or two, a couple of outbuildings and a workshop, and things have been ‘normal’ for ten or twenty years. Now its all gone, swept away in a rush of water and mud.  Seems like that story has been repeated over and over on the news these past few days.

I have been doing little more than sitting and knitting the past couple days. I started a simple sweater with some pretty yarn that was a Christmas gift from my sister. Its the perfect thing to do in this weather. That, and watch movies.
The other night we watched one of the "that’s Entertainment" movies, and there was the most amazing ‘dance’ number – if you can call it that. I’ve watched the clip a dozen times, and can only see no more than four shots in the whole scene. I am in awe.

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counting down

With Richard’s knee in bad shape, the TV has been on a lot lately. We typically watch some  news and check the weather channel, but it is flipped around to the news channels for way too long in the past couple weeks. I keep telling Richard I’m having visions of Civic Duty.
This morning we’ve been watching a speech by Michelle Obama. She seems genuine, not like she’s trying to sell someone a $3 bill. Even, happy, not demanding or annoying.  I just plain like her.

The other campaign stuff is getting sooo tiresome.
Warning – Palin defense ahead: 
The current flap over the fact that the McCain campaign spent $150K on Palin’s wardrobe infuriates me. Not that they spent it – heck, she needs to be dressed well, very well to be in the spotlight that she’s currently in. And her husband needs a really good suit.  Believe it or don’t, that is not a lot of money to spend on well fitting clothes that essentially make anyone look like a million bucks. I read somewhere a long time ago that you dress for the job that you want to have. The infuriating part is that they say that the clothes will be donated to charity after the campaign. What????? Good idea, take a $2000 jacket and give it to Goodwill.  Does this mean that they are planning on losing the election? Or that if elected, she will go back to wearing JCPenny catalog suits? Seems to me that campaign money goes to lots of expenses that most of us don’t even consider.
Now, heres some funny Palin stuff that arrived in my inbox, courtesy of my sister. I know I’m not alone when I say that I cannot wait for this election season to be Done.

We’ve been having great weather here ( better than in most of the crappy summer we had ), and I wish I was painting on the trim. Instead, we have been working on the Business Plan. We’ve struck a deal on purchasing the little fabric shop, so there is a tremendous amount of work to do to get the loan package ready to submit. Not being real scholarly, this is a major effort for me.  

The other night we watched The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Wow, it was an amazing and beautiful story. An American movie done in French with subtitles. Nearly totally shot from the main character’s point of view.

Well, it’s back to the Plan.

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just a little creepy

Or, a lot.

Is it just October? This morning as someone was flipping channels, a story about this came on. Looks pretty real, but thankfully I’ve never been in a position that it would be handy. But, you gotta give the inventor credit for a creative solution!

I saw in truncated_ashes  journal that classic horror movies are on the menu at their house.
The other night we watched the creepiest movie. I’m more for the thriller genre than horror, but this was a bit of both. Most disturbing was how Christian Bale lost over 60 pounds before shooting began. Why I never saw this film before this I don’t know, but for some weird reason I think I would watch it again and again.  Richard commented last night that we seem to be watching a lot of "man’s inhumanity to man" stuff lately.   I’ll admit, I struggle with most things that come under the heading of ‘comedy’.  I want a mystery, a thriller that I have to wonder about after its all over.

I’m off to Seattle today; tomorrow, Mom and I head to Innovations for two days of classes. Sould be interesting / fun.

I’m looking forward to the debate tonight. I can’t imagine that there will be anything new there, but it may make for some good entertainment.
Will it be comedy or thriller?

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Even though I had been told ( by my all-plant-knowing-sister, thanks, Gretchen! ) that we had some wild huckleberies here, I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought until the last couple days. While we were doing prep work for the painting outside, I realized that there were lots of berries on one of the bushes. Then I looked around and saw that most all of the bushes were loaded with these same small berries. (maybe when they’re green they just blend in with the rest of the bush ) I had always thought of huckleberries as the ones that were in my grandmothers garden – the salmon colored ones. We have just one of those bushes, but there are the ones with the small dark blue ones everywhere. Lining the driveway, along the edge and through the wooded area of the property, and in most all of the vegetation off of the west side of the deck.  How cool to suddenly see that you’re surrounded in fruit – free for the picking.  This changes my idea of landscaping for next year. I’ll be leaving a lot of those right where they are.
 here is my initial bowl full
I need to figure out an easier way to sort and clean them, but I’m tickled that this is what we have.

We now have the cleanest house – all pressure washed and scrubbed with a sort of bleach solution/ siding wash. We’ve also removed all of the little upright pickets from all of the deck and stair railings – somewhere around 250 of them ( most with stubborn rusty screws ) and already the house seems way more opened up from both the inside and the outside. Now we have to let it all dry for a week or so before painting can begin. That gives us time to replace some siding, close up the old kitchen door, and re-caulk lots of areas where the weather has beaten things up.

And while I’m still thinking about food, we watched a great documentary the other night – which will change the way you think about food today.

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So, today is the first day of Summer. About darned time. Though we have yet to see the sun – we are engulfed in a layer of fog so far today. I have hope that it will burn off and we’ll be in the mid 60s before the day is done. 

Last weekend Ryan came to visit and was here for a few days. He helped us with the latest project: a set of stairs, of sorts that go from the patio below the deck out towards Richard’s garage/shop. 
        They are ‘floating’ steps, which is a series of 2 ft. by 4 ft. long platforms anchored togegether and shifted from side to side as they go down the slope. Now we can plant that slope, and hopefully it will mitigate some of the sand that inevetibly makes its way into the house. I plan to put something kind of clumping right along each side, then grass of some sort beyond that. Of course one thing leads to another, and now we need to replace the steps that go up to the deck on the west side – the bottom few are totally rotten. Always something. 

Yesterday we made the big decision to replace all of the doors and windows in the whole house. I have to equate it with buying a new car – except that there will be no gas or insurance, and we’ll never have to do it again. This house is thirty years old, and though all of the windows and doors are dual pane ( except the high ones in the living room ), they’re certainly from another era, with the aluminum frames and such. All the doors need replacing, and its only a matter of time before the windows are really bad, and it seems like it will only get more expensive to do this five years from now. 
We’ve begun to do the work to fix the well. Found a local guy who seems to be a water guru. Richard will be helping him to install the tanks and such; if all goes according to plan, we should have good, rust-free, non acidic water in less than two weeks!
Ryan gave Richard a hammock for father’s day, along with a huge stack of cedar planks to use on the new bbq. There is a learning curve to the hammock, as illustrated by someone who’s had one for awhile:
    vs. a newbie:  I’m sure he’ll get it sooner or later, if I can ever get him to just hang out and read ( pun intended).

We’ve now seen “No Country for Old Men” and then the other night “There Will Be Blood”.  I liked the latter much more than the former. 

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 Well, last week we stripped off wallpaper in the guest room. I think Ryan got it right when he said that anyone who puts up wallpaper should be required to remove it – it is so personal that I can’t hardly imagine any two people liking the same stuff for the same space. I have painted in there, and now need to do some decorative painting on one wall. Knd of like wallpaper, but someone would only have to paint over it, not strip it off. Now, there’s only two rooms in the house left which have wallpaper on them, and they are both the same foil type. Gotta love the seventies. I guess.
On Saturday while it was beautiful weather out, I went and bought more block and we finished the brick patio downstairs under the deck. Which entailed moving the woodpile, which I elected to do while Richard did a bunch more burning. I love the satisfaction of a completed project.  You would think the list would be getting shorter, but somehow ( that would be at my hand ) it just keeps getting longer. Funny how that works.

I’m thinking a bunch about furniture, and the other day it struck me that maybe there is a correlation between the overall size of our population, (more like Supersize) and the size of the furniture out there, complete with cupholders and huge puffy recliners for all.  Maybe that’s why I’m being drawn to the lighter Danish Modern stuff. I don’t want to get too big for my sofa! 

I took my quilting machine class, and as it turned out I was the only one. So it was a private lesson, which was great. I have scheduled Thursday to go and rent it for a couple hours to do a lap size quilt that will be for my sewing room, which will be a good practice piece.  And with any luck, I’ll finish the quilt top for the guest room, and be able to go and quilt it on Monday next week. Of course, now I want one of those machines to go in my stable. What a silly thing to collect, even if they are a useful object. I justify it somewhat by thinking I might start to try and teach basic sewing to 8-18 year olds, but I’ve been gathering for a while now. Currently the count is: two combo embroidery / sewing machines, three regular sewing machines, two overlocks, one cover-stitch machine. I think. And, two serious irons – a gravity feed type and a steam generator. And enough fabric to keep them all humming for a long time. Now all I need is to grow several more arms; maybe make just a sewing clone. 
I secretly hope it will be rainy the rest of the week so that I can just stay in and sew.  After I finish painting. 

Last night we watched “Perfume: the Story of a Murderer” which was both captivating and chilling.  Not often does a film make me want to read the book, but this one surely did.

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After a few days of snow and hail and lots of rain, the sun has come out. Wooo – hooo!  We’ve had beautiful weather for the past couple days, and have been busy outside.  
The tractor guy came last week and did a bunch of grading; now we have to wait a few more days for gravel to be delivered. A lot of gravel – at least 20 yards to start with, for the driveway, north side of the house and more for in front of the garage.  I’ve picked out a few trees to plant in the newly cleared area alongside the driveway – outside of my sewing room window. But there’s a little more clearing out to do there before I feel we can plant stuff there. I also got some pots planted for the deck.  

I took Sarah’s suggestion and we watched “Fido” last night. Can you say ‘feel-good zombie movie’?  It was a light break from a lot of heavy dramas that we’ve seen lately. I went to Netflix and we chose a few kid-type movies to have here for next week. Little Richard is coming on Saturday and staying for a week. We have plans to go and do lots of stuff – hopefully we’ll have some decent weather. One of my plans is to go down to Seaside and rent ‘bigwheels’ that you ride on the beach. Kind of like these (scroll down the page to see the Triker or the Triton )Richard and I did that maybe ten years ago and it was a blast.  They sit really low, and it feels like you go pretty fast.  But it would suck in the rain.  

Richard has consented to build me a big swing. ( He’s gone to the lumberstore now, so maybe it will happen soon! – like there’s nothing else to do ) It will go between a couple of trees and hang on about 10 feet of ropes. Actually, there will be two of them, the way he wants to build it. I can’t wait. 

The other day I signed up for a class on using a big quilting machine. Its over in Astoria. After I take it, I can then go rent time using that machine – it should be fun. 

enough now, back to it.


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the Bus

It was sunshining out in the morning, so Sunny and I ventured a quick walk. Just as we were partway down the beach, the wind picked up, and the rain and snow and then more rain blew in, soaking us thouroughly before we could get home. I had to change quickly, throw my coat in the dryer, to be ready to go to catch the bus. By the time we got there it was sunshining again.
 Yesterday we had the new adventure of riding the bus here in our town. We had dropped off the truck in Astoria for service the other day, and it seemed like a good time to try out the local public transit. For a whole 85 cents ( I just discovered there’s no ‘cent ‘ key on this keyboard !) each, we rode – the senic route – from here ( we caught it a block away ) to Illwaco, and then from there across the bridge into downtown Astoria.  The interesting part about it was that it was that particular driver’s last day after nearly twenty years, and lots of folks were getting off and on for short rides to say goodbye to her. Everyone was very chatty, and really friendly; obviously all knowing each other to one degree or another. Lots of talk about various goings on all along the penninsula.
After leaving the bus, we had a bit of a walk to the dealer, and on the way went to a great place for lunch. This will be my new favorite in Astoria – a good burger, fresh-cut fries ( with lots of salt and fresh pepper – like the kettles chips ), and a laid back atmosphere. From there it was a short walk to pick up the truck.

Today I’ll be sewing for the rest of the day. I spent some time doing some pattern work and cutting out a skirt at my new work table the other day, and  so far, the height seems to be fine. I do think, however, that it will need to be shorter in length to be a better fit in the room. Cutting it down by a foot or so will make it lots easier to move through the doorway, and at 13 feet, seems like I can afford to forfeit 16 inches.  

We watched “3:10 to Yuma” the other night. It was okay, but now I think I need to watch something purley fun.  Maybe I should move Fido  ( thanks, Sarah! ) to the top of our list. Sitting here waiting to be watched are Atonement and Michael Clayton.

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A fitting end.

Last night we watched “Hair” , which was on TCM, followed by “Alice’s Restaurant” . Wow. It was ‘Counterculture Night’ ( and the third film was “Five Easy Pieces” which we didn’t watch). Too late for us.  I saw Hair the stage production when I was 16 or so – maybe the first  play I ever saw? I had never seen the movie though ( which according to TCM was a flop because it was made in 1979 – ten years after the stage play began and not retro enough ) . In it were very young Treat Williams (nearly unrecognizable in long hair ) and John Savage. A great war protest done so much differently than they would today ( well, there was a draft then ) Richard had never seen the play, movie, and didn’t know much of the music; I knew all of the music by heart, having played it a zillion times as a teenager; though lots of those songs I haven’t heard for at least thirty years. It was a lot of fun.  I highly recommend it.  Alice’s Restaurant was not quite as good, and it was fun to watch Arlo Guthrie as ‘himself’ – he couldn’t have been 20 when it was made.

It was the perfect end to the last day of winter. “Be Gone, You!’   Today the sun was out and blue sky returned. For how long I don’t know, but all of the other plans were put on hold while we walked on the beach ( I took pictures of a bald eagle on the dunes ) . Sunny was in dog heaven, being free of the leash and taunted by the seagulls and happy  to have the chance to chase them.  We spent the afternoon working outside, doing more trimming and yardwork and moving the firepit area so that we can burn tomorrow if it continues to not rain. 

Here’s to the end of winter for this year. Hello, Spring.
I’m ready.

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