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the aftermath

Maybe at some point I’ll get used to these ‘storms’ ( we don’t have hurricanes here, you know ). Yesterday my friend and I did a walking tour and I took some pictures: this was at a cute little house that I wrote about last spring.

these trees came down at my neighbor’s house:

and those are the parts of the tall trees that broke off along with several others that just tipped over – 8 or 10 of them in one spot.
Lots of twisted off trees like this –
you think you’d hear all of these breaking, but the sound of the wind is so loud blowing through all the trees, it’s drowned out.There were folks spending the day uncovering this truck ( it was turned around the other way and totally buried and blocking the street to boot.
Can this ever look normal? Right now, around here, the answer is yes.
Behind us, there was a huge tree that nearly cut a mobile home in half, and people live there. So sad.

For now, it’s all quiet.
I am so thankful.

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round four!

As if three storms weren’t enough las week, we got slammed – literally – with a suprise storm on Saturday night. Winds of over 85 miles per hour, which started mid-evening and lasted about 12 hours. This wind came out of the west and north, which is unusual as our wind generally comes from the south. There are trees toppled everywhere. We were blocked in with downed trees on both of the streets either side of our house. The six inches of rain that we got over the past week really had the soil saturated, and lots of the trees simply tipped over. Bad news for anything in the path. Power lines came down everywhere, and a tour of the area found lots of tipped or broken trees resting on lines that looked as though they could break any moment. Pretty spectacular to see fir and pine trees snapped off 20 some feet in the air, where the diameter is two feet, and 30+ feet of the tree laying on the ground, vehicles, homes.
We lost power at 4 a.m., but through some miracle ( the hard working people at the PUD) it was restored in 24 hours. It’s still spotty – I have neighbors who are still in the dark. Some of the trees next door snapped the power lines that feed the rest of our block.

We lost a few trees, but no big damage. Shingles off of the roof, which Richard replaced, again – this was the third time up on the roof this week. We helped to get one of the big trees out of the road, and the fire dept. came and cut up the other one. However, I’m pretty worried that the trees across the street which are leaning more and more are likely to fall with the next big storm. One of them landed in the street, several others lost the tops out of them. I talked to the property owners last night, and they are coming Saturday to take down a couple of seriously leaning trees that are endangering our power lines.

So, my plans for the week are drawing out some patterns that have been rattling around in my head, lots of sewing ( I just got a huge box of stuff from my client in San Diego ), another baby quilt or two, and finally getting some items listed on etsy.
Just maybe I might pull out the aluminum Christmas tree that I bought a couple months back, and go through the decorations to see what I have and what I want to make.
I’m going to join my neighbors for Thanksgiving; and there’s a good chance that Kirsten and Olivia might come to visit from Portland for a couple days.

If the weather stays calm ( hope, hope ) it should be a great week!

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three strikes!

Since Monday of this week, we’ve been hammered by not one, not two, but three really big storms. To say I ( we ) need a break is an understatement. Lots and lots of wind, several inches of rain, and one power outage. We lost power for only eight hours the other night, and some shingles blew off the roof, but nothing serious. Last night a large branch broke out of one of the trees, because everything is getting weakened by all of the wind and rain. I fully expect a couple of the now leaning trees across the street to topple over since the ground is pretty saturated. It looks like the worst of the storms have blown through for awhile ( hope, hope ) and today is still grey, but so far just light sprinkles and a soft breeze.
We went to the beach during a lull the other day, to see what washed up. Lots of garbage, mostly, and not near as much wood as I expected. Though with all of the rain maybe things will have washed down the rivers and onto the beach during the next week. There were a couple of obviously sick birds – the toxic algae is trying to make a comeback – and I feel so helpless. The marine rescue center is full up and they aren’t taking any more.

Richard leaves for San Diego on Monday morning ( I have to have him to Astoria by 4:15 a.m.!!! ). Part of me wishes I were going too – it would certainly be a break from this weather. But, I know I’d worry about the house, the trees, the roof, etc.

I did get to Astoria on Monday and quilted little Richard’s quilt. I was the guinea pig using some groovy-boards that she just got for her longarm machine. These are plastic with grooves in a pattern that you follow with a stylus that rests in the groove. It took a bit to get the placement right, so it was a bit of trial and error ( she had never used them either ) but it came out good.

and a closeup of the back, which has a stripe of the original fabric that I used:

I started and finished two baby quilts as well – both of them are from the same line of fabric – ‘nest’ – that I bought a package of last year. The first is a string quilt

and this one I call ‘three thousand’ ( Richard said that it looked like a large agricultural area from the air ) which is my own pattern: I quilted both of them on my regular sewing machine.There are a lot more pics over on my flicker page.
So, in spite of the storms, it’s been a productive week.

Today we’re going to Astoria so that I can know where to drop Richard off at the little airport. I don’t want to find it for the first time in the dark ( and rain ) .
Hopefully we’ll be able to pick up the tv from the repair shop – it died a week ago – ONE WEEK OUT OF WARRANTY!!!!!.So, here is my official un-endorsement of Panasonic Plasma tv’s. However, he said that it’s fixable and that the part should be here this week. The repair will cost a fraction of replacement – yay.

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Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to Astoria to quilt on the longarm machine. I’m hoping there is power. I might have reservations about driving across the 4 mile bridge in such high winds. Maybe I worry.

Or maybe I went through a killer of a storm two years ago. This time I’m not home alone though.

We’re getting the heavy preamble winds before the big storm hits tonight. The radio said this afternoon that up to 50mph winds overnight, with tomorrow escalating to 70 – 90+ sustained winds tomorrow lasting through Tuesday. Damn.
To quote the report this evening: "In other places they call this a hurricane. There are no hurricanes here, so we just call it a storm."
ha. ha.
So, we prepped everything we could outside, and have our stuff in order in case of no power. I’m hoping that since we’re good and prepared, all will be for nothing.
Since the (almost) new tv went out last week, I guess there’s not too much that could happen, right? ( insert nervous chuckle here ) With the exception of the roof blowing off or windows blowing out, that is.
Yeah, maybe I worry. Think good thoughts for us, okay?

We’re getting the heavy preamble winds before the big storm hits tonight. The radio said this afternoon that up to 50mph winds overnight, with tomorrow escalating to 70 – 90+ sustained winds tomorrow lasting through Tuesday. Damn.
To quote the report this evening: "In other places they call this a hurricane. There are no hurricanes here, so we just call it a storm."
ha. ha.
So, we prepped everything we could outside, and have our stuff in order in case of no power. I’m hoping that since we’re good and prepared, all will be for nothing.We’re getting the heavy preamble winds before the big storm hits tonight. The radio said this afternoon that up to 50mph winds overnight, with tomorrow escalating to 70 – 90+ sustained winds tomorrow lasting through Tuesday. Damn.
To quote the report this evening: "In other places they call this a hurricane. There are no hurricanes here, so we just call it a storm."
ha. ha.
So, we prepped everything we could outside, and have our stuff in order in case of no power. I’m hoping that since we’re good and prepared, all will be for nothing.

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back, finally

 It was a long and wild week. As suspected, the storm hit and I lost power. As not suspected, it hit hard, and played havoc with everything here. I did keep a brief daily accounting of what went on, and so I’ll post it here.

Sunday Dec. 2
The wind and rain picked up, and we lost power around 11 a.m.  I felt pretty good, as I had fifteen gallons of water ( to flush with – as we are on a well with an electric pump ) firewood, candles, flashlights, canned food,  a butane single burner stove, and an oil lamp.  It seemed like all for naught when the power came back on at 5:45 p.m. I reset the clocks, and made dinner.  Worked on finishing the green hat that I had begun knitting the previous day. It turned out to be only a little reprive, as the power went out for good at 10:45 p.m.  
To say it was windy was a huge understatement. Yikes. Pitch black outside, raining like a son of a bitch and blowing harder than I could believe.  I stood outside trying to get Sunny to pee in someplace sheltered, but there wasn’t any. And it was pretty unnerving to be standing in the midst of all the trees whipping around in the dark. We went to bed, I felt a drip on my head, and there was a small wet spot on the comforter. I moved the bed out of the way, and hoped it wouldn’t turn into a full fledged leak. Needless to say we didn’t sleep. The sliding door felt once or twice like it would just blow in, and the sound of the trees blowing and things occasionaly going ‘thump’ in the dark was terrifying. I debated on staying in the bedroom – what with the windows, but I didn’t want to go downstairs and make a space there to lay. I think Sunny was at least as scared as I was – no doubt taking her que from me.  

Monday Dec. 3
I got up to a not quite as windy day. It was warmer than usual – somewhere in the upper 50’s. We took a short walk and surveyed the neighborhood damage. Our house did okay – some shingles off of the garage – maybe 5% and about 10′ of ridgecap shingles gone. A few shingles off of the house roof over the deck where a tree limb likely bounced off after it snapped. The leak in the bedroom was likely from wind-driven rain, thank goodness. 
The neighbor to the east of us had a tree snap off and land on his deck, with little damage. The old guy across the street to the west lost nearly half of the shingles on his roof – lots of them ended up around our house. Down at the end of the street on 295th ( a main road into the area ) there are six 150′ trees lying across the road, and under them a lot of power lines snapped and laying with the transformer on the ground. Up and down the street are large trees tipped over or big limbs snapped off. 
Listening to my new best friend KMUN ( the Astoria npr station) on the radio tells us there are 70 foot swells at the mouth of the Columbia. All boats have been moved out to sea until they reopen the bar. The radio station has a giant elm tree fall onto the roof of the building, crushing the AP satelite dish, and entangeling in other antennas – so no outside news at all. Nothing from this side of the river either, as the bridge was closed. The wind is still blowing over 70mph, with 80+ gusts. A lot better than the 110+ from the night before. I hear all roads lead nowhere, so we’re stranded.
Made a fire in the evening, lit the oil lamp and lots of candles, and began a new knitting project. I am wearing the green hat that I finished.
By evening, the winds had died down a lot, but it is still blowing pretty hard. We went to bed early, and slept.

Tuesday  Dec. 4
Only slightly windy at about 20-30 mph.  Made breakfast of a ham and cheese omelet – I need to use up food in the refrigerator. I drove into town to buy more lamp oil and some Coleman fuel for a lantern I found in the garage. The stores were out of ice, and the general store was without backup power, so there was a line outside and you were escorted when you were let in. I felt lucky to have cash on hand. 
Made chili and shared it with the neighbors – no way to keep any leftovers. I’m really grateful for this little butane burner. And flannel sheets, down comforters, firewood and a fireplace to burn it in. And the roof and windows intact.  And KMUN Astoria – there are updates constantly, though they say the power may be off for several more days.  The phones are still out – you can only dial within your prefix – no long distance, and the cell service is spotty at best. Verizon and US cellular are the only ones working, intermitently.
I feel really alone, and cut off.

Wednesday Dec. 5
It is still , ( wonderful!) foggy and cool outside. Breakfast was coffee and cookies. Telephone crews swept the area checking for trees on the lines. We have a tree across the (semi dead-end ) road just past the end of the driveway resting on a line, but they tell me it’s cable. 
The birds have returned. This makes me happy. 
Sunny and I walked into town, and took lots of pics of down trees along the way. I was surprised to see that all but one had been cleared off of power lines from just the day before. We walked back along the beach, and it was good to get some excercise and just be outside. I did some picking up of debris and shingles, and noted one more tree snapped off alongside the garage – but no damage to anything. 
The windows all look as if they are on a car being towed behind a motorhome through a dirty mountain road. You cannot see anything clearly out of them, so I’m compelled to use some of my water and give them a cursory wash and squeegee. I never thought that washing windows would lift my spirits so much. 
The forecast is for cooler tonight. The UPS man showed up ( to deliver the new bathroom sink ) and said there is power halfway up the penninsula. I have hope for power tomorrow. 
The typical quiet around here is punctuated with the sounds of generators, and chainsaws. The air is thick at times with smoke from burn piles and wood stoves and fireplaces. I decide to conserve my firewood and not light the fire until after dark – which seems like it’s around 5:00.

Thursday Dec. 6
It rained all night, but no wind to speak of.
As today is the typical trash day, I pitched the contents of the refrigerator. My cell phone is out of juice and there is no way to charge it other than running the car. There is no where I need to go, so it seems like a waste. 
Gary & Judy called to say that they are going to the Roadway Inn in Long Beach, and I am welcome to come and use the shower. Sounds like such a wonderful thing right now.    I saw the PUD guy doing a line sweep of the area and he said that it’s likely we will have heat by this afternoon.  
I decided to stay here in hopes of having that hot shower before bedtime tonight.  This afternoon I un-knit the hat/scarf thing that I started as I realized there wasn’t enough yarn to finish it. I am starting it over. I don’t want to do anything but wait for the power.  It is so weird to be able to hear BBC world news, but nothing from Seattlle, Portland or the rest of the area, with the exception of a brief story that someone hand carries into the station. 
The temps outside are dropping, so I started a fire this afternoon. I have become an *expert* in using a bellows. 
5:00 p.m. – Judy at the corner calls to tell me they have just got power back. The grid here is some sort of insane jigsaw puzzle, so even though she is four houses away, we are fed from different lines. I also heard that Surfside area has power now.  I guess we are in  some sort of ‘no man’s land’ – some sort of hole in the grid. 
 The phones are mostly working this evening – so I could talk to Richard using the house phone. So glad that we still have an old fashioned plug in phone. I miss him so much, and am tired and worn out. There’s nothing that I want to eat, and the crappy weather has returned, but without the wind. Now that its dark, I can see lots of crab boats’ lights out on the water. And lights on neighboring streets. Some jerk even has his Christmas lights on. We are still in the dark. It is 9:30 and hard to get into the cold bed ( though it warms up nicely ) and even harder to get out of it in the morning. 

Friday Dec. 7
It is chilly in the house this morning at 46 degrees. No power, and my mood is low. I just ‘knew’ that there would be power when we woke up, but no. I took the neighbor up on her offer of a hot shower – no doubt many days without and wearing a hat on my head to keep warm has taken its toll.  The shower helped, and I decided to go to town to the Post Office ( they were working sans power when I was there Tuesday with little headlights on ). There was a huge pile of mail and packages waiting. Had lunch at the cafe & yarn shop ( and bought some yarn to finish up my project ).  I drove around a little, and over on Sandridge road ( the main north-south route on the east side of the penninsula ) there is piled 8 to 10 feet high of trees, branches, and debris all along the way. I am amazed at how much clean up people have done in just a few days. I did see a huge telephone pole snapped in two places.  Pretty unnerving. 
I drove up our street to see porch lights on! Heat! Water! Power! tears.  Such a relief I can hardly describe.  And, the sun is shining to boot. I made calls to Richard and to Mom, and feel completely happy.  
I am closing the flue on the fireplace – I’ve had enough of that for a bit. Now its time to do a weeks worth of dishes, clean up, and get things back to normal. I opened the freezer and to my surprise the only thing partially thawed was some ice cream. I think it is because this is a bottom freezer, and only a year old. yay!  There is still no cable & internet, but no matter.  Read the local paper and there it says that we had sustained 81mph winds for about 30 hours, and the first ever hurricane ( yet unnamed ) here.  This tops the Columbus Day storm of 1962.
I watched two dvd’s completing the Deadwood series. 

Saturday Dec. 8
It is beautiful outside, and chilly.  We went to the bakery for scones and coffee, and then went for a walk on the beach. A brief trip to the grocery to restock the fridge, and to the fishmarket for some fresh crab for dinner.  
I watched Ratatoulli – cute.   At just before 11 pm, I see that the cable has returned, so I watched a bit of news out of Portland. 

That about sums it up. All in all I feel pretty damn lucky – there is no outside coming inside of our house. I feel like I picked a pretty good one. And hopefully I’ll never see another such storm. 
Here are just a couple pictures.
 this is our ‘camp’ each evening
 downed and moved trees along 295th a common post storm sight, though this didn’t go through the roof and was cut down yesterday.

the snapped utility pole.  This is after the wind travelled over a mile across wooded land to slow it down. 

I am spending the rest of the day doing some sewing, and reveling in having things back to normal.

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weather switcharoo

Yesterday it was beautiful and sunshiny here, the nicest day we’ve had all week. I took this picture when we went for a short walk on the beach:
Today however, is a different story. It was nice when we woke up, but quickly clouded over with a thick grey mat across the sky. Then, we got this:   Yup, snow! This is supposed to give way to a real storm, coast style. Which means a lot of rain – 2 to 3 inches and high winds by tomorrow of the 60-80 mph gusts variety. Good thing I took care of  errands yesterday, and I have a stockpile of firewood and a working furnace( at least while the power is on ). I need to spend some time today going over my ‘Storm Checklist’ – getting some water stockpiled, candles and flashlights at the ready, etc.
Richard said that yesterday in San Diego there was over an inch of rain. yipes! He also told me today that he sold the Mustang – yay! I put ads on craigslist yesterday morning for both it, and the ’61 unibody pickup. Hopefully the truck will sell as well, leaving less to deal with down there.

I’ve been busy since Richard left. Sunny though has become super clingy – I thought she would come out of her skin when I came home after being gone for a few hours. I made the trip into downtown Astoria ( it is only 64 miles roundtrip ) to order the vanity for the bathroom. I’ve purchased both the new sink and faucet ( ebay ) and they are on their way. We won’t actually do the bathroom until after the holidays,  but the wheels are in motion.
I got all of the new blinds installed on the living room and sewing room windows. I love them – it feels like there is soo much more window now. (I measured and there is actually 25% more window exposed with these new blinds vs. the verticles that were there before!)
I spent  a couple hours sorting through boxes downstairs looking for my knitting needles, and finally found them. So now I am nearly done with a hat that I bought the yarn for last weekend while in Seattle. I think hats will become part of my everyday clothing. And boots.  And gloves. 
I’ve been working my way through ‘Deadwood’ – seasons 2 & 3. Richard didn’t really like it, and we cancelled HBO before the series ended, so this is a good time to finish it up.
I did some rearranging in my studio to carve out some workspace. That is where I will be spending most of the coming week – getting things done for the San Diego client.  I think maybe I should make Sunny a couple of new sweaters today, giving what’s coming.

One more picture – an amusing sticker that we saw on the rear of a car last week:the sentiment is really funny to me.

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be careful what you wish for……………………
Sunday night the Big Wind came. Really big, with 50-60 mph winds and gusts of 90+!  We lost power at 5:07 am on Monday morning; lighting, wind, driving rain, etc. The ups ( battery backups ) sounded the ‘no power’ alarms and I got out of bed, and turned them off and unplugged them.  When we got up at daylight, around 7am, Gretchen was doing the dishes with the last of the hot water, and she had made a fire. Her and Tom headed towards home, and to get a cup of coffee somewhere along the way.  
We did okay, having a good supply of firewood, and made good use of the little burner that they had left here some time ago.  Thank goodness it wasn’t too cold, and the rain had left with the last of the wind midday Monday. We do need to come up with a checklist of things to take care of when an approaching storm is coming – namely, fill buckets of water, as the well pump is electric, which means we need flushing water.  I have an oil lamp, coleman propane lantern, and a supply of candles.     We did make a trip to Long Beach yesterday afternoon for ice, as we didn’t know when the power would come back on.  We went to a friend’s for dinner ( who got their power back yesterday morning ) and when we got home there were lights on. happy dance :))
We only lost the tops out of a couple trees on the north lots, and a tree fell across the road by our driveway just about where the last one was. No big deal. The wind did push a lot of water at the south wall of the house, and we got a leak in the ceiling by the sliding door in my studio. I think we found the source, so we’ll attempt to protect it for the next ( coming ) storm.

Needless to say, I have done nothing as far as painting goes, and the carpet is still scheduled for tomorrow.  I did get the fabric off the wall, but that was the end of it. It was just too dark in there to work. Today we will move everything out of both bedrooms. Tomorrow evening we can move it back in.  Looks like I’ll just have to cover the floor before painting.

Richard is now toying with the idea of leaving early this coming Monday, and having thanksgiving with Lauri. Seems like it might be a good idea to get to San Diego and do the work on the Falcon sooner – I am feeling a little nervous about the drive back here with winter storms on the horizon.  If that’s the case Sunny & I will make trip to Seattle for the holiday.  Some of this depends on the plumber coming to finish work on the garage – if he comes this week, then Richard will go next week.  

A belated Happy Birthday to Ethan, who turned 35 yesterday.  My dad used to always ask on Ethan’s birthday ( to nearly anyone ) “do you know where you were xx years ago today?”  Then he would go on to describe that he was fishing on some river and what he caught. That was one of those funny things about him that I’ll always miss.  Ethan, I hope you had a great day.

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