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kite festival

On Saturday it was beautiful out, so we went to the Ilwaco farmer’s market, then on to the Kite festival in Long Beach. It is always the third week in August – usually a safe bet for nice weather here. We parked south of the main event, and walked along the great  long boardwalk to the main gig.   We were just a little too late for the ‘mass ascention’ of flat and bowed kites – but it was pretty impressive nonetheless. There were lessons – or not.  oops! guess someone didn’t plan for the tide?? coming in at the beach. And a few of these ( which we unfortunately didn’t see in action )  But it looked like that would be a really good time on an empty beach.
No handlebars – I assume that you hold the large kite which pulls you along, and you steer with the footpegs and the kite. Looks like way more fun for a tenth of the price – I found one here for under $600.
I was oddly mesmerized by the huge octopus kites – they are around 80 to 120 feet long and the tentacles float along with the wind. Personally I don’t understand spending $5-8K on a huge kite like that, but I’ll gladly watch.This seems to be the only one out there for such huge kites, and from the looks of it at Long Beach on Saturday, there is no shortage of buyers. Seems there are kite festivals everywhere along both coasts throughout the spring and summer. There is good video on youtube of the Berkley event where there are a lot of those gigantic kites.
I attempted a couple of videos:
This is one is a group of folks practicing for a quad competition.  
And this last one is a related video showing an attempted record event that we missed seeing-
I can only imagine the hours of practice needed to attempt to pull that off.
We only stayed a couple of hours – enough to get sunburned a bit.

That’s my big time out – back to the sewing room now. New quilt started; I hope to finish it in a week so I need to get busy.

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I, the Rainmaker

 Would you like some rain? It’s so easy. Here’s how you do it in just two steps: 

1. Wash all the windows (outside).
2. Wait. This usually takes less than 24 hours. 

Works for me everytime. 


I did go to see the kites yesterday afternoon. Kettle corn – I’m a sucker for it.  I was not there at the right time to see the sky full of kites, but I did take a couple pics  and this trail of little things going off into the sky makes me smile  . There was this 80-some year old guy flying three two-handled stunt kites at once which was pretty cool to watch. He got them going all in tandem. You can see it here:


And lastly, this was worth sharing:
 And, no, I do not do oysters. No suprise, I’m sure.

Richard left Bonneville this morning, and should be home sometime tomorrow. Yay!
With this turn in the weather, I will stay in and sew today.

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Home. again.

Making the trip to California was a wonderful reminder of why we moved. Driving through San Diego, we were both taken at just how brown everything looked. And where we stayed, in Alpine, almost no one has a lawn. Lots of reddish brown dirt, rock gardens, and not many people have much in the way of landscaping , as water is getting scarcer and a lot more expensive. Of course I saw our old house, as I visited with my neighbor one afternoon. They planted lots of stuff along the fence, which has died, and things looked generally neglected. The property values have plummeted, and I can’t express just how grateful we are to have sold when we did. There are houses all around that neighborhood with asking prices $150-$225K less than what we sold for. Wow. 
I got to visit with some friends, and just relax for a few days. A friend took me to the airport on Monday afternoon, and because I don’t fly very often, I was struck by the ‘people dynamics’ there: lots of people trying to make no eye contact; everyone working on whatever electronic thing they had to keep them busy; most people who were talking with someone were complaining about something. When did going on vacation (or anywhere ) become such a chore?I did see one really happy gentleman – he brought a huge boquet of roses and lillies onto the plane – I wondered who he was going to meet – he was quiet and smiling the whole time. From the plane I could see a couple of the fires still burning in northern California. I sure hope the picture there changes for the better before ‘fire season’ gets underway.

Darn, it feels good to be finally home. Not that I was gone so long, but its so nice. And, its especially good that the weather is swell.  I dorve home from Seattle on Wednesday, with the last two hours of the trip in a serious downpour. It cleared up yesterday morning and is beautiful out. 
I think Sunny misses my Mom ( where she stayed for a week ), but she was sooo happy to have a good run on the beach. I took this a while ago, but it gives a sense of a good day here. 
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I’m hoping that I can figure out – or maybe someone can clue me in as to how to put a video in here. 

Yesterday I went to pick blueberries at a farm ( where they also have cranberries ) but came away only with enough to put in pancakes. Because we’ve had such a cool summer, the crop is a month behind schedule. We’ll go next week, and should have better luck. I did go across the river and went to  the new Home Depot in Warrenton. We now have a humminbird feeder as well as a thistle feeder for the finches. Hopefully no squirrels will try to spoil the party.  
Today I will venture into tourist land to go to    http://www.kitefestival.com/index-wsikf.html    
There is a lot of catching up to do around here. We need to get serious about a fence, as the deer have obviously put our house on their feeding rounds. They like tomatoes, and are doing a great job of keeping them about a foot tall.

Richard comes home from Bonneville in a few days – not exactly sure when. The quiet is nice, but we miss him.


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catching up

 Wow. It’s nearly the end of the week already.  I sometimes wonder about the “beginning” or “end” of the week – is there a difference when you don’t go to work? hmm.  
We had a wonderful weekend with the boys and Mom here for a couple days. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day. I am so grateful that I have children that I really enjoy being around. Saturday it rained all day, but Sunday it was pretty nice out. We all ended up going to the beach for a while; it was cool and breezy.  Plenty windy enough to get kites in the air. So, everyone took a shot at both of the two-handled kites that we have here.  One of them is a huge, three meter air-foil type and is so easy to fly, once you get it figured out. Sunny got her fill of running, barking, and chasing the kites in the air. And pouncing on the big one when it landed. It took a little time, but once Mom got it, she did great with it. The wind was perfectly out of the west, which made it just right. We even saw someone speed by on a land yacht  – and now we want one of those too. I think Richard could build one. After the swing.

I began to work on the drapes for the living room. Got them all cut out. But, my wonderful (steam generator/boiler ) iron died. It had a good long life – I think I’ve had it for six or seven years;  it was often on for 10-14 hours a day for a few years when I was working so much.  I dug up the backup – a  gravity feed iron (similar to this) that I got from my old boss, and hopefully it will work until the new one arrives.  But, I won’t be sewing for a day or three —-

its beautiful weather ! and should be in the mid 70’s for the next several days. I am so ready to be in a t-shirt. That, coupled with the lengthening days should see us outside catching up on needed chores. And going to the beach, of course.

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