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We had a nice visit to Seattle over the weekend. Funny thing about living at the beach – all of the traffic is headed here for the weekends. On the drive both to and from, we passed a gazillion motorhomes, trailers, and such going the opposite direction. No traffic for us! We stopped along the way to pick and eat blackberries – a completely new experience to Richard!

On the return trip we stopped at two Sears outlet stores, and purchased both a range and a dishwasher. Both for a steal. We need to have propane brought in, and the bonus is that I’ll be able to cook some even with the power outages that we’re prone to during winter storm months.
We also have chosen the tile for the fireplace surround and are ordering it today; the mason finally got back to us with a bid.

I went blueberry picking yesterday afternoon, as the weather was nice – a sharp contrast to last Friday’s picking only about a pound in the rain/drizzle. After an hour and a half, I came away with around four pounds. The crop is really late, so it looks like there will be plenty to pick for a couple of weeks, unless the weather turns really cold.  Richard said this morning that it feels so decadent to be eating fresh blueberry pancakes every morning. Enjoy it while it lasts.  

We still have over two weeks of summer left. I’m counting on it.

This weekend is the Rod Run to the End of the World. We will go and wander around and see, essentially, this

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Almost gone.

This has been a really hectic week here. What with getting things ready and into the trailer, realtor issues, car moving issues, and work. 
Turns out that the trailer had the wrong wheels and tires on it when it was built. This took a couple of days to iron out, but short story is that we bought four new wheels and tires ( at a discount, but still it angers me to have to spend the money when it should have been right in the first place ). But you gotta do what you gotta do, and the trailer will have over 10,000 miles put on it over the next several months with all of the moving.
Richard went to pick up the Datsun 510 last night. Finally.  I’ve no idea if it  is truly done, but he drove it into the trailer. Now, this afternoon we can load the rest of what we’re taking into it, and with any luck, we’ll leave tonight.
The LaDawri was picked up by Horsless Carrige on Wednesday night. Fussing with the money was a bit of a hassle, but its done now, and the car is gone. Richard of course had a bit of sellers remorse.    There is also someone who is going to buy his ’57 GMC pickup – one more down – whoo-hooo! We’ll deal with the details of that when we return ( he’s in Arizona and needs to get it shipped ). 

We’re grappling with the fact that the real estate market has “adjusted”, as the realtor says. We don’t have a firm number yet, but its not looking like what we want it to be. And he is strongly suggesting that we have the engineer come and do a full re-evaluation of the house ( another $575 that we don’t want to spend). I feel a bit anxious about that, but what are you going to do? If that helps to sell the house, I guess its worth it. 
Work has kept me busier than I had expected this week. I also got a call to work on a concept presentation that will be a two day shoot next week, but I had to tell them sorry- I’ll be gone!    So, as of now, guess I’m unemployed!  yippee!

I will, or should be able to post while we’re gone, as I bought a dealie that will let me teather my cellphone to my laptop and get a broadband connection, with the addition of a service on my Verizon account. I thought about getting a little network card, but that comes with a two year contract, and I don’t think I want it for that long.  This setup should get me through the move, and its only a month to month charge. 
Gretchen and Tom are at the house, and will be there for a day or so after we arrive on Sunday sometime.


will come out on Sunday,  and stay for a day or two.  We will be making a trip into Seattle to take care of some business for a couple of days, then back to the house for a couple days before heading back to Santee. 

The list is long for today, and its not getting done while I’m sitting here, lots to get done before we gooooooooooooooooooooo.

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it’s over. .

Well, the car sold, but just barely. There was an nerve wracking final five minutes, that we actually were hoping that it wouldn’t sell, so that we could change a few things. But whatever, seems like there is always that hindsight.  The person who bought it is creating a museum of interesting cars, and while its good that it will get restored, Richard wishes it went to a hobbyist like himself. So today I have to go to the bank and learn about wire money transfers. Then Richard needs to prepare for the car shipper. 
In other car talk, we will be bringing home the enclosed trailer later this week. Richard will pick up the 510 Datsun and that will go in, and next week I will load stuff from the house in it. We leave to go north in 12 days, and I want the trailer full. 

This is the last episode before the hiatus at work, and I don’t think there will be very much for me to do. There’s been a few odds and ends each day, and I assume that by next week this time my part will be over. 

The realtor came by yesterday, and it was kind of annoying that in every sentence he used the all inclusive “we’. To his credit, he did make a couple of suggestions regarding some things that we were pondering. Of course, he did try to impress on us that now is really the optimal time to list – but I made it clear that we are waiting until the end of April as there are things I want to get done. After he left, Richard decided to call a local guy for his input too. We’ll talk to him sometime this week.
We now have new neighbors. They bought the house nearly six months ago and moved in over the weekend. They have done a ton of work inside, and my hope is that by the time we are putting our house on the market, they will have done some outside work as well.

I just realized that the days all fall on the same weekday in March as for February. Of course that wouldn’t be the case if it were leapyear.

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 It’s been a really quiet week, which has suited me just fine. This afternoon I get the staples out of my head. Everything’s getting better, but not at the pace that I want it to. 
We watched ‘Jesus Camp” the other night. It was good, but missing something. It made me cry to see how some people will push kids into being ‘ moved by the spirit’.  Thank goodness that after the film came out, the woman running the Kids on Fire summer camp shuttered it under threats and the negative press it got. 
We also watched ‘The Village’ which I really liked. It was so — pretty,  though somewhat predictable.
Tonight we’ll watch ‘The Prestige’ – I can’t wait. 

Richard plans to spent tomorrow at the big swap meet at the stadium, dropping off a transmission that he sold, and looking for a few finishing items for the Falcon.  Thanks to the Craigslist, he getting rid of lots of parts and stuff – some that he had been planning to scrap! He’s also sold a couple of vehicles, nothing exciting, but that means the fleet is shrinking! Yay! 
After a lot of thinking, he’s decided that the LaDawri will be put up for sale. It was designed by a man who was 5’6″ and built by a guy about that same height ( he met the original builder a couple weeks ago and said that he felt like a giant ).  It would take some serious modification to comfortably fit Richard’s 6’2″ frame.  Even with no seat in it, he cannot sit straight upright.  So now we need to figure out how to best market it, and get it listed somewhere – probably eBay.                      These are a couple photos that I found of a finished model like the one that Richard has.  I think its a really striking, pretty car. 
While he is gone, I plan to do some baking.

We’ll meet the first prospective realtor next week. I think its a bit premature, but hopefully the input he gives will give us some guidelines in deciding what needs to happen before we put it on the market.

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