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one more

So far my ‘sewing every day of September’ challenge is paying off.
Today I finished the Happy Happy Joy Joy quilt; binding on, label made and sewn on. Done!  I’m so happy with how it turned out. Here is a closeup of the quilting / stitching that I did on the longarm machine.   I freemotioned daisies in the 13" block centers, with loop-de-loops around the borders of each block, then a smaller daisy in the brown block joining corners. A few crossed lines, but I’m okay with it.  The fabric is all from the line "Katie Jump Rope" by Denyse Schmidt and is sooo soft and silky. And the backing is from the same – just one of the prints    
This quilt makes me want to ‘save’ it until spring – it is so not a fall quilt. But, its a king size, and one I’m keeping; it will likely go on the bed soon.
I have lots of extra fabric as I collected without a pattern in mind. And this particular pattern was really wasteful  – a whole shoebox full of cutoff triangles which I hope to be able to use in another quilt along with the rest of the leftovers will go into a few baby quilts possibly to sell. With a couple more days in the month, I’m hoping to get a couple more things started.

The trip to Portland was fun, and I saw lots of really beautiful quilts. Lots and lots of stunning machine quilting work. I saw quilts with hundreds of hours just in the quilting – very pretty, but there is a part of me that is sad in that the ‘quilt’ is lost. Those that will never be laid on a bed, and used to warm someone, but rather tour the show circut, collecting ribbons, gracing a magazine cover and ultimately be hung on a wall. I almost understand when it’s an "art quilt".  I feel about this like I feel about ‘show cars’  – hot rods that are built with a gazillion dollars and hours invested, then never getting the joy of being driven; instead being trailered from show to show. Maybe I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s a level of perfection that I won’t ever achive and I’m jealous. Or not.

The rain has returned after a couple of really nice weeks. Luckily, we finished a lot of trim painting last week. There’s still the beams below the deck, but, you can only see that from below on the patio. We’re trimming a few trees to allow a bit more light into the house. I think after last winter I need all I can get on those short dark days.
Sunny is adjusting – slowly to the new radio collar/fence thing. I think she’s pouting a lot, now that her freedom is restricted some. Today I made seven pints of blueberry syrup and canned it. Nice haul for seven pounds of blueberries. It will be even better in the middle of winter, taking me back to an all too brief moment in summer.

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the little project

Knowing that the weather is bound to turn, I came up with a plan to keep some color ( besides the red house ) outside during the drearier coming months.So, yesterday morning I decided I could do a quick project just for fun. I sort of had an idea, and worked it out as I went along. I began by making a trip to Jack’s as they carry a huge selection of oilcloth. I bought an assortment of remnant pieces – the print wasn’t as important as color was. Out in Richard’s shop I found a large ball of narrow sisal rope, and it just sort of went from there. Here’s the result:
 and a closer shot:  I’m happy with the result – and now I want to make a few more, with smaller pennants. One for the west side,  and maybe one for below the deck, where it doesn’t get much sun. Originally I was thinking to use up some cotton fabrics that I have, but I think they would weather way too quickly. No doubt some of the neighbors might think I’m totally loosing it – first the red house, then the painted boat in the yard, now these banners. Whatever, all the color makes me happy.

Today I finally finished painting all of the rafters/beams and trim on the east side of the house (since the bees have left that area). Hooray!There is still all the beams that support the deck on the patio downstairs, but….eventually. The weather was really warm today – mid 80’s, so it was perfect for getting this finished up. Richard finished wiring the radio / invisible fence, and the ‘training’ has started. It will take a week or so before she’s trustworthy. Heck, for all I know this may send our neurotic little dog over the edge ( there was another escape yesterday, and generally wigging out over the fact that ladders were out and about today )

Early this evening we came upstairs after painting, and I spotted whales blowing out in the water! We got something to drink and walked down to the beach; it was the warmest breeze coming out of the east and the tide was out. The 3 whales ( at least thats what we think ) were not too far out – maybe a quarter to a half mile or so. When we came home the sun set and not too long after the sliver of a moon followed it into the horizon.. It will be mighty dark tonight with only stars out there.

I did sew a bit today –  I began the brown messenger bag. I also basted zippers on the Aidan quilt ( they are used for loading it onto the longarm machine). Tomorrow I head over to Astoria to do the quilting on Aidan’s quilt. It should be a lot of fun.

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Here’s the all-too-familiar scenario: friends come for dinner, and we have a great time, eating, drinking wine and talking. It gets dark, they get ready to go; more chatter at the door. The door opens, with a lingering ( two seconds! ) good-bye before they walk home a few doors away.

She’s gone. zoom. Into the dark.
Little Shit.
This happens whenever someone comes over.

Of course they feel terrible. It’s cold, windy, but luckily for me it’s not raining. "Doesn’t she come when you call her?"
 nope. Not that one. Little Shit.
Richard sets out one direction, I go the other way. Our friends go home at our urging – not much they can do. I jog about a half mile, covering a few blocks – calling and whistling but no sign of her. You find her by listening.
I meet up with Richard in an area just east of us on a sort of road – it’s a path really – that is the continuation of our dead end that runs behind the house. A overgrown wooded area that I’ve heard big dogs in and that I don’t wander in even in daylight. We hear her barking off down that direction. She’s been running for 30-40 minutes now; we catch sight of her in the beam of the flashlight. A little tired at this point, she comes when we call her. She is green/brown with poop.

God knows how many things or what the hell she found to cover herself in. She slunks along at the end of the leash. She knows what lies ahead.               The ten o’clock bath.
This is why we’re putting up a fence.

I was pretty warm at this point, so I went outside for a few. I took this video – of noise. You can hear the native sounds – the ‘frog chorus’ as my sister appropriately calls it, along with the ocean.

I am over the running, finding, and bathing of the pup. ( she is still a stinker, though, just ’cause ) This noise makes me happy.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Seattle for a few days. I’m excited to go. I finished my quilt top, and got the back ready as well. I may try to quilt it at Mom’s house over the weekend.

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Long Week

I thought the election would never end. Thank god that the mailings, commercials and all that crap is over. I think there should be a limit placed on how early campaiging can begin. A big hooray that Palin will go home. Just maybe she’ll now practice some ‘traditional family values’ and raise her kids. I just don’t get absentee parenting by choice. It’s not that I’m sexist, I just think there should be consistensy in parenting. And there was no way she could be a ‘mom’ as the VP. She has a baby for christs sake! I know that Obama won’t exactly be available for his kids, which is sad, but I don’t honestly think that will be a huge change for them.

We’ve been having stormy weather all week, and the other night we had our first power outage of the season. That same night Sunny broke her collar and took off on a run. Dark, rainy,windy. She got into something, which caused her to have violent sneezing attacks that lasted all night long. A trip to the vet next day found nothing wrong, thank goodness, and she’s all better. Whew! Its so horrible watching a child or an aanimal in distress.
It looks like Richard’s knee was an attack of pseudogout. Its better, kind of, but yesterday he went in and got a shot to alleviate some other pain in there. Surgery will likely be in the future, due to a torn miniscus inside I think. bleh

The fearmongering just won’t end. Is it really here to stay? Cripes, there was a hideous ad that we saw for a child locator, which works when you just can’t watch your kid for that second when the perp swoops down to get ’em. ( it works from a few hundred feet away to within one inch! – is that in case the kid is on the other side of the tree hiding from you????)They want us to believe that the Big Brother thing is just plain normal – you need to be able to spy on your kids, the nanny, cars running red lights, citizens on public streets, parking lots, etc. Those red light cameras are a revenue generator, nothing more. I’ve never seen one placed in an intersection that has a high rate of accidents. This crap makes me nuts.  I kind of like my privacy, and anonymity thank you.

We are now starting the waiting game. We’ve delivered things to a couple banks, and only time will tell if this will pan out. Just maybe now I can begin catch up on all things neglected while we’ve been focusing on this stuff. There is still information to gather, but only a little compared to what we’ve collected over the past couple months.  I think the biggest thing that may stand in the way would be this economy. Everything is so bleak out there. 

Right now I’m not liking the fact that to find a new pair of jeans, or shoes, or ?? I need to go to the Big City. Some things you gotta try on. The nearest shopping options are Fred Meyer and JC Penney. Swell. Living in the country has limitations sometimes.  

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I’m leaving for Seattle this afternoon. From what I can determine, the roads are clear between here and there.  Then I’ll fly out on Thursday around noon. 
I am so excited to see Richard. I woke up way earlier than usual this morning, knowing that if I could get things done here, I would be able to leave today. Not that that makes Thursday come any sooner, but.

I have managed to fill the short time in San Diego with lots of visits to family and friends, and an appointment with my hairdresser to boot! Richard should be done with all of his stuff, so we can hang out for the couple days, and then leave heading north on Sunday morning.  We’ll also be stopping in Manteca to see Ethan and Sarah on the way back.

This is the year of no mailing presents. At least that’s my plan, so yesterday and today were spent finishing some things up to take with. 
Now, a quick rundown of my checklist before leaving, then I’m outta here!

It will be so weird being without Sunny for a week……………………..I really hope that she doesn’t make my Mom too crazy . 
Just because, I made her a new jacket-y thing for the trip.

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immortalized forever in a 9×12 frame. Last night I received my ( christmas ) present : the portrait of Sunny done by Julie’s fiancee, Craig.     I’m in love with it. The detail is amazing, and I think he absolutely ‘caught’ her “I’m about to do something” expression to a tee. I also made an addition to the photo gallery site which has a few more shots of it as well as two other portraits that he’s done that you should have a peek at. 

We had a nice brunch yesterday morning at Lauri’s house, then came home and Richard continued working on filling the trailer. Friday evening we loaded the MG midget in. I think at this point there is room for only lighter weight things, like linen closet items, and clothing that will be leaving the other closets here.  Today I am making appointments for next week for the phone to be turned on, as well as the cable – for internet access. We ordered an alarm system that will get delivered next week while we’re there ( it needs a phone line ).
Of course I’m not looking forward to the long drive again, but am happy that a week from now I’ll be at the beach!

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Valentine’s day

I’ve a little work to finish up and deliver to the studio. 

The rest of the day will be devoted to getting everything ready for dinner right here tonight.  Richard delivered a pretty candle thing ( lit ) to me in the dark this morning, with a few balloons attatched. This latter part totally spooked Sunny, who spent the next fifteen minutes alternately peeking in the bedroom door and growling a tiny bit then running off down the hall ( about thirty times, I think ).  I guess she didn’t like that they kind of moved / floated around a bit, and when Richard finally coaxed her back in she could not take her eyes off of them. She’s such a weenie sometimes. 

Yes, this is the same picture I put up last year, but I think its a perfect fit. 

I hope everyone can spend the day in sweet thoughts about love, whether past, present or future.

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