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Justification for a picture

Yesterday we took Mom to her sisters’ house near Westport. It was a nice drive, and good to get out of the house and do something other than work on ‘the plan’. Along the way there is this beautiful farm between here and South Bend, in a pretty valley with cows, a stream, pasture.    I think of my friend Rose every time we drive by.    

Catalog season has officially started. Now that Halloween is behind us, its a no holds barred on the mailings.

Today we dropped our ballots off. I think that there should be early voting everywhere. I kinda wish we were someplace where we could go and watch the returns in a  festive manor. I’m so sad that Obama’s grandma died today.  That has to ramp up the emotions by a factor of 10.  Watching the news all the candidates are looking so tired. This had certainly been an endurance test – on the American public as well.

So Rose, this is for you. I miss having friends near.

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back to Cali

Remember that funky 80s? song?

We left Seattle Sunday morning – both of us with a cold. Though the cold seems to be behind us already. The trip was uneventful; stayed in our usual spot in Red Bluff Sunday night, and arrived here early yesterday evening. Northern California was still pretty smoky, and on the radio there was a 10-15 minute fire report. Each of the active fires and how many acres burned, the % of containment, etc. Staggering. 
We’re staying in Alpine with Richard’s sister – about 40 miles inland in the foothills where it’s pretty quiet. One amazing thing here is that Gary ( her husband )has cultivated quite a large group of hummingbirds. Four feeders whic have two to ten birds at each one at any given time. Its like watching a little ballet coming and going constantly – so long as there is nectar in the feeders. They come and go from a large oak tree which is twenty feet away – there must be hundreds in there. The occasional oriole drops in for a drink as well and just before sunset they all go into a sort of a feeding frenzy. I will try to shoot some video; its pretty cool to watch. 
Its funny to be able to sit outside at 7am and be warm. 

I brought some knitting with, and I plan to just do a little visiting with friends and relax. Richard will spend his days out at the yard doing car stuff.

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late night thoughts

 like so many others, I can’t quit thinking about the fires.  Something akin to guilt, I suppose; but it’s not that – guilt is a harbinger? of something done wrong. Of course its not wrong to be glad your not in the lap of disaster. I am so so so relieved that we’re not there. 
But scared for all the folks that I know that are there.  I heard just a bit ago that Richards’ brothers’ huge, expensive home in Jamul is gone. Though unconfirmed, my heart goes out to them. I know that they evacuated on Sunday to the family property in Lakeside.  Little Richard ( our grandson ) lives in the only area of Poway that wasn’t evacuated. Most everyone else we know is out of harm’s way, I think.  I don’t know yet the status of friends in the Crest area – I think they evacuated – who rebuilt their home after the Cedar fire four years ago – it took them over two years to just ‘rebuild’ by buying a mobile home – nice, but not anywhere near to what they lost.  I can’t imagine.

What must the people who bought our house feel like – new to the area ( and from what I know the young woman’s husband hasn’t arrived yet – so she’s alone ) . 

We’ve also heard that the yard where Richard still has cars narrowly escaped – but everything there is covered in a thick layer of ash.  I don’t know when we’ll go back at this point. 
I can remember when we lived there if I heard of a fire, I would get seriously emotional and have a hard time just keeping my composure.  I’ve been on the edge of tears off and on for days. There is something so scary about fire. Even though so much of it is natural.  Damn the government for not keeping the back brush burned off and cleaned up. And even the thought that some of it is arson is unfathomable. 
There is no explaining how it can change your life forever. You can rebuild your house – but never the same though.  

And what in the world will this do to the real estate market? 

Just the thought of people getting burned  I guess is the thing for me. A number of years ago I worked in a semi-volunteer type job at the Burn Clinic at UCSD Hospital in San Diego. Once a week I would go in and measure, re-fit, and repair burn ‘presure garments’ – things made out of a heavy girdle type lycra, designed to be 5% tighter than skin. Made for every concieveable part of the body. From baby’s feet – so tiny as to go between little teeny toes ( yes, there were a lot of those ), to whole face masks for near burned away faces. The embarrasment of every one of those people is what really got to me. Knowing that they would go through the rest of their lives getting funny  looks and rude questions tore me up. And how they would sometimes relax, just a little, when I was around – a walking example of old burn medicine and extinct technology. 

I really need to listen to the ocean lull me to sleep. For a while anyway. 
Of course there will be more news tomorrow.

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I think this will be the last time posting from the So Cal area. At least for a while.  
Like I thought,  ( but not really ) the past few weeks have flown by. I honestly didn’t expect to have so much to do for the weeks following moving out of the house. But time has a way of filling all moments. How profound, I know

Seems like there has been too much time spent getting my car right. I finally picked it up today – after over a week in the shop. They replaced the back window – something to do with the antenna going south ( which controls the door locks as well as the radio ). I had a loaner the whole time – gratis – so it was mainly the annoyance of having to go back and forth to the dealer’s a few times, but now all is swell.  Good thing, because the dealer won’t be anywhere near as handy after next week. 
There’s been a number of other moving -related things that I remember to deal with here and there. Hopefully we will not have to wait weeks before the mail actually reaches the new address, like a few folks we know. So, I’ve been changing things over as I think of them. 

I saw my client today, ( and no, she doesn’t live near the slide zone – which is above the freeway – she is on the water view side ) and delivered some of what I picked up from her last week. Fit a few more things, and got her FedEx# to ship things back as I finish them; I’m not sure at this point when we’ll be back here. 

Today Richard worked on reorganizing the trailer some, to accomidate the plants that still need to go in.

Tomorrow is Julie’s wedding.  I’m excited that I get to see her and a few other people before we go.  She now has several friends in the Seattle area, so chances are good that she’ll come that way in the not too distant future. That makes me happy, because as most of you know, I don’t make friends too easily, and its so hard to part with the few that I have. I did help a neighbor set up a webcam, to keep in touch. I know what some others will be getting for christmas this year.

We have had a few dinners with some friends in the past week. Tonight we went ot Lauri’s and had dinner with the kids and grandkids. We will miss them. The little ones will grow up so much by the time we see them next – even if it is just until Thanksgiving. 
The retirement party was the worst thing ever ( actually not a retirement party at all ) . 
It will be a bittersweet leaving in so many ways.  

Ryan flew in last night to see his friend’s and their new baby. He and I will drive back together in my car. I’m looking forward to it. The Falcon will have to wait until the next trip. It just isn’t quite ready to go.
We leave at ‘o’dark-thirty’ Monday morning. The plan is to stop in Manteca and see Ethan & Sarah, then possibly head over to the coast for the rest of the drive up.  We’ll finally be home by Wednesday at the latest. 

I can’t wait.

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