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The center of town is busy with tourists buying souvenirs & t-shirts that no-one really wants. The go-cart track seems to have a couple people running – rain or shine- no matter what time of day or night. The beach horses are usually in their corrals. The local festivals begin: Garlic Festival, Doggie Olympics, Sandsations (sand castle weekend)  and the biggie: The Kite Festival.

Weather be damned, the kickoff is the Memorial Day weekend. An event billed as “The world’s longest yard sale” – when our peninsula turns into a huge bargain hunting mass of people for three or four days.  Which is really just the beginning to the official garage sale season. The signs go up; lots of those you see over and over again and you know after the first time that those ones are to be ignored. Who would even want to have a yard sale more than once every few years I just can’t imagine. Our Wednesday newspaper want ads increase each week when it comes out.  I tried my luck at a relative few; my goal was to go to 1000 of them ( not really). However, I made it to maybe two dozen before I gave up. Partly because I came to my senses and realized I was just wasting time when I could be sewing. Partly because I quickly got tired of seeing tables full of mismatched tupperware and old florist’s vases, and all the assorted odds and ends that no one ever buys, but the sellers clean out of their cuppboards in the hopes that someone will.

Not that I didn’t buy anything. But there were certainly no big ‘scores’ out there like I always hope for. No fabric – at least nothing good, unless piles of ugly polyester blends is your thing. Dang, I hate that. There was someone who had a boatload of beautiful old printed table linens, but no bargains to be had,  so they stayed right there. I found this pair of glasses for just a buck:

I also got a birthday present for a friend:

  These cute stacking cups looks like someone’s ceramics project from thirty years ago or so.  Short one cup, but what the heck?

I also couldn’t resist yet another lazy susan for myself  – just because of the colors ( and the fact that it was just a few dollars )  No chips or cracks, and complete with the turntable underneath. And who knows? Maybe I will have the big buffet someday and be able to put several of these lazy susans to use. I guess I could use one of them in my sewing room to put little things in…….but what?

This week I’m sewing a bunch of bags – grocery, handbags, and clutches to get stock for next weekend’s show at the coffee shop. Pictures will follow when I have amassed a pile.

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It must be the beginning of summer. There is lots of busy happening, and not much posting, by me or anyone else lately.
A week ago the big yard sale here on the peninsula was somewhat of a bust – it was rainy off and on. We went to a few while Ryan was here; I did the best at an estate sale across the street.  Here’s a couple of the *treasures*:   Singer model 99K complete with buttonholer attachment and hard case.  I found this twin bedspread hand crocheted and in near pristine condition  – it will make a beautiful tablecloth:  along with a few other linens ( of course ).
There were lots of bad ceramics at the estate sale across the street, but I had to have these two pots  which are both funny and frightening:   Do owls have snake eyes like the white one?They are big – each will hold a 10" pot.

I know that June is usually the wedding month, but seems more like birthday season has landed. I made these linen bins for Ryan 
  They were a simple pattern that I drew up, and I embroidered just the big one.

After the crappy weather that we’ve been having, I jokingly told my neighbor that I’d make her an ark. On a whim, I made this little ‘ark’ for her new little kitten – Cheetoe  who immediately took possession of it. And, it quit raining for a day or two.

I painted the kitchen. Orange. pics later.

School let out today, and tomorrow we’re leaving for Vancouver and Victoria. Richard6 has never been to Canada (or on a ferry!), and is anxious to have his new passport stamped.  We’ll be there a couple days and be in Seattle for the weekend. I’m so excited to be done with monitoring all the school stuff.
Here’s hoping for good weather while we’re there.

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On Friday we went out to a bunch of the yard sales. I found a few sweet deals:  
       this little pair will be added to my collection of figurines.  ten cents!  it’s hard to find men’s patterns, and great when they’re free!   one more machine to add to the stable.  and another press – at 1/20th of the new price for $10 !  yay for a bunch of bargains.
Yesterday we had our yard sale, and we sold both green couches to one neighbor, and the little loveseat to another! A few other things went, then having acomplished what I set out to do, I moved one box back inside and then we put a large FREE sign on what was left.
This morning most of the things dissapeared, which means no hauling it to the thrift store.

Richard is indulging himself in a day of racing ( indy and nascar both ) so with money in my pocket I’m off with a friend to the Astoria Sunday Market.

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