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I’m all ready to go to Astoria on Monday to do the quilting on the tattoo quilt. The borders are on and the back is together. Here is the progress: which all came out of this: .

Today I went across the river to find some sashing fabric for the dresses quilt, but I’m not sure about what I chose. I guess I just need to contemplate it for a bit. When I got home, I started on a couple of baby quilts this afternoon – hopefully these will be to sell. I’m doing these in a string quilt style, which I’ve never done before – it’s kind of fun and interesting to put together. Then I’ll start on making a few dresses ( the kind that you wear, using vintage patterns as a jumping off point ) with the intent of selling them on etsy .
(Which is not at all like regretsy – my new constant source of amusement; which is sort of like craftfail, but really more….. amazing )

It’s been really rainy and windy all week, with a tiny bit of blue sky thrown in off and on. Last night the wind blew sooo hard I thought sure there would be damage outside this morning. The chipmunks and squirrels have mostly gone ( do they hibernate? it hardly seems cold enough ) and the birds are switching up some. The big toxic algae bloom that hit the coast and sickened and killed hundreds of birds two weeks ago is gone, but the other day at the beach I saw a large dead pelican washed up. I assume it was from the storm, but, who knows. This week in our paper there was also mention of a large dead sea lion that washed ashore on our beach, as well as an unidentified man. creepy – they don’t know how, where, or who. Dental records will tell. Not my idea of a good job.

So I think this is me settling into winter. No big house projects for awhile. A fire every night. Lots of sewing, walking when it’s not raining, weekly yoga. It sounds pretty okay to me.

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A fitting end.

Last night we watched “Hair” , which was on TCM, followed by “Alice’s Restaurant” . Wow. It was ‘Counterculture Night’ ( and the third film was “Five Easy Pieces” which we didn’t watch). Too late for us.  I saw Hair the stage production when I was 16 or so – maybe the first  play I ever saw? I had never seen the movie though ( which according to TCM was a flop because it was made in 1979 – ten years after the stage play began and not retro enough ) . In it were very young Treat Williams (nearly unrecognizable in long hair ) and John Savage. A great war protest done so much differently than they would today ( well, there was a draft then ) Richard had never seen the play, movie, and didn’t know much of the music; I knew all of the music by heart, having played it a zillion times as a teenager; though lots of those songs I haven’t heard for at least thirty years. It was a lot of fun.  I highly recommend it.  Alice’s Restaurant was not quite as good, and it was fun to watch Arlo Guthrie as ‘himself’ – he couldn’t have been 20 when it was made.

It was the perfect end to the last day of winter. “Be Gone, You!’   Today the sun was out and blue sky returned. For how long I don’t know, but all of the other plans were put on hold while we walked on the beach ( I took pictures of a bald eagle on the dunes ) . Sunny was in dog heaven, being free of the leash and taunted by the seagulls and happy  to have the chance to chase them.  We spent the afternoon working outside, doing more trimming and yardwork and moving the firepit area so that we can burn tomorrow if it continues to not rain. 

Here’s to the end of winter for this year. Hello, Spring.
I’m ready.

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