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the little project

Knowing that the weather is bound to turn, I came up with a plan to keep some color ( besides the red house ) outside during the drearier coming months.So, yesterday morning I decided I could do a quick project just for fun. I sort of had an idea, and worked it out as I went along. I began by making a trip to Jack’s as they carry a huge selection of oilcloth. I bought an assortment of remnant pieces – the print wasn’t as important as color was. Out in Richard’s shop I found a large ball of narrow sisal rope, and it just sort of went from there. Here’s the result:
 and a closer shot:  I’m happy with the result – and now I want to make a few more, with smaller pennants. One for the west side,  and maybe one for below the deck, where it doesn’t get much sun. Originally I was thinking to use up some cotton fabrics that I have, but I think they would weather way too quickly. No doubt some of the neighbors might think I’m totally loosing it – first the red house, then the painted boat in the yard, now these banners. Whatever, all the color makes me happy.

Today I finally finished painting all of the rafters/beams and trim on the east side of the house (since the bees have left that area). Hooray!There is still all the beams that support the deck on the patio downstairs, but….eventually. The weather was really warm today – mid 80’s, so it was perfect for getting this finished up. Richard finished wiring the radio / invisible fence, and the ‘training’ has started. It will take a week or so before she’s trustworthy. Heck, for all I know this may send our neurotic little dog over the edge ( there was another escape yesterday, and generally wigging out over the fact that ladders were out and about today )

Early this evening we came upstairs after painting, and I spotted whales blowing out in the water! We got something to drink and walked down to the beach; it was the warmest breeze coming out of the east and the tide was out. The 3 whales ( at least thats what we think ) were not too far out – maybe a quarter to a half mile or so. When we came home the sun set and not too long after the sliver of a moon followed it into the horizon.. It will be mighty dark tonight with only stars out there.

I did sew a bit today –  I began the brown messenger bag. I also basted zippers on the Aidan quilt ( they are used for loading it onto the longarm machine). Tomorrow I head over to Astoria to do the quilting on Aidan’s quilt. It should be a lot of fun.

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new stuff

So I managed to get a bit done downstairs in my sewing room. I reviewed boxes of vintage fabric, and sorted it by color; it should make finding a particular piece easier later on. Its fun to look at stuff that you sort of forgot about, or hadn’t seen in a while. That caused me to review a lot of vintage patterns, and a few new ones and begin the process of choosing which pattern and fabric will ultimately be wedded together. Fun.
I spent one day embroidering a weeks worth of new dishtowels. Mom brought me a bunch a couple months back to replace my yucky-bad-water stained ( rusty / dingy ) ones with. I looked through designs that I had and settled on some days-of-the-week roosters, just because they look so vintage-y. ( What females among you never had ( or wished they had ) days of the week underwear when they were young? )
   I also spent one day making new napkins, as lots of the existing ones are more than ready to be up-cycled into their next life as dust rags. In doing that, I learned a new technique on my overlocker – turning a pretty sharp corner while doing a rolled hem. Pretty cool when you figure out how to do something differently or better.  These are all simple but necessary things to do, while figuring out what the next thing is.   

 I think I might just attempt to sew myself a pair of jeans. Something I always said I’d never do. But, being unable to find just what I’m looking for: the right rise, the right fit through the hips and thigh, and the straight, not tapered or flared leg might just have me give it a try. Not to mention that I also am unwilling to pay $$$ for jeans. I have oodles of dark, heavy denim in the stash; no more is it ‘Levis 501 or nothing’ out there in the land of custom and designer jeans. They also don’t require those special little copper rivets anymore, and I do have a couple of stud buttons ( from the ‘extras’ off of some of the hundreds that I hemmed while at the studio ). This would entail a mock-up first, but I think I’m game.

The search for the dining set has been nothing short of frustrating. I’ve widened the range of places that we’re willing to go, in hopes that there are fewer people looking in those places as well. And I seem to have missed out by just a day on several sets – and again I wonder why don’t folks remove the ad once the thing has sold. I sense some sort of conspiracy there. hmmm. kidding. 
 But, last night in my searching, I discovered a pretty cool tool that lets you search a bunch of CL sites all at once http://www.craigshelper.com/  . Perfect for if you’re searching for a really particular thing. I also found an app at( craigstoolbox.com ) that you download that lets the pics show up without clicking on each ad, and it worked pretty good last night, but today everything bogged down to the point that I uninstalled it.  I started with the trial version, and even tried to pay for it because I liked it, but couldn’t seem to do that either. Oh well, it might all be moot because I found a set and even have spoke to the guy, and we are going to Dallas ( the one right outside of Salem ) to look / buy tomorrow.

Lastly, on the critter front, while a neighbor was here on Wednesday, I thought I saw a whale blow; she thought I was crazy. We ended up at her house – they have a perfect unobstructed view of the ocean – and we watched them for half an hour or more. It looked like there were three of them, one really close in, and they mostly stayed in the area.  Pretty cool.
I am counting down to daylight savings time, which is in just two days!!!! And spring begins in just another two weeks!

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