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 We are being beaten down by…………….squirrels. Yup, those “rats with good PR” are taking their toll on the both of us. And Sunny. They are in the floor joists, between the upstairs and downstairs, alongside all of the heating ductwork.  This week, Richard has torn apart the wall in the laundry room to replace the dryer vent that they chewed through when we blocked their access from the outside for two days. We since opened it back up for them to leave. 
After searching online every which way I could think of, all I came up with regarding erradicating squirrels from your house was: 
squirrels in the house are very destructive, and you need to make sure they don’t get in.  Yeah, thanks for that.  Nothing that tells you what to do to get them out!   My neighbor swears by one of those ‘tickers’ – an ultrasonic thing that plugs into the wall and sends a noise throughout the house via the wiring that makes small rodents and bugs want to vacate. I have my doubts, but out of desperation we bought one nonetheless.  (Also today a crew from the power company was here to do the final replacement of an outside wire – where we lost power a couple weeks back- that they said squirrels may have chewed through, and one of those guys swore by it too – so maybe it might just work ) I will say that within a half an hour after plugging that thing into the wall on Tuesday, the formerly mostly silent little creatures have become really animated and it sounds like they’re holding the olympics in there – and moving it from one spot to another.  The package, along with the two reccomenders, say it takes a couple of weeks until they are gone. I only hope they don’t take my sanity with them.
The main little guy runs along the deck, pausing to have a staredown with us on his way by- or maybe he’s just flipping us off. I guess we’ll get a trap, but I’m aftaid that since there’s only one that we’ve actually seen, it seems that if we trap him, the rest of them might die in the house. What to do??? And because I’m on the topic of critters: we also had a bear or something ransack our trash yesterday ( mostly a lot of insulation that the damn squirrels had made a mess of out of the laundry room wall), and I discovered a growing ( about 10″ ) wasps’ hive on the eve of Richard’s shop. great.

On a positive note, the weather here has finally warmed up to skirt wearing temperatures – in the low 70s. Is Summer really going to arrive after all? I am for it.

Aside from that, I am in the process of starting up an Etsy shop – I’ll be putting a bunch of stuff (beads,  jewelry, and handmade things ) that I have sitting here, as well as adding to it with some new things. If anyone has any experience and wants to offer input, I’m all ears.


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 Today it actually feels like summer. Finally. 
Here on the southwest coast of Washington the temps are in the low 70s, and tomorrow is supposed to be warmer still.  And for the first time in a long, long while, it was clear – even out over the ocean – at dawn.  

I’ll take another month or two of this, thank you.  

One can dream, right?

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