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 Let me begin by saying: I am NOT a wall hanging person.

First, there was this little thing I did as a gift, and because I liked it so much, I made one for myself to keep. Why? I have no idea.  (but I am still NOT a wall hanging person )

Then, last year I made this small piece to try out the quilt-as-you-go technique (that I just used on the big quilt):
Both of these things have found a home in my sewing room.( but really, I am NOT a wall hanging person )

Then, at the retreat I went to last fall, after I had pretty much done all I could on the selvage spider web quilt, I began a project sort of on the fly. I had the box of selvages with me, so it seemed like a thing to do. I came home, put it away, and the other day I began working on it again, with the idea to finish it up to put it in our guild show in March. All that’s left is to finish the quilting — I’m once again attempting to do some free-motion work –and bind the edges.  It’s about 44 inches wide x 38 high.
   ( but really, I am NOT a wall hanging person ) This one sort of began to take on a life of it’s own. While looking through my (huge) scrap bin, I’d find another piece of fabric that would make just the right detail. Then parts started looking empty so I added a bit more. The detail pieces are all appliqued on and I used some machine stitching to define a little more.  
( a confession of sorts, I like it. )
 But what am I going to do with it???
I don’t want to walk into my house in a year or two and find quilted wall hangings in every room. I will be vigilant, and no more wall hangings.

For now, anyway. 

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