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 I’m feeling lucky today. 
Lucky that I have a mom.
Lucky to be a mom.
Lucky to be able to be a grandma/mom to a boy all over again. 

This past week I went on a trip with my Mom and sisters to Victoria; it was making good on the Christmas present that the three of us gave to her. We were joined by my sister’s mother-in-law, which made it a nice group of five. The Clipper ride was wonderful – I would do it again in a minute. We took a bus ride to the Buchart Gardens, and it was a totally tulip-palooza. Everywhere you looked, there were tulips, and lots of them. This greeted us as we walked in the gates:   lots of gratouitus picutres under the cut

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 I figured out the plan for the selvage quilt; it will have large spider webs in the centers of each block mainly in one color, with black & white smaller ones in the corners.  Sorting, figuring, sewing, again, again, again. I began sewing on Saturday afternoon, and got a few blocks done; same on Sunday. I’m really liking it so far: 
and a closeup of one block   

I love having this design wall. I can rearrange the pieces at will, and currently I’m going for one color in the center of each block ( but that might change after I get more blocks made ).They take a long time to sew and each triangle measures over 8" on the right angle sides, so those blocks are fairly big. ??Somehow I missed one of the beige ones; could be that it got swept up in the pile o’ scraps before I put things away.   One more to make won’t be a big thing as I planned for this to take 144 triangles, so I’m about one third of the way there. 

Tomorrow I head for Seattle again, to finally make good on a Christmas present for Mom. My sisters and I are taking her on a overnight girl trip to Victoria. We board the Clipper early Wednesday morning, arrive in Victoria 2&1/2 hours later. We’ll do a tour of Butchart Gardens along with a few other sights in a city that I’ve never been to. We spend most of Thursday there as well, and dash home on the clipper that evening.

Then I’ll drive back home on Friday morning in order to attend Richard6’s school ‘portfolio showing’ ( not sure what that is ) on Friday afternoon .  

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