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So the day after Valentine’s and I’m still in the spriit so I’m sharing a couple of pictures.  The first is of a quilt that goes on the bed this time of year – I made it for our anniversary six years ago ( it’s comprised of over 1300 little rectangles and about fifty different fabrics, mostly with hearts on them ) . It always makes me smile when I bring it out; I love how it plays off of the black furniture that we have in the room. 
      The second is a little project I did yesterday for our dinner table. A ‘carnation chandelier’ ( the idea came out of a magazine ) which turned out lovely with all the candles lit. That is until just as we were through with dinner and I was clearing the plates, I knocked over a full glass of red sparkling wine which really did a number on the antique linen cloth 😦    , but I think I can save it.
(The wine by the way was a wonderful Australian sparkling Fox Creek ‘Vixen’ that was a beautiful compliment to the lamb chops with basalmic & black cherry sauce. )
I did get a call in the middle of cooking from work, but I was able to beg off and go in really early this morning for a few hours, and get everything done there. There are some things I won’t miss at all about this job.  Supposedly I am caught up for the next few days.  I’ll know for sure when the phone doesn’t ring.
My foot is better, but still darned sore. I miss walking – as does Sunny. She’s about to climb the walls, I think.

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