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yeah, I know.  a few late nights for us.  we are trying hard to be out of the house by tomorrow night, if at all possible. And just be done with the whole thing.  I am continually amazed at the contentiousness of this whole deal.  If we didn’t want to sell and be gone so badly, I would have been over it and told them to ^$#$%&&^$  already. 
 Thing is, I really want it to go well. I want to leave the house clean and nice. 
 I guess they got me there.  
Yesterday, no wait, make that today ( its late ) we were informed by their agent that they planned on closing tomorrow – Thursday.! Oh, and their movers have been scheduled for Friday – military movers, no less.  I guess everyone knew all about it but us.  
So this afternoon, we went to the escrow office, and while signing another round of papers we are presented with “Repair order # 3” . This latest one had yet another few items on it ( it seems that each time we tell them no on something, they ask for something else in addition ) This time it was the agreed items from the previous two repair orders, minus the $500 that we refuse to give them, plus all of the potted plants outside.  We both kind of lost it.  I know that it seems like we’re taking a chance on throwing the deal out, but they keep pushing and pushing and we have had enough.  Moving the closing date up, demanding that we are out to suit their schedule, and wanting an explicit list of petty items ‘repaired’ wasn’t enough for them.  I’m so annoyed that I don’t want to meet them at all. (Mom and dad, who are the ones actually buying the house for their little girl and her husband, and who is behind all of the pushiness – I think – are flying in from PA tomorrow night to help the ‘kids’ move ) 
At the end of today, the escrow folks are funding the loan tomorrow, recording it on Friday, and we retain posession until 3pm. 

I am waiting for Richard to get home from the ‘yard’ – someone decided to drive down from LA tonight to buy one of the project cars that he has for sale. 
We did go to Richard’s sisters’ house and have a look around today. Looks like all we’ll need to keep out for the three weeks that we’ll be staying is food and clothes. They still have a house full of stuff left there.  We feel so lucky to have that as an available spot to land for a bit. 

I am cutting off all of the utilities here as of Saturday.  This means that I will be losing my doglick email address. bittersweet.  But time to move on. 

When I have a few more minutes, I will try to catch up on the past week.  In short, we had a wonderful time, great weather ( hot, even – in the upper 80’s ) and got to visit with Gretchen & Tom, and Mom and Ryan for a couple of days.

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