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With company over the long weekend, and work (!) the past couple days, I feel like I’ve been out of the country for a week or so.

Monday was Richard’s surgery. It went well, but I was the non-present caregiver. It turned out that the same day I had to go to the store and begin a full inventory. So, I dropped him off, and our neighbor a couple doors up the street greeted us to take him into surgery – she is a surgical nurse at the local hospital. She called me when he was ready to be picked up, and I left the store, went and collected him and brought him home. One of our neighbors offered to come and check on him mid afternoon, and so I guiltily went back to the store. Two days later he is feeling only a little pain – so we’re hoping that this is the beginning of the mend. Here is a pic of what the doctor wrote on the other knee:
 I like how they took care not to confuse the one with the other – a ball point pen NO on the not to be touched ‘good’ knee.

I am now done with Christmas!!!!
2007. Yeah – I’m the lagger in the gift dept. I finished Justin’s coat last week and it went back to Seattle along with the old one that I made for him twelve or thirteen? years ago. Other than the lining missing, and it severly threadbare, it was still all together. I hope this one lasts half as long. I took a pic of Richard in it, but its just not the same as the intended recipient. Here’s a closeup of the sleeve and pocket detail instead: 

Thanksgiving was nice, quiet and intimate. Ryan and Mom drove out and stayed until Sunday. It was lousy weather, so mostly we hung out, ate, talked, Mom and I both did some knitting, and Ryan worked  some.  Sunday the weather was nice, and in the afternoon Richard helped me to put up Christmas lights. I am a fan of the big old fashioned colored lights – I have collected lots of them at yard sales over the years as folks replace them with those new fangled ones. Not that I don’t like think the new ones are pretty, and they’re certainly more energy efficient, but I like the nostalgia factor of the old big ones. The strands that I have probably won’t last too many seasons here in this salty climate though. But there were enough good ones to decorate the south end of the house.  No doubt they are the first lights ever strung on this house. Maybe this weekend we will look for a fresh ( as opposed to shipped to So Cal )local tree. We didn’t have one last year with the aftermath of the storm, making a trip to San Diego mid month, and then being in Seattle for Christmas – so it will be the first tree here.
I would like a fake tree – to avoid the light stringing and the watering – but maybe next year.

As I mentioned, we ( the owners, a couple employees and I ) are doing a full inventory at the store. It is long, tedious work, and has consumed the past couple days. So far we’ve unrolled, measured and rerolled about 1500 bolts of fabric. Today the owner has another commitment, so we will resume and finish up tomorrow. The remainder of what’s left should go pretty quickly. Then that will be more information for the banks. This is such a long process. I am anxious for it to be done.

Now I can begin to get ready for Christmas!

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 last night we watched on TCM “Song of Love”  c1947, with Katherine Hepburn. It was about the composer Schuman and set in the mid 1800s, and she was his wife. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful she was ( she would have been 40 then ). In last night’s film she wore the most interesting dress – black velvet strapless with an ‘arrow’ appliqued in two parts across the bodice, suggesting that it closed that way. Big, full skirt, and stunning. She even wore it in a couple of scenes.  At one point in the movie, they were celebrating New Years and one of their ‘customs’  was that they melted down little lead army soldiers in a ladle over the fire, then dropped the melted metal into a fishbowl filled with water; picked the mess out of the water and told each others’ fortunes according to what the each persons’ cooled blob looked like ( a crown, cradle, coffin! ).  This whole process was fascinating to me on several levels: Lead soldiers – that kids played with; melting it over a fire; and the fortune telling for fun aspect. I wish there was some sort of custom like that to do at holiday gatherings – just to be silly.  Okay, maybe not with lead.  But something.

Richard has decided to wait until Monday or Tuesday next week before leaving for So Cal.  So tomorrow we will drive into Seattle and have Thanksgiving at Gretchen’s house. It will be great to be around a bunch ( but not all ) of my family for  a holiday dinner. We will return here on Sunday.  
And in the spirit of the day:    Yes, it is a knitted turkey hat! And no, I won’t be making one.

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