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Saturday was spent working in the carport, loading the flatbed trailer with things to go to the yard, and unloading it out there. ( How can two people have so much crap????? No doubt sixteen years living in the same house  with one person being an obsessive fabric & all things sewing collector, and the other a consumate ‘car guy’ has something to do with it. )
It really began to heat up over the weekend, so the work was slow going. Sunday morning we went back out to the yard and moved things around so that we could load the Corvette onto the flatbed trailer, then we brought it home and loaded it into the enclosed trailer. Thank god for an electric winch ( as it is a really heavy car and not running ) .  This we did in fits and spurts, as it hit 100 degrees on Sunday. Things are now being loaded in around it. 
I am removing more from the inside of the house – trying to make things look more spacious. Yesterday I condensed the shelving in my sewing room down to one unit, so I can take the other one apart and load it up. I need to go through the closets again, and really pare down whats left in there. 
The current thinking is that we will have an appraiser come first of next week.  As soon as we get a number from him, we can actually list the house. 
We both have dentist appointments on the 10th, and it’s looking like Richard for sure will leave around the 12th to make another trip north. He might get a friend of his to go with him, in which case I’ll sit this one out. I’m still not ‘working’ ( don’t know if Sal found another in LA to do the builds for the new show ) . Either way, this would be a fairly quick trip. Two days north, two days at the house, and two days back south. 

Am I there yet?

On a side note, we watched the two – disk series “Elisabeth I” starring Helen Mirren last week and it was wonderful.  And also a little film ( in the spirit of Waking Ned Devine)  we watched called “American Women” was pretty amusing.

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