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Sunny has gone into her “where is Richard’ mode – acting kind of lost and looking around for him. 😦   
For both of us, it’s going to be a long six days until he’s back. 

Today, the real estate agent comes, and as of tonight we will officially have our house on the market.  About two months later than I wished, but oh well.  By this afternoon I will know when the first open house is – I would like it to be in a week so that I can do some final cleaning.
Yesterday I made a cushion for the bay window seat, and embroidered a pillow to finish off dressing the bed. Now I need to do a pile of ironing of all the bed clothes. bleh.  
There is also a list of things I need to get before the agent arrives this afternoon to take photos – a few plants & flowers for some color inside and out, a new doormat, etc. 
I’ve said it before, but I’m tired.  Hopefully all of this effort will pay off in a quick sale. 

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