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damn deer.

I came home from Seattle with three large beautiful hostas, and a box of other assorted plants, courtesy of my sister Gretchen.  My plan was to plant the hostas out in the triangle area along side the driveway. They could grow and fill in nicely there. Or so I thought.  Because I’ve been feeling lousy and I wanted to sew, they hadn’t gotten in the ground just yet. This morning I went out to see that something had a nice meal:
 which is half of what it was, and this:  Damn deer! I was just starting to like them again, too. There are young ones about lately, and they are sooo cute, if they’re across the street, or anywhere that they’re not eating my stuff. These plants were sitting just outside the fence on my little planting table. I guess I should be happy that I hadn’t planted them yet. Foo. So, now I need to find them a nice, safe place.

Moving on.

I was able to make and finish two quilts for the charity project. I used flannel that I had in the stash, and made whirlygig quilt blocks, in an easy quilt-as-you-go style. They turned out very sweet. One girly, here      and one for a baby boy     . The guild collected 27 baby quilts yesterday, and we agreed to try to donate three times per year; these should keep pace with the approx. five per month that are given out.  

Now, I’ve got some planting to do, and get back to my spider web quilt.

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 So, our local quilt show.
Mom and I went on Saturday afternoon, and things were humming along. It is held in the museum in Ilwaco, which is a really nice space. Well lit, clean, warm and dry. We had a little more than 100 quilts – a nice showing for our small guild of 60 members. I only took a few pictures though, as it was somewhat crowded on Saturday when we went. I counted on taking more when I went on Sunday to work the raffle table – not so – it was even busier! I did my part to help hawk tickets to our raffle quilt – which we sold out of for only the second time ever, btw. All 3000 at $1 apiece!    But, i didn’t win. All of the money raised goes to local charities.
One of my favorites was this large quilt from the forties, all embroidered by hand ( many hands, I think ):

Then there were several variations on the ‘red-and-white block exchange’ quilts. I love how with something so simple, everyone interprets it in an entirely different way. My version:  A large one mixed with black and white prints:  
and lastly a slice and dice of those same nine patch blocks, mixed with another print: .

Near the end of the show, the Richards showed up and helped with the take down. It was cute to see Richard so excited to see his quilt hanging in the show, and he got several compliments on it. Nice. 
I also saw a woman carrying this:  which I immediately fell in love with. This is a variation on the candy wrapper bag – done out of juice drink packets. Of course I came home and had to find a tutorial   , but the top and handles are not smooth and flat like this one. I could buy one from here , but I want the orange version, not the multicolor that they have.  Of course I could have any color I want if I’m willing to eat and collect lots of chips – those Kettles brand chips  have great colors in their range of packages. Then learn how to do the weaving. This company has a lot of interesting bags as well – have a look at those made with drink can pop-tops nearer to the bottom of the page. I could do that!! Seriously though, how many trash-y things do I want to be collecting????
I have a large bunch of bottles for the candles that are overtaking a portion of the garage, waiting to be cut down, polished and finished. 

We’ll be in Portland on Saturday, I might just stop into the shop that the orange bag above came from. Just to see what might be on the shelf. 

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little things

Seems like forever ago that I posted, but I guess its only been a week. We are at the end of our wonderful weather, and it is about to start raining in earnest.
I sewed some this past week, but it seemed like I did more planning than actual sewing. Figuring out a baby quilt, and choosing a garment to start always takes time. Time looking through boxes of fabric and drawers full of patterns, both of which I have no shortage of. But first, I tackled another messenger bag, this one out of a brown cotton twill. Plain, mostly, so that I can carry it all fall and not look like a loud party crasher.  and a closeup of the front flap
(finally I found a use for those little dog stitches)
and I used something from my stash for the inside. This one took about half the time to sew as the first one I made from the same Amy Butler pattern which is great.

I also made some more little pennant banners for the west side of the house – and no more bird strikes! I had taken the streamers off of the windows – they made a mess out of them – and Richard suggested I go ahead and try some more of the pennants, so far it’s all good.

Our quilt guild is adopting a family for the coming Christmas holiday, and among other things each of us is to make an ornament or two. After trying out a few different ideas, and looking through lots of old books and magazines ( and the requisite boxes of fabric ) for inspiration, I came up with these little elves . They are out of wool ( with the exception of the fur trim ) and are about 5" high. I think they are smile inducing, and I hope the recipients like them as much as I do.

Last week we took a drive for what was likely the last topless ride of the year. It was clear and warm, and the perfect fall day for it. We drove into South Bend for lunch; Richard wanted some fish tacos. After lunch we went on into Raymond – what a dud of a town – and wandered through a antique/thrift store, where I found these cool glasses .

While the weather was good, I pulled myself out of the sewing room for a couple days, and finally got the ‘triangle’ area alongside the driveway weeded. Richard helped to spread bark, and right now it looks so nice, like the landscapers’ were here. So after a month or so of having all that bark that we bought sit on the trailer, it is used up- and of course now I wish there was more. This is what I see from the kitchen window now  I’d like to get some stack stone for along the edge of the driveway, but I think we can figure out a way to do a bulkhead in cut down trees laid horizontal. We really need to thin the area to the north of us, and there are a lot of skinny pines in there that we could use. It wouldn’t last forever, but it would look more natural.

Time to get to my guild meeting, and hopefully be inspired to make something new!

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