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I’ve been working at sorting things out. Not physically. The other way. What to do, how to do it.  My main problem is focus – or lack of it. Too many things that I want to do, at any given time. Its always been that way, only now it seems worse.( I guess I could blame it on adult ADD or something, but that would get me nowhere. )Sewing – always – but what? If I work on this then I can’t work on that.

I set up a shop on Etsy, but haven’t listed anything. There’s the photography that needs to happen, and all that goes with listing. For months we were busy trying to put together the business purchase, so everything else took a back seat. That’s over ( for now ) so I need to get something going. But what?
The other night we were watching the always entertaining "No Reservations" and Bourdain said something to the effect of  "in a world where most people try to do so many things, it’s rare to find someone who has total focus on one thing. When they do, its amazing" It hit home for me. I see things that people make, and am awed, and always wonder it that all they do? How did they come to make such a stunning __________ without dabbling in a variety of other things along the way?

All of the things I make, I like the doing. But I really love the creating part, the choosing. I get so infatuated by the new project ; I lust over the ideas, variations, and then the new ideas that come from those. I have a hard time even imagining channeling all of my creative energy in only one direction. Focus. Focus. Any ideas as to how to achieve this focus would be appreciated.

While I work on figuring things out, we’re catching up on house projects that need doing. And of course it’s several things at once.
focus, Renee, focus.

I joined facebook, and  feel somewhat odd about it. Then, I happened on this amusing article.

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