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 First, I have to get this out: 

What the *(^#$@& is the deal with the weather??? Yeah, yeah, the planet is warmingandtheoceansareheatingupanditsabigmess and all that jazz, but, come on already. It’s into June, and we are in the middle of a storm with gale force winds and it’s maybe 50 degrees out.  Even if all the bleak climate predictions are correct, it doesn’t just happen in one year.  Whatever the weather, hot OR cold, everyone chalks it up to global warming. 

At least I still have power. So far.
We did have a power loss the other night ( 3:30 a.m I woke to all of the battery back-ups going off ) I shut things down, then called it in. A crew came out around 5 a.m. and actually went onto the roof and replaced something that had gone awry in the storm we were having that night. But then, a couple hours later there was an accident not too far from here that knocked out the power to the whole north end of the peninsula until that evening. So, for now I’m grateful that the lights are still on.

We had a good trip to Seattle, all in all. I finally left behind the SoCal cell # and now have a Washington number. We also closed the SoCal bank accounts that were still out there. While in town we helped Ryan on his living room walls, and celebrated his (32nd!) birthday.  On the way back we made a stop at Home Depot,and bought a real, grown-up BBQ to replace the well used little one that was dying. The old one was used two to four times a week for the past six years. I think we’ll break it in tonight by trying out a rotisserie chicken. 
Today we had another guy come and take a sample of our water to figure out a system to fix the low ph issue and the rust that is staining everything. I’m hoping hoping hoping that his bid for the solution is half of what the plumbing company’s is.  Tomorrow someone is coming to have a look at the sliding doors downstairs that we want to replace. We went the other day and talked to the paint company regarding renting equipment and such. We’ve decided to paint the outside red. A pretty bright tomato red ( kind of similar to the color of the Tiger ). Of course we can’t think too hard about starting that project until the weather gets better. When might that be? 

The local NPR affiliate here has begun to run the weekly Le Show which is an hour long satirical commentary. I’ve heard it a few times before, and its a good break from all of the bleak that is the news these days. You can listen to the podcasts for free through the link, Or see when it’s on in your area.    
Other NPR related stuff is this .  This American Life is one of my favorite shows, and the animation for this story is perfect. Funny stuff. 

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be careful what you wish for……………………
Sunday night the Big Wind came. Really big, with 50-60 mph winds and gusts of 90+!  We lost power at 5:07 am on Monday morning; lighting, wind, driving rain, etc. The ups ( battery backups ) sounded the ‘no power’ alarms and I got out of bed, and turned them off and unplugged them.  When we got up at daylight, around 7am, Gretchen was doing the dishes with the last of the hot water, and she had made a fire. Her and Tom headed towards home, and to get a cup of coffee somewhere along the way.  
We did okay, having a good supply of firewood, and made good use of the little burner that they had left here some time ago.  Thank goodness it wasn’t too cold, and the rain had left with the last of the wind midday Monday. We do need to come up with a checklist of things to take care of when an approaching storm is coming – namely, fill buckets of water, as the well pump is electric, which means we need flushing water.  I have an oil lamp, coleman propane lantern, and a supply of candles.     We did make a trip to Long Beach yesterday afternoon for ice, as we didn’t know when the power would come back on.  We went to a friend’s for dinner ( who got their power back yesterday morning ) and when we got home there were lights on. happy dance :))
We only lost the tops out of a couple trees on the north lots, and a tree fell across the road by our driveway just about where the last one was. No big deal. The wind did push a lot of water at the south wall of the house, and we got a leak in the ceiling by the sliding door in my studio. I think we found the source, so we’ll attempt to protect it for the next ( coming ) storm.

Needless to say, I have done nothing as far as painting goes, and the carpet is still scheduled for tomorrow.  I did get the fabric off the wall, but that was the end of it. It was just too dark in there to work. Today we will move everything out of both bedrooms. Tomorrow evening we can move it back in.  Looks like I’ll just have to cover the floor before painting.

Richard is now toying with the idea of leaving early this coming Monday, and having thanksgiving with Lauri. Seems like it might be a good idea to get to San Diego and do the work on the Falcon sooner – I am feeling a little nervous about the drive back here with winter storms on the horizon.  If that’s the case Sunny & I will make trip to Seattle for the holiday.  Some of this depends on the plumber coming to finish work on the garage – if he comes this week, then Richard will go next week.  

A belated Happy Birthday to Ethan, who turned 35 yesterday.  My dad used to always ask on Ethan’s birthday ( to nearly anyone ) “do you know where you were xx years ago today?”  Then he would go on to describe that he was fishing on some river and what he caught. That was one of those funny things about him that I’ll always miss.  Ethan, I hope you had a great day.

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