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 Well, last week we stripped off wallpaper in the guest room. I think Ryan got it right when he said that anyone who puts up wallpaper should be required to remove it – it is so personal that I can’t hardly imagine any two people liking the same stuff for the same space. I have painted in there, and now need to do some decorative painting on one wall. Knd of like wallpaper, but someone would only have to paint over it, not strip it off. Now, there’s only two rooms in the house left which have wallpaper on them, and they are both the same foil type. Gotta love the seventies. I guess.
On Saturday while it was beautiful weather out, I went and bought more block and we finished the brick patio downstairs under the deck. Which entailed moving the woodpile, which I elected to do while Richard did a bunch more burning. I love the satisfaction of a completed project.  You would think the list would be getting shorter, but somehow ( that would be at my hand ) it just keeps getting longer. Funny how that works.

I’m thinking a bunch about furniture, and the other day it struck me that maybe there is a correlation between the overall size of our population, (more like Supersize) and the size of the furniture out there, complete with cupholders and huge puffy recliners for all.  Maybe that’s why I’m being drawn to the lighter Danish Modern stuff. I don’t want to get too big for my sofa! 

I took my quilting machine class, and as it turned out I was the only one. So it was a private lesson, which was great. I have scheduled Thursday to go and rent it for a couple hours to do a lap size quilt that will be for my sewing room, which will be a good practice piece.  And with any luck, I’ll finish the quilt top for the guest room, and be able to go and quilt it on Monday next week. Of course, now I want one of those machines to go in my stable. What a silly thing to collect, even if they are a useful object. I justify it somewhat by thinking I might start to try and teach basic sewing to 8-18 year olds, but I’ve been gathering for a while now. Currently the count is: two combo embroidery / sewing machines, three regular sewing machines, two overlocks, one cover-stitch machine. I think. And, two serious irons – a gravity feed type and a steam generator. And enough fabric to keep them all humming for a long time. Now all I need is to grow several more arms; maybe make just a sewing clone. 
I secretly hope it will be rainy the rest of the week so that I can just stay in and sew.  After I finish painting. 

Last night we watched “Perfume: the Story of a Murderer” which was both captivating and chilling.  Not often does a film make me want to read the book, but this one surely did.

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 Generally I don’t get political – but I don’t know if it’s because we are watching more tv than in the past ( there’s no daily paper to sit and pour over ) so CNN is on in the mornings here.  But, I am following election stuff closer than I have in years. We’ve watched the debates on both sides, and my big complaint so far is that Edwards dropped out.  Some of the others who have dropped out seems like no surprise to me. Well, I am stunned to learn that here in Washington if you want your vote for a democrat to count, you have to go and vote at a caucus! They print the names on the mailed out absentee ballot that we got, but if you only check a box there, it wont be counted! I wonder if that’s common knowledge, but it almost seems as though they don’t really want your voice. In the local weekly paper, it said that we can go to the high school on Saturday afternoon to attend the caucus. “And though it might inconvenience some voters, it is designed to be a party building experience.”  I don’t need or want a freaking ‘party building experience’!!!     What about people who can’t get there for any number of reasons: retirement or nursing home, work, ill, etc? Their vote is simply not taken. That seems just wrong. POO!  
I don’t define myself by any one particular ‘party’ – the candidate is who is important.Maybe if there was the Common Sense Party, I would join. Probably not though.  I hate the labels of a ‘left leaning republican’ , or a ‘(wacky) independent’ . or  whatever. Maybe I really just have no understanding and should take some sort of political science course. They likely covered more of that after the point that I left school.  So, because I really feel like I want my vote to be for something, I will go on Saturday and make my mark in person. I still think it’s stupid that if your vote won’t count if you use the piece of paper that the state sent to you then why did they bother putting names on it in the first place????

moving on.

Today the new floor was laid in the bathroom, and Richard put up the new light fixture. I got all of the wallpaper off over the weekend and textured the portions of the wall that will be exposed. Yesterday I finished painting in there. 
My big news is that I have finished in our bedroom. Wallpaper – gone. Fabric on the walls that I put up unsuccessfully – gone. New paint in the whole room – done. And now the final painting is done as well. Here is a shot of the finished project:
I am happy with the results – the brighter yellow isn’t dayglow like it kind of looks there. The other three walls are a really pale yellow. Ten years from now, I may hate it, but at this point it’s just what I was after ( I modeled it after a piece of fabric that is in completely different colors).     The bathroom pics will come after it is all finished. Which should be the end of next week – we are driving to Seattle Monday to pick up the countertop and the mirror and stuff. I can also begin to work on the guest room now. I dread stripping more wallpaper, but I’ve gotta do it.  
Next week is also Valentines’ day and my surprise for Richard is a package that arrived today from www.lillebellefarms.com  . A bit of a splurge, but if you like caramels – they’re the best I’ve ever had and worth every penny. 

Ryan is driving out tomorrow to spend the weekend – it will be nice to have some company for a few days. 

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