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In this semi rural area that I live in, the houses aren’t always close together. I like that.

Our neighborhood is pretty much house next door to house, with a empty lot dotted here and there.
Though as I drive this long peninsula on one of the two main roads, I’m continually distracted by driveways.

There is a rustic handmade sign at the beginning of this one that reads “Broken Axle Drive”.   There are lots of these paths  many of which have a cable or rope ‘gate’ to keep the nosy folks ( like me) out. Really though, I would never drive up a stranger’s driveway, but I can’t help but wonder what shangri-la is just beyond where I can see.

This next one has a twin, separated by a split rail fence. I guess they couldn’t figure out how to share just one driveway. Seems odd to me.
 Do they pass each other on the way in and out? Do they wave?\
I couldn’t not mention the one driveway that I can see what’s at the end. This looks like such an idyllic little cabin right along the main road.  and a better shot .

Of course, living next to the ocean means that lots of people decorate in some sort of a nautical fashion. Yard art often includes floats –

and sometimes lots of them !!!  Not sure how many were found on the beach ( I’ve found a couple- they’re not too uncommon ). Or maybe he’s a fisherman.
And this yard at the end of our street has some serious dock iron which had to have been hauled in on a big truck; apropos for a retired longshoreman   and

I know, I have my painted boat, but…….it’s not the same. Our grandson wants to make some sort of a ‘driftwood garden’ but it just keeps looking like a deposit of random pieces of found stuff from the beach. I feel like since I live at the beach, do I need to decorate my yard with it as well? Usually I really try to keep the philosophy of “bring a piece home, take a piece back” .  Hmmm. I must confess here though that I’m working on a project for a lot of collected sand dollars. 

When I saw this I figured it was a tongue-in-cheek  autobiographical statement- .
And the first time I saw this all I could do was laugh  ( yes, that’s a bottom half of a mannequin with fins on ).

Sometimes beach-y things work just fine.

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